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Kevin Bacon

BLAIR WITCH | Sequel to THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT | 9/16/16 | The Blair Witch returns as The Blair "Blair Witch" Witch

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One of the most dull movies I have seen in a long time.


Uninteresting characters, uninteresting plot, uninteresting climax...just dull.

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On 9/22/2016 at 9:08 PM, Ozymandias said:

So it seems like this is complete remake except really dumb?

I actually think in some ways it's kinda smart in how it expands the lore in ways that reminded me of a certain classic 70s Russian Sci fi movie, and I don't think the characters do anything at all stupid throughout the movie, unless you count going into the woods in the first place. And it does follow the same general path of the original film, but it's no more a remake than any hundreds of horror sequels.

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