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THE ANGRY BIRDS II | Aug 16 19 | Sony

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4 hours ago, MattW said:



I have zero interest in either angry birds movie but the animation on this purple bird is either really good or the aesthetic just appeals to me for some reason.  Was the animation in the first one like this?

No it’s the same animation studio as the last one (Sony Pictures Imageworks) and the original was ordinary. However I am digging the design of Leslie Jones’ Thanos Bird and “I can’t believe it’s not Elsa” phallic Ice Castle reminds of a prehistoric bird in a way.


51 minutes ago, DAJK said:

This trailer got a really good reaction at my Dragon screening. Can definitely see it staying flat with the first movie domestically. 

I think it may too, it looks a bit better than the original, that and I trust Thorup Van Orman (creator of Flapjack, which brings back nostalgic memories), besides I truly believe Spies In Disguise or Abominable won’t be a threat to late legs.


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This is my kids' August movie.  We liked the original and this trailer knocked it out of the park - it provided something different and fun, and yes still referenced the original:).  And I LOVE Leslie Jones' character (and especially her voice - seems so right for the character) in the trailer...


My Wonder Park theater loved it...it got the best reaction of the previews we got...

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