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The Bye Bye Man | Stacy Title | January 13, 2017

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Double Toasted's review is probably more fun than the movie. Korey Coleman mentioned that Stacy Title directed Hood of Horror starring Snoop Dogg, Billy Dee Williams, Danny Trejo and a host of others. TBH, that looks a thousand times better than Bye Bye Man. :P



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I saw a lot of good horror last year. Lights Out is probably one of the best horror films I've ever seen. For me, anyway, that was perfectly done. Just extremely creepy and eerie, I loved it. I did enjoy The Shallows quite a bit, though.


At this time last year, I thought the trailers for The Forest looked promising and had plans to see it. The reviews came out and, yeah, I was scared away. Never did see it. I try not to be TOO dependent on critical reviews, but I draw the line somewhere. If it's getting skewered I won't leave my house to go see a movie I know will suck. 

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