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The Bamboo Awards: The Panda's Top 20 of '16 Extravaganza! - Number 1 Film Revealed!

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    Just letting you know now, I'm not trolling.  Honestly.  This is my number 3 of the year.


    The Bronze Bamboo Award Winner for Best Picture (Number 3)




    "Time to make the chimi-fuckin'-changas."


    My Grade: A+

    Most Valuable Player: Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool

    Box Office: 363.1m

    Tomatometer: 84%

    IMDb Synopsis: This is the origin story of former Special Forces operative turned mercenary Wade Wilson, who after being subjected to a rogue experiment that leaves him with accelerated healing powers, adopts the alter ego Deadpool. Armed with his new abilities and a dark, twisted sense of humor, Deadpool hunts down the man who nearly destroyed his life.

    Critic Opinion: "“Deadpool” isn’t your dad’s super-hero movie.  This R-rated, in-your-face flick aimed squarely at savvy movie-goers and fans of the Marvel Comics universe is sophisticated, furiously witty and as enjoyable off-kilter as “Kick-Ass.” As the anti-hero who is part criminal and part warrior, Ryan Reynolds has indeed found his niche." - Linda Cook, Quad-City Times

    User Opinion: "Breaking the fourth wall was not only brilliant but ripping on other Marvel properties was incredible.  This might even be one of the ballsiest moves any studio has ever done.  To make fun of yourselves really isn't all that smart and yet the fact that they do is brilliant.  There are so many X-men jokes in here that you'd think a rival studio produced it.  But nope, they let it rip.  Timelines, actors, accents, it's all fair game...Deadpool is all kinds of awesome." - Baumer

    Reasoning: Okay, I've gone full pleb for this one, but I don't care at the slightest, Deadpool was one of (if not THE) most entertaining movies I've seen this year.  In a world full of generic ass comic book movies, Ryan Reynolds comes in to save the day with this riot.  Deadpool is not only easily the best tentpole to come out this year, it's right up there with The Dark Knight, Spider-Man, Superman 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy for my favorite comic book movie ever made.  This film is easily rewatchable, I rented it with my friends, and it was even more entertaining watching it a second and third time than the first.  The movie is riddled with gutbusting humor, clever or not it made me laugh more than any other movie released this year.  The action is creatively executed, and the story is structured to be fast-paced, never ceasing to be a grimly fantastic time at the movies.  Sue me, Deadpool is sensational and a perfect movie.






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    I'll give a little introduction to the last award I'm giving out before I announce what got the gold and the silver for Best Picture.  I decided to make an award for my favorite piece of art, whether it be a play, a TV Show, a painting, a symphony, etc. that came out this year that was not a film.  There was something in particular this year that had my jaw on the floor for a good two hours, and I just had to recognize it, so I made an award for it.


    Maybe I'll do this again next year, maybe I won't.


    For reference, if I had done this last year, I would have awarded this to Hamilton: An American Musical.  Also for reference, if this was a film (I'm awarding it this year to two specific episodes of a TV Show), I would have ranked it either second or first.  But it was not a film, so it does not actually get a ranking.

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    The Honorary Golden Bamboo Stick For Artwork That is Not Film

    Game of Thrones (Season 6): Episode 9 - Battle of the Bastards, and Episode 10 - The Winds of Winter



    "Your words will disappear. Your house will disappear. Your name will disappear. All memory of you will disappear."


    My Grade: A+

    Most Valuable Player: Miguel Sapochnik for his direction

    Ratings for Battle of the Bastards: 7.66m live viewers

    Ratings for The Winds of Winter: 8.89m live viewers

    Tomatometer for Battle of the Bastards:  98%, 9.2/10 avg rating

    Tomatometer for The Winds of Winter: 100%, 9.7/10 avg rating

    IMDb Synopsis for Battle of the Bastards:  Jon and Sansa face Ramsay Bolton on the fields of Winterfell. Daenerys strikes back at her enemies. Theon and Yara arrive in Meereen.

    IMDb Synopsis for The Winds of Winter: Cersei and Loras Tyrell stand trial by the gods. Daenerys prepares to set sail for Westeros. Davos confronts Melisandre. Sam and Gilly arrive in The Citadel. Bran discovers a long kept secret. Lord Frey has an uninvited guest.

    Critic Opinion: "Still, at this point it's hard to second-guess producers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, who, working with Martin, have created a series for the ages. And while it's hard to predict when and how its Winter will end, if what remains rivals what has transpired, calling it "epic" won't fully do it justice." - Brian Lowry

    User Opinion:  "Man. What a season. It will win the Emmy again this year, only this time, well deserved. The first KL sequence was the one of the best scenes in the history of television. Miguel Sapochnik for everything. Bring on the final 2 seasons." - Jayhawk

    Reasoning: Yeah, I literally just created this award because I wanted to gush about how jaw-droppingly spectacular these final two episodes to this years season of Game of Thrones were.  But, it's my thread so I can do what I want.  I've rewatched these two episodes a few times, and oh my gosh if these were actual a theatrically released movie this would be all over the number 1 spot (maybe number 2, I really like my number 1 pick).  This series was already my favorite thing on television, and these two episodes made it my favorite thing to ever be put on the Television Screen.  Somebody needs to give Miguel Sapochnik a full length movie (just after he gets to direct all of season 8 for GoT of course), because holy shit does this guy know how to direct some absolutely riveting scenes.  I'd rank these two episodes as some of the best to ever be on television.  I watched these back in July and I am still at a loss of words of how powerful and intense these were.  




    (Game of Thrones Season 6 Spoilers for the video below, even in the title)






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    Now it's time to reveal my number 2!


    The Silver Bamboo Stick Award Winner for Best Picture (Number 2)




    "If you could see your whole life laid out in front of you, would you change things?"


    My Grade: A+

    Most Valuable Player: Denis Villeneuve for his supreme directorial skills

    Box Office: 90.8m+

    Tomatometer: 94%

    IMDb Synopsis:  When mysterious spacecraft touch down across the globe, an elite team - led by expert linguist Louise Banks - is brought together to investigate. As mankind teeters on the verge of global war, Banks and the team race against time for answers - and to find them, she will take a chance that could threaten her life, and quite possibly humanity.

    Critic Opinion: "“Arrival” may not be the sci-fi movie we deserve, but it’s the one we need right now...Its magnificent pacing gives way to a third act that is a mind-bending whirlwind that bombards the audience with ideas more than special effects. Here’s another one to file under just what we need in this moment." - Brad Keefe

    User Opinion:  "What an amazing and thought-provoking movie. I had high expectations going into the movie, and the movie surpassed them. Denis Villeneuve did an outstanding job at handling the film. From tense scenes such as the first entry or restrained scenes like the opening, Villeneuve blends every element together to make a cohesive picture. Amy Adams gives a career best performance as Louise Banks. Her performance is never big or bombastic, yet it's human and contained. and provides a character everyone can relate to. Jeremy Renner is also very good as Ian Connolly, providing lightness in necessary moments but never distracting. Johan Johansson also composed his best score to date. Bradford Young's cinematography was beautiful, and I look forward to seeing how he handles Han Solo...Arrival is the rare film that I immediately want to watch again. The storytelling is rich, Villeneuve's directing is outstanding, and Amy Adams gives an amazing performance. I really could not have hoped for a better movie than this."

    Reasoning: Arrival was the movie that got me through the election results this year, and it was as if the great Villeneuve knew just what everybody would need at the time, and so he decided to release his latest masterpiece then.  I was really close to putting this movie as my number one, but in terms of pure rewatchability, I don't know if this one will fare as strongly as that one will, so I went with it.  However, that's absolutely no knock to this incredible movie that has a message the world desperately needs right now, more than ever.  It's a harrowing experience that doesn't leave you.  Amy Adams gives one of her best performances to date as well in this movie.  Denis Villeneuve is a masterclass director, and is one of the best directors still working to date.  I firmly believe he's as good as what all the Nolanites think Nolan is.  I was down and this movie sobered me.  It was a therapeutic work, and in the end isn't that the true purpose of art?  To inspire and move the audience?  That is what Arrival did for me.





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    And now for my favorite movie of the year.  You probably already know, and I'm not going to pull any troll tricks this time around, because it'd be way to obvious.


    The Golden Bamboo Stick Award Winner For Best Picture (Number 1)

    La La Land



    "This is the dream! It's conflict and it's compromise, and it's very, very exciting!"


    My Grade: A+

    Most Valuable Player: I can't decide, so I'll give it to Damien Chazelle for his direction and writing, Justin Hurtwiz for the score, and Linus Sandgren for his direction of photography

    Box Office: 24.7m+

    Tomatometer: 93%

    IMDb Synopsis: Mia, an aspiring actress, serves lattes to movie stars in between auditions and Sebastian, a jazz musician, scrapes by playing cocktail party gigs in dingy bars, but as success mounts they are faced with decisions that begin to fray the fragile fabric of their love affair, and the dreams they worked so hard to maintain in each other threaten to rip them apart.

    Critic Opinion: "Already, though, it is so easy to foresee those who would prefer to dismiss Chazelle’s achievement, to undercut his influences and belittle the fantasy he’s created. (You don’t have to go far online to encounter dissenters already tossing out snide jokes like, “Oh, so L.A. is the third character in La La Land, is it? Clever!”; yes, you know what? It is! And it works, damn it!). Ignore that chorus, and instead listen to what La La Land is trying to tell you: that there’s magic to be had in the movies, even still. One trip to the theatre" - Barry Hertz, Globe and Mail

    User Opinion:  "I spent the last two hours jizzing over every inch of damien chazelle's god sent masterpiece." - Ethan Hunt

    Reasoning: La La Land is absolutely magical and it is the reason movies are made.  This movie did just about everything I could ever want a movie to do, going into it.  I was in a fairly dour mood when I first walked into the theater, maybe a bit less dour than when I went to see Arrival, and La La Land left me leaving the theater with a bigger grin on my face than when I went to see The Force Awakens for the first time in 70mm IMAX.  La La Land is joyous, electric and emotionally moving, all at the same time.  It's not only a celebration of why we go to the movies, but it's a celebration of why we pursue dreams and pursue each other, and how we balance all of that out.  Damien Chazelle's directing is impeccable, every single frame is perfectly shot and gorgeous to look at, the score is infectious and I am still listening to it constantly, it is edited perfectly, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone give flawless performances.  I was not able to find a single flaw in this movie.  This is one of the best musicals ever made, hell it might even end up being one of the best movies ever made after I give it a few years to sit.  La La Land is an absolutely perfect movie, and it is represents everything I love about cinema.







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    Here's my full list and winners



    1.       La La Land

    2.       Arrival

    3.       Deadpool

    4.       Hunt for the Wilderpeople

    5.       Hell or High Water

    6.       Zootopia

    7.       Moonlight

    8.       Kubo and the Two Strings

    9.       The Witch

    10.   Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

    11.   Fences

    12.   The Edge of Seventeen

    13.   Moana

    14.   Hacksaw Ridge

    15.   Eye in the Sky

    16.   The Nice Guys

    17.   Finding Dory

    18.   10 Cloverfield Lane

    19.   Manchester by the Sea

    20.   The Little Prince



    Game of Thrones (Season 6): Episode 9 - Battle of the Bastards and Episode 10 - The Winds of Winter



    1.       Denis Villeneuve, Arrival

    2.       Damien Chazelle, La La Land

    3.       David Mackenzie, Hell or High Water

    4.       Barry Jenkins, Moonlight

    5.       Taika Waititi, Hunt for the Wilderpeople

    6.       Robert Eggers, The Witch



    1.       Moonlight

    2.       Fences

    3.       Hell or High Water

    4.       Hunt for the Wilderpeople

    5.       Manchester by the Sea

    6.       The Edge of Seventeen



    1.       Denzel Washington, Fences

    2.       Casey Affleck, Manchester by the Sea

    3.       Ryan Gosling, La La Land and The Nice Guys

    4.       Chris Pine, Hell or High Water

    5.       Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool

    6.       Sam Neill, Hunt for the Wilderpeople



    1.       Emma Stone, La La Land

    2.       Anya-Taylor Joy, The Witch

    3.       Amy Adams, Arrival

    4.       Hailee Steinfeld, The Edge of Seventeen

    5.       Helen Mirren, Eye in the Sky

    6.       Mary Elizabeth Winstead, 10 Cloverfield Lane



    1.       Viola Davis, Fences

    2.       Mahershala Ali, Moonlight

    3.       Jeff Bridges, Hell or High Water

    4.       Naomie Harris, Moonlight

    5.       Ben Foster, Hell or High Water

    6.       Angourie Rice, The Nice Guys



    1.       Arrival

    2.       Fences

    3.       Hunt for the Wilderpeople

    4.       Hell or High Water

    5.       La La Land

    6.       Zootopia



    1.       La La Land

    2.       Moana

    3.       The Witch

    4.       Moonlight

    5.       Kubo and the Two Strings

    6.       Hell or High Water



    1.       La La Land

    2.       Arrival

    3.       Moonlight

    4.       Hacksaw Ridge

    5.       Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

    6.       Kubo and the Two Strings



    1.       La La Land

    2.       The Witch

    3.       Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

    4.       Hacksaw Ridge

    5.       Deadpool

    6.       Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them


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