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DESPICABLE ME III | 770.2 M overseas ● 1034.8 M worldwide

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Opening Weekend Gross/Total



Philippines - $4.2M/6.5M

Australia - $4.6M/23.5M

Singapore - $2.2M/5.2M



Philippines - $2.9M/5.3M

Australia - $4.6M/32.7M

Singapore - $1.8M/5.7M


DM2 has better legs in these set of markets. Didn't enjoy both films as much as the first movie, that's still one of my favorite animated movies. It was not only cute and adorable, it has so much heart as well.


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Illumination/Universal’s Despicable Me 3 took advantage of local holidays to debut early in five markets, making $10M at 686 dates. Notably in Australia, it bowed No. 1, at 17% bigger than Despicable Me 2 and 2% under Minions.

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Despicable Me 3
Universal Pictures

From Illumination and Universal, this threequel hopped on the holidays in five markets giving Gru and his long-lost charming, cheerful, and more successful twin brother Dru a start of $10M at 686 dates. Helmed by Kyle Balda and Pierre Coffin, this is actually the 4th film in the franchise if we include spin-off Minions. The previous three films have a collective global gross of $2.67B, with each one topping the former’s international performance. Some of the launches this weekend came in below the more recent iterations, although it’s early days with a lot of runway ahead.


The UK and China have typically led markets (although the first movie never opened in the Middle Kingdom). They both open later in the run.

This session in Australia, DM3 was No. 1 with $4.4M at 284 dates. The opening is 17% bigger than DM2 on the same date four years ago and 2% below Minions two years ago. Malaysia opened No. 1 with $1.1M at 134 dates. That’s Illumination’s third-biggest opening behind Minions and DM2. The Philippines debuted No. 1 with $2M at 175 dates for the 4th biggest animated opening of all time behind Minions, DM2 and Finding Dory. In Singapore, the film is No. 1 with $1.5M at 30 dates for the top animation start of the year and the second best for Illumination aside from Minions. Thailand was further No. 1 with $963k at 65 dates; 3rd-biggest animated opening of all time behind Minions and Finding Nemo.

The releases continue next weekend with India opening on June 23. The main launch weekend is June 30, when DM3 opens in 46 territories along with North America. China bows July 7.

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2 minutes ago, Asyulus said:

Does it have better release date compared to previous installments?

In the Chinese forum, they say the release date is a bit better because it's in the summer vacation (DM2 was released in Jan '14 and Minions in August '15).


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25 minutes ago, MinaTakla said:

In the Chinese forum, they say the release date is a bit better because it's in the summer vacation (DM2 was released in Jan '14 and Minions in August '15).


What page in the forum? Difficult to search it.

Edited by Asyulus
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