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PASSENGERS | 203.1 M overseas ● 303.1 M worldwide

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6 hours ago, kayumanggi said:

202.1 M overseas ● 302.1 M worldwide


Thanks.  That's probably about where it ends, but on $110M budget, with the limited marketing and awful reviews it got, I'll take it as a win of sorts.  Particularly if, as someone said in the movie thread, this has gotten Jen a whole new audience in China who hadn't been taken with The Hunger Games YA movies.

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On 2/26/2017 at 4:45 PM, Barnack said:


53% is the most common I saw for big movies domestic (from the theatrical chain cost of movies in their financial statement to the sony leaks), in the past it (say before 2007) it was often 55 to 58% when studio got a larger share of the first weeks.


40% is the ratio used by deadline estimate and is close to what movie do according to the different leaks, some movies that are strongly in good market and get the best deal like the Harry Potter/Davinci Code type of franchise movie can make more, say 45%, some movies do less like 35%, 40% is a good rough estimate.


For example, using the Sony leaked revenues projections for Hotel Transylvania, that is the share of the gross they used by main market:


Australia: 40%

Autria: 40%

Belgium: 42%

Brazil: 43%

France: 38% (france finance their own production by taxing the box office of overseas movies)

Germany: 43%

Holland: 38%

Italy: 40%

Japan: 48%

Korea: 47%

Mexico: 38%

Russia: 42%

Spain: 43%

UK: 32%


For an world average of 40%


It change a bit from studio to studio and type of movies I would think, like on the domestic market.


China 25% return is really well known.







Do you have anymore financial related insight you can share? 

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