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Hiccup's Critical Review: Year 10

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I am back and more critical of films more than ever!


Format for Reviews

Review Summary

% review (Similar to Rotten Tomatoes)


Mixed into the reviews, I will be giving a break-down of the films I will be releasing in Y10! It will include background, a TV spot, and studio expectations for awards/gross. 


I will be beginning today, to review films from January-August! 



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1 minute ago, Hiccup23 said:



This movie is borderline garbage but it is pretty fun if you turn your mind off. Frankly, I did enjoy the film and having the film rated R was definitely a smart decision. 




To be fair the trashiness was pretty much the intent.:lol:

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Movie Break-Down!


O$corp Pictures is making their return to the big-screen on September 4th (Labor Day Weekend) with none other than The Impact of Sir Roger the Alien 3. 


The original film was wildly hyped and managed to launch $46.9 million opening weekend. The film saw expected legs with a finish at $122.5 million. This demonstrated that the film either had a limited audience or saw negative word of mouth. Like most successful films, it got a sequel that launched $29.1 million opening weekend and collapsed to $71.7 million. Well O$corp Picture has announced the release of a third installment. There has been a large time gap between this installment and the previous one. Unfortunately, it will probably hurt this film's potential. The studio seems to know this so they have decided to movie the film's setting from the UK to the USA to make it more marketable. They also casted Donald Trump to spoof himself. This gimmick will probably only be enough for the film to tread water with the gross of the second installment however. 


Pros: Little competition, Donald Trump, and USA setting


Cons: Length in time between 2nd and 3rd films, Donald Trump, and seen as an unneeded third installment 


Studio Expectations: $30-$35 opening weekend and $70-$75 domestic finish. 

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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Part 2


Enjoyable, entertaining, and filled with good acting, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Part 2 is definitely the best film of the year so far. It held my attention throughout the film, which is a rarity.



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It isn't as bad as other's have claimed, but Moses definitely doesn't live up to its potential. Filled with good visual effects and a quick pace, Moses suffers from average acting and a generally "meh" feel....kind of what you expect from a Peter Jackson film.



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Movie Break-Down: Bloody Mary


O$corp Pictures is good at horror. Bloody Mary marks their return to this genre after a hiatus. Opening September 18th, it is getting ahead of the curve on the other horror films opening up during the fall season. Directed by Sam Raimi and produced by Eli Roth, it appears Bloody Mary is in good hands. O$corp Picture's track record with supernatural horror flicks is good. Exorcism of Jessica Winters- $55.5M, My Winter Retreat- $44.8M, The Haunting in Wisconsin- $60.3M, and the great Unbalanced film saga with made $470M domestically (averaging $94M per film). This track record definitely has made O$corp Pictures a recognizable name among horror fans. 


Exclusive TV Spot

*O$corp Pictures Logo Comes Up*
We see an empty hotel room with stuff thrown all around the room. The room begins to shake and stuff falls.

*screen goes black*

The camera moves an elevator with Hayden Panettiere and Jeremy Irvine in it. 

*A low buzzing sound plays in the background.*
The lights in the elevator flicker and the elevator stops.

Panettiere gasps

The elevator sudden plummets before slowly down to a stop.

The elevator door opens as Irvine and Panettiere lay on the floor is shock

Vines and black tar begin to grow/drip from the elevator ceiling/walls.

A dark and burry shadow moves from the end of the darkened hall toward the elevator

Panettiere covers her mouth while Irvine jumps up and frantically presses the buttons for the elevator

Irvine shouts, "No, no, no!"

The dark shadow is almost to the door

*screen goes black*

*We heard screams*
Sam Raimi's Bloody Mary 
True Horror Returns September 18th


Pros: Strong track record, Sam Raimi/Eli Roth, good release date, and studio dedication to the film (aka this ain't a filler)


Cons: Horror is very hit and miss, O$corp Pictures has a record of making horror films very controversial (i.e The Wanders/Unbalanced), and horror fans sitting this film out until the Halloween horror films are released.


Studio Expectations: $25-$28 million opening weekend and a domestic finish around $65-$70 million (depends of word of mouth). 

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