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Black Widow | July 9 2021 | ScarJo secures the bag from Disney

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3 hours ago, Jedi Jat said:

Ant Man is superhero. What is BW superpower again? She is good addition as assistant sorta in team-up films, but solo, ehh.


This is also why I hate the fact that Falcon is made Captain *fucking* America. Steve was a fucking god worthy and now you have a guy with wings as Captain America. ugh.

Did this guy actually just tell Black Widow to go be a secretary?

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10 minutes ago, LonePirate said:

There is nothing interesting about that trailer at all. The movie feels so pointless and unnecessary.

ThE MoVIe Is PoINtleSS



like every other movie in history

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59 minutes ago, Ms Lady Hawk said:

I loved this! It reminded me of two

movies I really liked in Salt and Red Sparrow, but with a lot more action. It

will do very very well. 

It's not surprising it reminds you of Red Sparrow. Both movies were filmed in the glorious city of Budapest. The hill with the statue is Gellert Hill, I live just on the other side of it.


Other then spotting a few familiar locations this wasn't that exciting for me, but it's just a teaser.

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Pugh ❤️❤️❤️. Otherwise, meh trailer, I liked the scene where Natasha and Yelena fight. The Red Guardian suit looks goofy in a good way but the last part gravitates more towards Hobbs and Shaw in terms of CGI overload than Mission Impossible. 

Not sold on $1B WW yet, as I still think this has the least sense of demand and importance of MCU films. I’m still thinking around adjusted Winter Soldier numbers DOM/Ragnarok WW

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1 minute ago, titanic2187 said:

I thought she was dead? Didn't she scarify herself in EG?


Hollywood never take death seriously, even if it is just a fictional character, but dead means dead, never to appear.  

It's a prequel. Everyone loves prequels, right? 🤗

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