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POTUS 2020

Captain America CW contest. Gold and Premium Account Awarded

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CA3 was expected to be the big HLWD winner in China this spring, Zoo might have stolen the spotlight.

What do you think the total will be? Another AOU? or fall short like so many others.

1 month Premium account will be awarded for predicting closest to the opening weekend total inc Midnight

1 month Gold account for predicting the final total

Predictions are to be in Yuan. 100,000 is the minimum increment., 49,999 will be rounded down, 50k rounded up, WrathOfHam

The results will be taken from cbooo.cn

All predictions must be posted by Tuesday May 3rd, 11:59pm Beijing Time. 11:59am EDT.

Try not to match another prediction. Tie breaker for either total will be broken by the prediction of the other total

You can change your prediction by editing. Edits after the deadline will be disqualified.


$1 = 6.46 Yuan

646m yuan = $100m

1B yuan = $155m~

1.28B yuan = $200m

2B yuan = $310m


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2 hours ago, Olive said:

Ultron OD 216M Tuesday

Saturday 239M

Sunday 170M

I think this the absolute low end for CA3 first 3 days.

That would be great. When are you seeing it?

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27 minutes ago, Pypa94 said:

That is overer than your prediction ;p

He said, that's the lowest he could see so my prediction is possible, which is easily highest here.

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