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The Upside (Intouchables Remake) | Jan 11 2019 | STX picks it up | Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart. Neil Burger to direct.

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5 hours ago, grim22 said:

Was reminded of this movie's existence on WhatsApp. Guess this is never coming out. Based on the reviews on RT, that might be for the best



It's a race between this, The Current War, and Polaroid as to which of Weinstein's final movies will finally see the light of release first (if any of them do).

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The Upside Finds a Home at STX Entertinment




EXCLUSIVE: The most prominent of the Weinstein Co. leftover titles The Upside is landing with STX Entertainment, who is partnering with Lantern Entertainment to handle worldwide distribution on Neil Burger’s remake of the French hit The Intouchables. We heard that others were circling to distribute this title, including Aviron, with some majors expressing interest, but word is that STX always had the inside track with this movie. The Upside is the first of the frozen TWC films to make its way into circulation. The announcement was made today by STXfilms Chairman Adam Fogelson, along with Andy Mitchell from Lantern Entertainment.


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I am a little surprised right now.


When they announced this remake I tought it would be the most unneccessary remake in the world. 


But the trailer is great, charming, appealing. I think I'll give it a try.


In Germany the original was huge. I mean HUGE. It had around 10 million people in theatres. For our country this is like 600+ million in the US. 

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