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2016 saw animation dominate and conquer the box-office scene with a domestic intake of over $2.2 billion and a worldwide intake of $5.4 billion.  Can 2017 follow the trend and increase from the already mind-boggling figures posted in 2016?  The animation slate, opposite of 2016, in 2017 seems much weaker without any offerings from Walt Disney Animation Studios (WDAS), but that does not diminish the possibility of another record year for 2017 with releases from PIXAR, Illumination, the LEGO franchise, and many more.


PIXAR currently has an "iffy" original offering slated for November as it tries to tap into the musical genre with an animated feature about a young boy and his adventures in the world of the dead.  Cars 3, the third film in the notorious Pixar franchise will also see a revival with a summer release in June hoping to cash in on the poorly received franchise.  


Illumination will be looking towards continuing their fire streak with Despicable Me 3, the third animated feature in the Despicable Me franchise which has already amassed over $2.6 billion worldwide.  With the continuing trend of sequels tending to drop softly or harshly from their previous installement depending on the original material, can Despicable Me 3 hope to gross over Minions, their only $1 billion film or Despicable Me 2?  Illumination has always been a brand known for its great appeal to younger kids who eat their outputs like sugar cookies and their marketing tactics, but is it time to end the story of a misfit villain?  Although Despicable Me 3 is all but guaranteed to gross over $250 million if not $300 million, only time will tell as to how far this film will go.


Truly kicking off the Lego Film Universe, Warner Brothers will be hoping for another smash with The LEGO Batman Movie akin to the $267M grossing The LEGO Movie as The LEGO Batman Movie is slated for a February release.  Ninjago, another LEGO franchise film will be released in September and although September is usually the "slump-dump" period for films, Ninjago will hope to turn things around and perform like the Hotel Transylvania films.  2017 will be the telling signs for how well and if at all the LEGO franchise will survive. 


Dreamworks will continue their two animated features per year trend by releasing The Boss Baby in March and Captain Underpants in June.  Past Dreamworks films have performed in the $120-150 million range and The Boss Baby and Captain Underpants look to follow suite unless somehow one of or both films break out.  Dreamworks has been struggling lately to put out quality films with box office receipts to boot, but have received moderate successes with their original stories such as Home and Trolls, so hopefully The Boss Baby and the adaptation of Captain Underpants follow suite.

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  • The Red Turtle 


  • The LEGO Batman Movie
  • Rock Dog


  • Leap!
  • The Boss Baby


  • Smurfs: The Lost Village
  • Spark


  • The Nut Job 2


  • Cars 3
  • Despicable Me 3


  • N/A 


  • Blazing Samurai 
  • The Emoji Movie


  • Ninjago 


  • My Little Pony


  • The Star
  • Coco


  • The Story of Ferdinand 
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My Predictions:

  • The LEGO Batman Movie - $250/300M and $350/450M OS for $600/750M WW
  • The Boss Baby - $100/150M and $150/250M OS for $275/400M WW
  • Smurfs: The Lost Village - $80/140M and $100/200M OS for $180/340M WW
  • Captain Underpants - $125/175M and $175/275M OS for $300/450M WW
  • Cars 3 - $175/230M and $350/425M OS for $525/655M WW
  • Despicable Me 3 - $300/400M and $600/750M OS for $1,000/1,150M WW
  • Ninjago - $140/180M and $200/300M OS for $340/480M WW
  • Coco - $180/275M and $350/475M OS for $530/750M WW
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4 hours ago, eXtacy said:

I look at 2017 for animation and just think to myself.




Will only see Coco, maybe. Least Japan has got some interesting titles coming




I feel you, it does look meh, but I saw The Red Turtle and it was just fantastic! Coco and Lego Batman look promising too. There will probably be at least 1 other American movie in the list that will exceed our expectations, maybe The Star, Lego Ninjago, Captain Underpants, or Ferdinand since we pretty much haven't seen anything from those yet, so have some faith! Europeans are also making great animations these years, and the studio behind The Secret of the Kells and Song of the Sea (I LOVE that movie) is releasing a new film this year called The Breadwinner. I just know it will be great!

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Definitely will see: Lego Batman, Coco

Probably will see: DM3, Ninjago, Underpants

Might see: Cars 3, The Star, Ferdinand

Will see (on Netflix/TV): Boss Baby, Smurfs

Won't see: ??

As an animation fan only a few films excite me this year. The Lego Batman Movie and Coco will likely be the best of the bunch and are movies I will see in theaters. I was a fan of the Underpants books as a kid, it's cast seems funny, and has multiple different animation styles. DM3 could have the heart and humor of the first. Ninjago has the same team behind it as Batman and could be fun. Cars 3 could be decent along with The Star and Ferdinand. Boss Baby and Smurfs look so unappealing to me at least.

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My box office predictions for them:

Lego Batman (2/10/17) 

Domestic: $200M-$350M

Worldwide: $450M-$750M

This could arguably be the Deadpool in animation movies of 2017. It's trailers bring down the house, and has the same team as The Lego Movie behind it. What's not to love?


Boss Baby (3/31/17)

Domestic: $75M-$150M

Worldwide: $250M-$400M

This movie has garnered some attention on the internet (1st Trailer > 22M views), however with Smurfs around the corner it's all up to who has the better marketing and reviews if either wants to survive.


Smurfs: The Lost Village (4/7/17)

Domestic: $65M-$150M

Worldwide: $350M-$500M

Same thing for Smurfs. If it wants to survive domestic wise, it's all up on who has the better marketing and/or reviews. However due to it's smaller budget and international appeal it'll still be a hit if it flops in the states.


Captain Underpants (6/2/17)

Domestic: $70M-$150M

Worldwide: $180M-$400M

Thanks to its small budget (under $100M) due to being outsourced, Underpants doesn't need to be a home run. I think it will do just fine at the box office due to the lack of kids movies despite the competition (Trolls did $150M aha Beasts, Strange, and Moana)


Cars 3 (6/16/17)

Domestic: $150M-$250M

Worldwide: $400M-$600M

I honestly think this could surprise us at the box office. The marketing so far has garnered massive attention on the internet and if this pull off good reviews (70%+ on RT), Cars will be racing for cash.


Despicable Me 3 (6/30/17)

Domestic: $270M-$400M

Worldwide: $780M-$1.2B

Thanks to the marketing/money making juggernaut, Illumination, Despicable Me 3 will likely be the biggest animated hit in the summer and at the box office. If it captures the magic of the first film, it could beat Frozen's record.


The Emoji Movie ? (8/5/17)

Domestic: $80M-$200M

Worldwide: $200M-$500M

Even though this movie looks like pure ?, The Emoji Movie could surprise at the box office thanks to a barren August. If by some miracle it get decent reviews (60%+ on RT) this will make bank.


Lego Ninjago (9/22/17)

Domestic: $100M-$250M

Worldwide: $300M-$550M

Based on one of Lego best selling IPs, Ninjago will be a hit. If Lego Batman breaks out and has great reviews, this will possibly make more than The Lego Movie.


The Star (11/10/17)

Domestic: $50M-$180M

Worldwide: $150M-$350M

I really don't know about this film, it has a lot of competition (Thor3, JL, Coco, Ferdinand, SW8, and Jumanji), but if it attracts the Christians and families this could be a nice little hit.


Coco (11/22/17)

Domestic: $125M-$300M

Worldwide: $350M-$760M

While it has competition, it it get the usual RT score and audience acclaim for a Pixar movie and has marketing this time, it should do fine.


Ferdinand (12/22/17)

Domestic: $85M-$200M

Worldwide: $250M-$450M

This will either live or die at the box office, due to the competition it has to deal with. If every other animated film in Q3-Q4 2017, this will breakout.

The rest is coming later.

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