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Black Widow | July 9 2021 | ScarJo secures the bag from Disney

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1 hour ago, doublejack said:

Think about the sacrifices that were made during times of war, or during the Great Depression. Can you imagine making "soup" out of hot water and ketchup? People did it. It's called hobo soup.

It might be the quarantine or my lack of sleep talking, but this might be the funniest three sentences I've read all day. 


:Edit: Should clarify, not casting any aspersions on your argument itself; we'll just have to wait and see how the situation plays out in the next few weeks.

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13 minutes ago, Arendelle Legion said:

Bingo. The thing we’ll start to see done to movies is like AQP2 and Mulan — announce they’re gone from he old date, but don’t announce a new date at all until having more info.

yep they will monitore the situation before they deside , at the same time i would think that disney would want to find a place for mulan first before they think about black widow

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probably not Marvel slate but I can see some movies doing what F9 did which is taking the same date only a year later. That way, they don't have to interrupt the studio's late summer/fall/winter 2020 slate. of course, not all studios can do that. marvel will likely find the way so that they don't have to delay all movies currently in production 9for 2021 release) or hoping to go into production.

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46 minutes ago, john2000 said:

it seems that you dont understand my point at all, a country cant economical speaking survive like this when everything is close, its not at all as simple as you are making out to be, you dont want to fight a problem , with creating another 3 problems that can be as big, at the same time if you think that people can live like this for 6 months, or that countries can afforc, then sorry, but you are in for a rude awakening, again i think that measures will still be in effect, but that aggressively, i very much doubt so

No, I believe it is you who do not understand. The shutdown will force everyone to focus on only the basic essentials. The focus will be on food and medical supplies. People who do nonessential things will be told to stay home. Yes, there will be major economic impacts from this. Governments will have to step in. Luxuries like movie theaters are not going to operate for quite a while.


AMC is being the most realistic yet. In their shutdown announcement they threw 12 weeks out there as a possibility. That's progress. It is likely we'll see time frames longer than that. You've got to accept the very real possibility that no movies are released for the rest of the year, or very few films are. We just don't know yet how long this is going to take to get back to somewhat normal.

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1 minute ago, filmlover said:

This was inevitable after all the theaters started closing their doors. Scoob is likely gonna lose its May date soon as well I imagine.

Shame. Blockbusters needed more talk about Dick.

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13 minutes ago, JWR said:

It'll be decades before any year replaces 2020 as the worst in recent box office history.

Let’s look on the bright side. Hollywood will really wanna make a comeback from this downfall .

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3 minutes ago, dudalb said:

I would not bet on that;a few people here still don't get how dire the COvid situation is.

yeah i mean its not like theaters have closed ww anyway in many places,  .............

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