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The Super Duper Official BOT Top Movie Songs Countdown!

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17th - 86 points (7 votes, 2 top 5, 1 top 10)



Belle (Little Town) - Beauty and The Beast

So this is the film that seems to have the most consistent love from song to song with his finishing just one point above Be Our Guest. As with Be our Guest, it's another song that seamlessly introduces characters to the fray in a fun and catchy way.


I must say that Belle's taste in books is pretty shit - The prince twist coming in chapter three - stupid stupid stupid. Other than that though, it is just a delight to watch and possibly going to be the hardest on to replicate in live action next year.  


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28 minutes ago, Telemachos said:


Wait, what? I thought this was commonly accepted wisdom.


Well there just as many people who consider Toy Story 3 to be the best, but at the time it came out and to this day, Toy Story 2 is considered one of the best sequels ever, so yeah kinda, I guess.

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42 minutes ago, Telemachos said:

Sooo much Disney brainwashing. :ph34r: 




The Disney Renaissance produced the best group of new American Musicals since the 1950s.    They belong on the list if not all this high.


Now I think there are some better musicals and musical moments from an earlier era (this isn't the group at large to appreciate those though) but they're certainly better and worthy than say Eye Of The Tiger and it's ilk. :P

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16th - 88 points (7 votes, 2 top 10)

Mrs. Robinson - The Graduate

We are getting to the truly iconic now. Along with that line, this song is the most famous thing about this film. It is the final film on our list to receive 7 votes (The top 15 has 14 with 8 or more and 1 with 5 votes).


It marks The Graduate's second and final appearance on this list and is one of 7 ( I think) songs in the top 16 to be at least 40years old. In fact, there is only one song from the 21st century left to reveal. The second oldest remaining is from 1994.


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15th - 96 points (5 votes, 3 top 5, 2 top 10)



La Marseillaise - Casablanca

We have a return to perfection. That three minutes above gives so much of what the film is about, we get insights into the motivations of the main characters. There is patriotism, bravery, comedy, sinisterness (which isn't even a word). It's such a great moment and thinking about it now, one I should have added (although the points are racking up so fast now that even if I placed it 1st (which I wouldn't have, it would only have risen to about 11th.


This is the only film with 3 votes or more to have every vote for it be in the top 10. It has the second highest average score per vote on any film to receive 2 votes or more at 19.2 points per votes (feed the Birds at 22.5 is first). It is the last time a foreign language will be on the list and the only national anthem. It is the penultimate song to appear on the list that is sung by a large cast as opposed to one or maybe two lead singers. It is more than worthy of its place.




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14th - 100 points (8 votes, 1 top 5, 2  top 10)

The version as sung (and skated) by Kim Yuna,



All the languages



For the students...




and so many parodies...



And finally the real thing:



Let It Go - Frozen

We knew this was coming. The Disney song of this generation that was so epic that it is burned into our souls. There are tribes in the Amazon, untouched by human civilisation, that have created their own versions of Let it Go.


I don't know what it was like in the USA and other lands, but it is now 3 years later kids are still dressing as Else and Anna for Halloween, asking me if I want to build a snowman and it is the number one chosen English language in Karaoke rooms. It is a monster within the monster that was Frozen. Now Frozen may only skirt around outside the top ten in my own personal list of Disney films (but that's because I find about 30-40 of them to be brilliant), but Let it Go is probably a top 10 Disney song in my eyes. 


I wouldn't want to reveal exactly how many Disney songs we have less, but its not really a spoiler to say that it is less than 10. So therefore the voters at large also place it in the top 10 of epic pantheon that is Disney musicals   


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13th - 107 points (8 votes, 1 top 5, 1 top 10)


Beauty and the Beast (Tale as old as Time) - Beauty and the Beast

From Disney's 21st century YOLO epic, to Pure Renaissance loveliness. This song was surprisingly (to me) lagging behind Belle and Be Out Guest in the list until a spate of late votes pushed it to the verge of the top 10. This is the 5th and final song from Beauty and the Beast to make the list and it is the title track from the first animated film to ever receive a Best Picture Nomination. It is a powerhouse of a film and a song that just are unforgettable.




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12th - 115 (8 votes, 2 top 5, 1 top 10)

My favourite song ever...



And its inspiration:




Moon River - Breakfast at Tiffany's

The first video is genuinely my favourite song ever and so even though this is the final time that I will be saying that I have not seen the film in question, I still have a lot to thank it for. And Moon River is also one of those films that you know and appreciate with or without the film. It is a crazy famous film with one of the most radiant actresses that ever lived playing a guitar. Perhaps I should watch it one day and see if I also kinda like it.


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11th - 120 points (1 top 5, 1 top 10)

The Reason I still can have a job doing what I do...

Before people wanted to fuck blue fish, they wanted...



And finally...


Part of that World - The Little Mermaid

The second of the big four (Sorry Rescuers, I still love you) renaissance films gets its blockbuster song within 2 places of BATB. I had to show this film to 4 different classes within 3 days a few months ago and even by the forth showing it did not get old. You can kind of tell that Disney was working on a budget far less than the films that this one essentially financed, but there is still so much beauty in the drawing, the movement and well everything. It's a beautiful song in a beautiful film and leads us nicely into the top 10 with Disney destroying all comers as we speak.


Oh and Kiss the Girl ended in 190th.


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