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Chasmmi's Summer 2016 Game: Top 7 Domestic Weekend Standings

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Scoring guide:


Call a film’s gross to within 1 million to get 30,000 bonus points

Call a film’s gross to within 2.5 million to get 25,000 bonus points

Call a film’s gross to within 5 million to get 20,000 bonus points

Call a film’s gross to within 10 million to get 15,000 bonus points

Call a film’s gross to within 15 million to get 10,000 bonus points

Call a film’s gross to within 20 million to get 5,000 bonus points

Call a film’s gross to within 30 million to get no bonus points

Miss the gross by more than 30M and lose 10,000 points


Captain America: Civil War ($179,139,142) 39/39:


HeyItsMoses: 167M

bcf26: 169.5M

Films: 170.5M

24Lost: 173M

Empire: 176M 

MovieMan89: 182M (Bonus 10,000 for being the closest!)

Damienroc: 184M

Baumer: 185M

The Panda: 185.2M

Cmasterclay: 190M

jj99: 190M

Telemachos: 193M

Infernus: 194M

Jake Gittes: 194M

Chewy: 195M

narniadis: 195M

Simionski: 195M

Jayhawk: 195.6M

DAJK: 196M

Alpha: 200M

firedeep: 200M

glassfairy: 200M

#ED: 202M

Tree: 202M

darkelf: 202.4M

Blankments: 203M

Kalo: 203M

ThatOneGuy: 204M

Wrath: 205M

WrathOfHan: 205M

Chasmmi: 206M

Mike Hunt: 209M

kayumanggi: 210M

laguy03: 210M

grey ghost: 210.2M

Exxdee: 212M

Maxmoser3: 212M

JJ-8: 215.9M

Dexter of Suburbia: 250M

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X-Men Apocalypse ($65,769,652) 39/39:


HeyItsMoses: 112M

jj-99: 110M

Tree: 105M

24Lost: 101M

Baumer: 100M

bcf26: 100M

Dexter: 100M


Films: 97.2M

JJ-8: 96.1M

Maxmoser3: 96M

Chewy: 95M

firedeep: 95M

narniadis: 95M

Simionski: 95M

kayumanggi: 94M

Jake Gittes: 93.6M

Exxdee: 93M

Chasmmi: 92M

#ED: 92M

Infernus: 92M

laguy03: 90M

MovieMan89: 90M

DamienRoc: 88M

grey ghost: 87M 

Wrath: 87M

Kalo: 86M

Panda: 85.4M

Cmasterclay: 85M

Mike Hunt: 85M

ThatOneGuy: 85M

Telemachos: 84M

Alpha: 80M

darkelf: 80M

glassfairy: 80M

WrathOfHan: 80M

Jayhawk: 76.2M

Blankments: 73M

Empire: 72M (Bonus 10,000 for being the closest!)



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Finding Dory ($135,060,000) 39/39:


Mike Hunt: 180M

Panda: 150.3M

Infernus: 145M

Jayhawk: 135.3M

DamienRoc: 135M (Bonus 10,000 for being the closest!) 

Cmasterclay: 134M

firedeep: 130M

Grey Ghost: 130M

WrathOfHan: 130M

DAJK: 128M

MovieMan89: 128M

Jake Gittes: 126.3M

ThatOneGuy: 125M

Wrath: 125M

HeyItsMoses: 124M

ExxDee: 123M

Alpha: 120M

Chewy: 120M

Kalo: 120M

kayumanggi: 120M

Maxmoser3: 120M

bcf26: 118M

#ED: 118M

24Lost: 116M

Blankments: 116M

Empire: 116M

jj99: 115M

Simionski: 115M

Baumer: 110M

glassfairy: 110M

narniadis: 110M

FilmS: 109.4M

JJ-8: 104.3M

Tree: 97M

Chasmmi: 96M

darkelf: 95M

laguy03: 95M

Telemachos: 95M

Dexter: 80M

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