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PASSENGERS | 203.1 M overseas ● 303.1 M worldwide

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This session, the film, presented in association with LStar Capital, Village Roadshow Pictures and Wanda Pictures, kicked off in Spain with $1.55M from 668 screens, ahead of Assassin’s Creed and Rogue One. France bowed with a strong $3.7M from 537 screens and Italy earned $1.6M from 356 screens. In Australia, Passengers debuted Sunday to an estimated $1.2M from 362 screens, ranking No. 1 for the 2nd biggest opening of all time for a New Year’s Day launch in the market. (Australia, New Zealand and Singapore are distributed by Roadshow.)

The UK rose 69% increase in its 2nd frame with $2.4M from 856 screens for a market cume through Sunday of $9.2M. Other notable jumps include Finland (+66%), Portugal (+39%), Indonesia (+18%), Colombia (+15%), the Netherlands (+12%) and Denmark (+8%).

In South East Asia, the regional cume through Sunday is $8.2M. Malaysia, a market that is seeing solid growth, opened this weekend to $581K at 254 sites for a start that is 38% over space comp Gravity. After starting at big No. 1 in Russia last frame, the market now has an $8.2M cume. Mexico’s cume after eight days, and its first full weekend, is $4.4M.


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$200m is locked, and it has a chance at $300m depending on China's numbers.


Those markets will bring at least $140m to table.


It may add:


$10m from Brazil

$20m from SK

$10m from Germany

I have no idea about Japan, maybe $15m? 


And more $15m from small markets.


China would need to do $90m. 

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Sony's PASSENGERS scored $21.7M overseas this past weekend on 9,200+ screens in 52 markets, $60M total.

Sony's $110M big ticket sci-fi flick PASSENGERS has eclipsed $125M worldwide so far, with China set to launch January 13th.


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5 hours ago, Telemachos said:


Not much competition though. :thinking: 


5 hours ago, DeeCee said:

Honestly, I just couldn't help myself. 


Isn't it supposed to be the second biggest New Year's Day opening ever in Australia? I read that somewhere. Apparently it is the most anticipated film in Brazil per this movie site.


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35 minutes ago, A District 3 Engineer said:



Total Lifetime Grosses
Domestic:  $66,177,803    53.8%
Foreign:  $56,759,938    46.2%

Worldwide:  $122,937,741  


I thought I saw $126 WW in some box office site tweet. 




edit, I see that bom hasn't updated a bunch of countries since Christmas. I guess we'll get numbers eventually...

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