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Fences - December 16th release, goes wide on Christmas

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Exhibitor Relations ‏@ERCboxoffice 2 min
Denzel Washington's FENCES goes up Dec. 16, 2016 in NY/LA, wide on Christmas Day.

Didn't see a thread on for this film, even though I know people have predicting this film to be nominated and even win some Oscars. I'm particularly interested in this film, since I'm a fan of Denzel's previous two films a director. I'm especially looking forward to the performances.

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December 2016 is looking overall well-rounded, in terms of quality and BO (except Collateral Beauty and Space Between Us) 


Rogue One: $470 million

Sing: $260 million

La La Land: $175 million

Passengers: $160 Million 

Fences: $110 million

Office Christmas Party: $60 million

A Monster Calls: $55 million 

Gold: $50 million 

Why Him?: $45 million 

Collateral Beauty: $35 million

The Space Between Us: $25 million

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1 minute ago, filmlover said:

Trailer isn't online yet but I saw it before The Magnificent Seven today and it looks amazing, of course. Both Denzel's and Viola's Oscar clips were in it lol.


I saw the trailer before The Magnificent Seven as well and I agree that it does look really good

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