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The Super Duper Official BOT Top Movie Songs Countdown!

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15 hours ago, Telemachos said:


Wait, what? I thought this was commonly accepted wisdom.


In Panda's Top 100 it came bottom of the 3 (42nd vs 37th and 30th). I think it also came last in the animated film list last year. I love it, but I feel general opinion of others is that it was the weakest of the 3.

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1 hour ago, ShouldIBeHere said:

"My heart will go on" behind the likes of "Let it go"? Oh boy.


As songs I think they are both good and both deserve a good place.

However when you take a look as how they appear in the movies well, "My hear will go on" is only hinted with a score and only starts during the credits if I remember correctly, which is not particulary interesting from a visual point of view. And I think here the visuals while the song is playing is at least as important as the song itself.


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On 8.7.2016 at 3:46 AM, chasmmi said:




Into the West - Lord of the Rings

Toy Story, I take it back, this is the highest ranked song that I cannot argue for its high position :P 


Now it's been 12 years since I have seen anything from Middle Earth (due to ROTK destroying the enjoyment for me), and so my memory of the franchise isn't as immediate as many on this forum. What I will say is that of the films I have seen in the top 50, this was the only one where I cannot immediate place the song within the context of the movie.  Was it background music to some scenes, was it after credits? I cannot remember it at all.


It is a great song in itself and I love Annie Lennox, so it may have been used really well in its seen, but it doesn't invoke instant memory of a film moment in me, that the rest of this list does (save films I haven't watched.)  




It was over the credits but also strongely quoted by the score... and the lyrics are also used by Gandalf when he tries to comfort Pippin when it all looks like they are going to die during the siege of Minas Tirith.



It is basically a song describing what Frodo and Bilbo see when they reach Valinor (the place they are heading to with the ship in the end, basically Paradise). The lyrics come almost directly from the last 2-3 pages of the book.


It also had a strong personal meaning for the filmmakers, as they wrote the song having the fate of Cameron Duncan in mind. A young filmmaker PJ got to know who died of cancer during the post-production of RotK.


The first public performance of Into the West was during Duncan's funeral. Fitting, as Frodo's journey to Valinor and the lyrtics are basically a methaphor for death. They also put something of Duncan's work on the Extended Edition of RotK.





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10th - 128 points (8 votes, 3 top 5)




Cannot apologise enough for that abomination sorry, how about this one:



Singing in the Rain - Singing in the Rain

The second highest placed song to share its name with the film and its another from the classic age. It is also (like pretty much of the songs now) a song that has fame outside of its film as a song itself. In fact you mention Singing in the rain to most folk younger than the average Tele and they can probably sing you the chorus, maybe know that lampposts are involved, but could not tell you an iota about the story of the film.


I would also say that this is the last song where the singer is also dancing at the same time (animation doesn't count).


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9th - 131 (10 votes, 1 top 5, 2 top 10)


Johnny B. Goode - Back to the Future

Many places earlier, Baumer decried the low placement of Power of Love and I wanted to tell him its because everyone and their mother associates this as the ultimate song moment in BTTF. Power of Love is a cool song and a nice opening, but this song saves Marty's life and changes his future. It's such a cool song (and a karaoke classic) that was an inspired choice to fill the role of song Marty would play at the 50's dance.


For me it is the only song that is fake performed on stage in a film that comes close to rivalling God Gave Rock and Roll and is the song that I immediately associate with Back to the Future: a film with one of the best scores, soundtracks, story, script and cast of any film ever.  


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8th - 131 points (11 votes, 1 1st place, 1 top 5, 1 top 10)



When you Wish Upon a Star - Pinocchio

The Disney song so iconic that I think even Baumer might have voted for it. :)


Pinocchio was a dark and disturbing animation in places with donkey children, man eating whales and sentient carpentry. However how could one ever deny the song that has basically become the Disney theme tune a place high up on the list. It is a lovely choral piece that encompasses all that Disney magic should be.


It is also a song that for a long time was either in the lead or vying for the lead of this race. It was the only song to receive votes from all of the first 9 lists only for that run to come to a shuddering halt that saw the song drop down to its finishing place of 8th. Still not a bad finishing place though.


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7th - 132 points (8 votes, 2 top 5, 1 top 10)



oh the silliness is real...




A Whole New World - Aladdin

The best song in the second best Disney film (after Jungle Book of course ;) )


It's Disney's best duet and the forum agrees. The final song to receive 8 votes, this is Aladdin's third appearance on this list and the first to not have genie in the lead role. It's another lovely song in its own right that showed that after two hits in a row, the mouse was still at the height of its power. The animation in this scene is beautiful, the singing superb and overall just a wonderfully deserving song to make the top 10.


Although, it may cause alarm to the Disney enthusiasts that we are only at 7th place and there really can't be that many Disney classics left... can there? 



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6th - 134 points (10 votes, 3 top 5, 1 top 10)

Skip to 1:11 :)


Don't worry, I will burn the entire list to the ground before I let Pitch Perfect get near to it. This is the real winner:






Don't you Forget About Me - The Breakfast Club

You know, every time that Baumer pooh poohed this list, I just wanted to cry "but the top 10! wait for the top 10" as depending on his view of Aladdin, I think he may approve of every song so far :D


The fact is that we are now in the classics of the classics section now and thus it is the best place for the song of 80's movies to make its appearance. The Breakfast Club is about as 80s as 80s movies can ever get and this song is a big part of that. We have a group of people leaving the scene of their incarceration, each one's life changed in some way and yet maybe they will never be together again. All we can maybe ask is that they never forget...


This song was in second place with three-four lists left to add, the highest point it ever reached, it's crazy how close things at the top were and how things switched and changed. 3 points separated 6th and 9th, with only 3 more points back to 10th place too.  



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This must have been a really big task for you as well. It's quite amazing that you can keep this going and keep the summer game going as well. Way to go buddy you really done a fantastic job with putting this together.

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Awesome Top 10 so far, but I can't believe I completely forgot most of the songs from Back to the Future!


I wonder what's left for the Top 5. It's been a while now so I'm forgetting stuff we've already had.


One last Lion King? Did we have Circle of Life yet?

Over the Rainbow?

I'll be sad if I Put a Spell on You doesn't make it though.

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