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Official BOT top 150 Animated Movies Countdown

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We are nearly there, The list will begin in about 2 hours. (I will accept any last gasp lists up until the moment it starts :) )


Feel free to speculate away, but please only if it is from an uneducated standpoint, try not to ruin the suspense with posts like:


"Well Norm of the North has 5 number ones in the thread so its pretty locked for top 10" or stuff like that :)


We are nearly there. 


(I am secretly holding out for that one extra list that gets me to 30 lists total :P )


(Here is the voting page) 



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2 hours ago, chasmmi said:

Feel free to speculate away, but please only if it is from an uneducated standpoint, try not to ruin the suspense with posts like:


"Well Norm of the North has 5 number ones in the thread so its pretty locked for top 10" or stuff like that :)



Look we all know Delgo is gonna be #1. What's interesting is the order all the others are in. 

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So a final selection of stats before we begin. 


Of the 150 films to make the list, I have seen exactly 100 of them (and will have to make up random stuff about the other 50).


One film has been disqualified from the list despite receiving enough points to have qualified. This is James and the Giant Peach due to it being about 40% Live-Action. Everything else that i checked qualifies. 


Out of the 55 Official Walt Disney Animation Studios Films, 13 missed out on the top 150. Seven of those seven placed between 151st and 200th, 3 more are between 209th and 216th, One received a single solitary point. Only two received zero votes of any kind.


Out of Pixar's 17 Official Features, Only one finished outside the top 150 (in 208th) 


Out of Dreamworks' 32 Official Feature Films, 14 missed out on the top 150 (So technically, this list contains more Dreamworks than Pixar!), 6 of those 14 came between 150th and 200th, 2 came equal 205th, Only 1 did not receive a single vote.


Out of the 41 (I think) Blue Sky, Fox Animation, Illumination, Sony Animation, Warner Bros (since 1993), or Laika produced Features, 17 have made the list. 


Out of 20 Studio Ghibli films, 5 did not make the top 150, of these 1 did not receive a vote at all. The other 4 came in at 170th, 176th, 177th and 183rd. 


So that leaves hopefully 42 films that come from none of the above studios (at least as far as wikipedia is concerned. 


It also means that those studios have about a 65% success rate of films produced / films on the list. 


About 12 films on this list were contributed to in some way by Don Bluth


In total, 328 different films (including the ineligible ones) received votes from about 29 different voters. (Compare that to the movie songs list where 18 voters voted for 568 different songs and you can imagine there will be a lot of points at the top end of the list).


Out of those 328 films, 21 have the privilege of having scored just a single point.




Anyhow enough stats, lets get listing... (very very soon ;) ) 



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Okay no more stalling the next post (of mine) will have 150th in it.


Just to say that in the case of a tie, films will be placed in the following tiebreakers:


1. Number of Votes

2. Number of 1st Place Votes

3. Number of Top 5 Votes

4. Number of Top 10 Votes

5. The film I like best 

5. Single highest placed vote for the film

6. Single highest placed vote for the film that isn't shared with a tied film



I will also compare each films rise / fall compared to Icerolls list of two years ago here:



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150th - Erneste and Celeste

36pts - 4 votes  (2014: 155th Up 5)




Yeah, about those 50 films that I haven't personally watched, the vast majority appear in the bottom half of this list. 


European animation is not something I think I have ever (knowingly) watched and thus I have very little foundation to form any opinion on this film. The trailer is certainly charming and feels like it could either go very dark and serious, or very jovial and life-affirming. 


(Only 5 films made this list with less than 4 votes - all those received 3)

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149th - The Pirates: Band of Misfits

37pts - 4 votes  (2014: 238th Up 89)




Another film that I failed to see. I really wish I had seen this one though as Ardman are excellent at what they do and I haven't disliked anything of theirs I've ever seen (and that includes the old British Gas adverts). 


To be honest I have kind of watched this film about 74 times, but only with the sound on mute as it was put on the TV in our waiting room at room every day on a loop. I shall see it one day. 


An 89 place climb also may turn out to be a strong contender for biggest climb in the charts since 2014. 

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148th - Madagascar 3

37pts - 5 votes  (2014: 136th Down 11)




Hey, Circus Afro made it!!


To me, the Madagascar films have always been fine. They have decent jokes, they don't insult the intelligence and have some shining moments too (except Penguins of Madagascar of course, that film is legit awesome and a plague upon all of you  for it only reaching 195th :( ).


148th is a decent placement for a decent installment of a decent Franchise. It may lag behind Dreamworks' top 3 franchises quality wise, but it is still world that I don't hate to revisit and would be perfectly fine seeing a 4th installment of it sometime soon.


(Also the circus stuff was all in all a bunch of harmless fun.)


First film to drop in placement from 2014


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147th - Madagascar

38pts - 4 votes  (2014: 74th Down 74)




Ok, this I was not expecting...


Maybe this is a sign that Madagascar is a slightly more forgettable franchise than some of the other animated behemoths out there, but I was expecting this to make at least top 100. Not like top 20 or something silly, but higher than here. 


It is a far superior film to number 3, so to only score on extra point was odd to me. 


This could be a strong contender for single biggest drop on the list. 


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146th - Transformers: The Movie

39pts - 3 votes, 1 top 5 vote  (2014: 98th Down 49)




Orson Welles's Final film I believe and still probably the best cinematic Transformers film ever made. 


I was never a transformers guy, it just wasn't my thing. However I know that this film has a following that covers both cult and nostalgic. It had a lot of the things transformers fans wanted in their transformers films. 


There was some great voice talent in this film and it probably deserved to do better upon release.  

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145th - Flushed Away

40pts - 3 votes  (2014: 131st Down 14)




Am I the only one who confuses this film with Surf's Up?


Another claymation film I never managed to see (the premise just never appealed to me), It is clear that this film has maintained fans over the past two years. dropping 14 places with all the big new animations of recent times is almost akin to holding steady I would say.




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144th - Megamind

40pts - 4 votes  (2014: 104th Down 40)




Of all the Dreamworks animations I have not seen, this is the one i most wish that I had. 


The concept of this film always really appealed to me and it's been on my 'to watch' list for years. The fact it has stayed in the top 150 shows that it has fans, however falling on the low end suggest one of three things: a) It did not fulfill its potential quality wise, b.) It is criminally underrated, c) Nobody realised it existed.


I will see this one day and find out for myself. 


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143rd - Oliver and Company

40pts - 5 votes  (2014: 154th Up 10)



The first appearance of the Mousy Juggernaut


Oliver and Company is one of those Disney films that is polished, well made, but not Disney at the true height of its powers. But it says a lot about a studios consistent quality, if this can be the 42nd best film they made - that isn't bad at all. 


In fact I would challenge even the mighty Pixar or Ghibli to make 40 films more liked that this one within their first 55 outings. 


It is not a spoiler to say that Walt will make an appearance again on this list, the question is just how soon? 






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142nd - Hotel Transylvania 

40pts - 5 votes  (2014: 165th Up 23)



I am convinced most people only hate on this because that is the cool thing to do with recent Sandler stuff.


The two Hotel films are both great in my opinion and have a nice balance of comedy and heart. They are cute and the zombies can be very funny in a Minion/Scrat/etc kind of way. 


The films are really worth checking out, and I for one am eager for number 3 to come out in the next couple of years. 




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