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22 hours ago, Valonqar said:

We took it into consideration. I keep stressing that Canada doesn't have it either and Crave, that carries most of HBO and HBO Max, will not carry Dune nor it will be availiable though Cineplex app. That's a godo news for Dunc.

Very true. And solid vaccination numbers combined with a downward trend in cases should ensure theatres are still open next month (Canada’s federal and provincial governments are definitely more trigger-friendly when it comes to lockdowns, so this is an important consideration).


It would’ve been a good move to let Dune open earlier in Canada along with Europe (similar to what they did with Tenet last summer). Part of the problem with opening parallel to the US, even without Max, is the availability of a pristine 4K rip day and date. I know there’s some disagreement as to how much of an impact piracy has on numbers, but it certainly doesn’t help.

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On 9/14/2021 at 2:22 PM, WittyUsername said:

The book must be a big deal in Europe. 

It's a big deal in the US as well,one of the most popular Sci Fi novels every written.

I puzzle as to why some people think it's a obscure novel....

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1 hour ago, DInky said:

A lot of people know that there is a book called Dune but 99% have never read it, especially younger people and by younger I mean anyone under the age of 40.

That's the case for almost any older book. 

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