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JACK REACHER: NEVER GO BACK | 103.4 M overseas ● 162.1 M worldwide

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WW-wise....it could perform similarly like Taken 2. (Granted that one had Liam Neeson)


$200-250M OS......if China delivers. And if it's good/better.


Some of Tom Cruise's last non-MI films were decent-sized moneymakers.


Edge of Tomorrow = $370M WW

Oblivion = $286M WW

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Jack Reacher: Never Go Back shot to an $11.6m second overseas weekend from its 46 markets for $54.2m to date.

The action sequel posted $1.6m second weekends in the UK and France for local tallies of $6.9m and $5.2m, respectively, and added $892k in Australia for $3.5m. Its next major openings come in Germany (November 10), Japan and Spain (November 11).

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I see Paramount is back to using the mad ER for Venezuela...


Screendaily: Led by a $1.3m debut in Mexico, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back shot to $6.1m from its 46 markets for $88.4m to date. The action sequel also opened in Brazil ($880k from 344 sites), Venezuela ($1.5m from 51) and Panama ($508k from 80), ahead of its final release in South Korea next weekend.

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That is just monopoly money. The official rates are 10 bolivars per dollar for essential things and 661 bolivars per dollar for everything else. Unofficial rates have crossed 2700 bolivars per dollar and will supposedly hit 4000 per dollar before end of the year !!!





According to Vice-President for Economy Miguel Perez Abad, the government will consolidate its 6 and 13 bolivar exchange rates into a new protected rate of 10 bolivars per dollar, which will be made available for vital imports such as food, medicine, raw materials for production, as well as pensions for Venezuelans living abroad.

The new rate, known as DIPRO, will also be used for payments in the state sectors of healthcare, culture, sports, scientific investigations, and in other cases of special urgency.

Venezuelan students studying at academic institutions abroad will likewise have access to DIPRO to finance their studies.



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Tom Cruise hoofed it to Korea this frame for a $3M start in a cluttered field. Playing at 370 locations, the Paramount sequel’s launch was No. 4 and the 2nd best new import of the session. The total weekend was $5.9M in 41 markets as Reacher looks to reach the century mark with a current $97.4M at the international box office. Korea was the final market while key cumes include Japan at $7.4M off $237K in the 4th frame. In Venezuela, Reacher added $765K for $4M after two weekends.

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On 12/11/2016 at 1:36 PM, acab said:

101.6m OS / 159.6m WW




It did OK considering the budget but it's still a disappointment and a franchise ending.


That box office mojo is suspiciously low imo, the gross budget was around 96.28 million:



36 million (37.5%) in net tax credit sound like a lot.

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I expected this movie to cross 200M mark at the BO. After release i was expecting this movie to to touch max of 60M and Intl gross of 150M.

It neither touched 60M barrier knor 150M barrier. Infact it dint cross 100M internationally. Paramount used Old ER for Venezuela which amounts to 5.5M. If this is deducted from Current gross it comes upto 97.5M. Lets assume its actual gross consdering current ER 1M. 98.5M OS.

UK being the top grossing territory with 9.7M with pretty good 3x multiplier. Apart from UK none of the territories came close to 10m mark.

First part had solid gross abroad ( Thanks to Christmas and Content) with UK, Japan, China, France touching 10M mark. UK being the highest with 15M 

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