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Fruit Ninja | Based on the mobile game app | New Line to produce

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New Line has racked up the high score forFruit Ninja.

The studio has landed the film rights to the addictive mobile game app that has become a staple on phones and tablets. The deal puts producer Tripp Vinson back in business with New Line. Vinson has a long history with New Line, having produced such films for the studio as theJourney to the Center of the Earth films. He most recently was an executive producer on New Line's action hitSan Andreas.

J.P. Lavin and Chad Damiani, the duo behind How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack at Robert Zemeckis’ ImageMovers and Sony Animation, are writing the script for Fruit Ninja, which will revolve around a team of misfits who are recruited to become Fruit Ninjas in order to save the world.

 Fruit Ninja is the second-highest-selling iOS game of all time, with over 1 billion downloads.



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All we can hope for is this bombs so unspeakably hard it puts a quick end to these ridiculous app films. What's frustrating is there are real video games out there with great stories and characters that could work for film, but Hollywood treats the video game adaptation like such a quick cash in joke that there's no problem green-lighting stupid popular app ones with zero plot or film potential like this one.

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Fascinating behind the scenes news:



Early on, Lavin and Damiani struggled to find a narrative entry point. They started with the premise that there was a magic book and an evil fruit overlord. Vinson rejected that idea. Their next concept involved scientific experiments on fruit gone wrong. Vinson didn’t like that either. Eventually, a working narrative emerged: Every couple of hundred years, a comet flies by Earth, leaving in its wake a parasite that descends on a farm and infects the fruit. The infected fruit then search for a human host. The only thing keeping humanity from certain doom is a secret society of ninjas who kill the fruit and rescue the hosts by administering the “anti-­fruit.” The produce-­slaying saviors are recruited from the population based on their skill with the Fruit Ninja game. With civilization in imminent danger, a cadre of unlikely heroes materializes — a little boy, a college-­age girl, two average guys. The action starts after each of the story’s heroes returns home after a horrible day and plays Fruit Ninja to relieve some stress. Damiani told me this aligns with the Fruit Ninja brand: “Anybody can play. Anybody can be a master.”


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Just now, cannastop said:


That narrative took one too many unnecessary turns. The comet giving fruit life is not a bad idea actually, kind of a Paranorman like concept, then it just kept going from there.

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3 minutes ago, MCKillswitch123 said:

Sooo, a bunch of kids are recruited to slay alien fruit..... because they're the best at the Fruit Ninja game. They're not even attempting to hide the fact that they're doing this to shamelessly plug a phone app.


It's like no one got why The Lego Movie and (to a much lesser extent) The Angry Birds Movie worked. They were movies, with a story independent of their origins. Even The Angry Birds movie, for all its faults, is a standalone movie which does not require any knowledge of the app. I keep saying that Angry Birds was pretty much the best movie they could have made to get the plot to a point where the birds have to use a slingshot to attack the pigs castle to get their eggs. So while it was beholden to the app's story, the actual movie existed independent of the app. The Lego Movies are a different case altogether. 


Like the story they have for this can work and work really well. Just remove everything after "An ancient race of Ninjas" and you have a pretty decent Zombie Fruits vs Ninjas plot to build the movie around.

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