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Black Widow | July 9 2021 | ScarJo secures the bag from Disney

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Just now, RandomCat said:

This still going to be SJ or going to recast a younger actress?


Can you imagine the uproar if they replaced ScarJo with a younger actress????!!!

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On 4/24/2018 at 5:55 AM, Spidey Freak said:

Feel you. Me every time someone tries to ship Shuri/Bucky


Sorry I missed this.


But ew, gross. He can’t even wish. 


I would have pulled an assault rifle on them, not just a handgun, but I’d join you. 

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Holy shit. This is really happens.




In the next phase BW can replace the genre of thriller/espionage if Captain America not get more films.


Hopes that Valkyrie can get one franchise too, taking the place of fantasy from Thor.

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Deniz Gamze Egruven's newest film, Kings, is 0% on Rotten Tomatoes and is largely considered to be a tonal disaster, but I think it at least suggests that she is interested in doing a Hollywood-type project.


I heard that Chloe Zhao's film, The Rider, is very good. And A United Kingdom seemed pretty good in its own right, so Amma Asante wouldn't be a half-bad choice, either.


Maggie Betts seems like a great director, and the trailer for Novitiate really enticed me, though I never did get to see it. Angela Robinson has improved a lot since directing Herbie: Fully Loaded, most recently making Professor Marston and the Wonder Women.


They have a great pool of talented directors here. I could see a good film coming from any of these directors. Personally, I'd go for Maggie Betts.

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