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The Bye Bye Man | Stacy Title | January 13, 2017

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29 minutes ago, filmlover said:

Remember the reports of audiences booing The Devil Inside off the screen? Man, to have been involved in a movie where it becomes reported on the evening news that audiences are trashing it very loudly.

The WOM was so bad I bet Paramount went from "greenlight 10 sequels!!!" to "nevermind".

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34 minutes ago, Mockingjay Raphael said:


People tend to forget how good was the marketing for this movie, I still remember the great reactions that it got in front of PA3, it went viral so quickly, that's why it opened so high.

The trailer was perfect. The movie, tho...

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6 minutes ago, robertman2 said:

How does a film go out missing a reel?!


The question of our age. It was lost in transport. At least that's the official line from the production company. We will never know what was on that final reel.

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On 06/01/2017 at 8:38 PM, Mockingjay Raphael said:

Am I the only one who don't think that it looks that bad? It seems like a mix of Ouija 1 (it even has the same actor) + Sinister 1 (my fave horror movie). The Boy looked worse and ended being pretty decent.

It might not be so bad if they would at least change the title. I can't imagine going up to a box office and saying "one for The Bye Bye Man please". The entire marketing behind it is annoying "Don't say it, don't think it" get annoying fast.

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