With $13M in 39 international markets through Friday, the third installment in the Bridget Jones franchise is on track to deliver a $29.4M offshore opening weekend. Universal Pictures, Studiocanal and Miramax’s presentation of Working Title’s Bridget Jones’s Baby has so far bowed No. 1 in 24 overseas territories. On Friday, it set a record for the biggest comedy/romantic comedy opening ever in the UK/Ireland with $4M at 641 dates. That’s also a record for the biggest Working Title and September launch of all time.

Australia also kicked off this week, on Thursday, with a No. 1 opening and $2.7M in two days plus previews. Market share there is 31%. Spain, a Top 5 market on the first two movies, debuted at No. 1 with $439K and 31% of the local crowd.

The NetherlandsBaby bump is $1.3M through Friday for the biggest opening in the franchise and a No. 1 with 44% share. Also bowing to the best numbers for the series are markets in Latin America including Mexico, Panama and Peru; all are crowning with better-than-expected numbers.

Further No. 1s were born in Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa and Ukraine.

Combined with domestic, our Bridge will be at $38.5M worldwide as of Sunday.

There are 21 territories to open over the next two months. Next weekend includes Italy, Egypt, Iceland, India, New Zealand, Switzerland, Thailand and Trinidad.