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BOT User Tracking 1/27-1/29 Dog's Purpose, Gold, Resident Evil

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Back to a more reasonable number of entries. I'm a little behind but I'll catch up in the next day or so.


Please provide your 3-day predicts for:

Dog's Purpose (wide)


Resident Evil


Thanks! Deadline will be Thursday afternoon when I get to it.

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Argh...another tough weekend to predict.  How much does bad press hurt a movie?  I'm leaning to thinking A Dog's Purpose will perform like Monster Trucks, but maybe a little more compressed (ie - higher in the 3 day, but under the 4 day total) b/c they both had embarrassing/off-putting stories (to possible older male fan goers for one, and pet owners for the other), but they still will have the baseline audience of parents needing to entertain their kids.  Resident Evil will be as bad a performer (and possibly a little worse with an even more crowded theater right now) than Underworld was.  And Gold - another "why are we jamming yet another movie into this month?" question.  So, I guess that's a long way of saying...


A Dog's Purpose - $13.8M

Resident Evil - $11.5M

Gold - $2.5M


But I don't have high confidence in these b/c I'm not a dog lover, I don't watch Resident Evil, and I had never heard of Gold coming out til 2 weeks ago:)...but I'm still leaning on "It's January - no matter how low you think it should be - go lower"...it's worked for everything but Split (and Bye Bye Man, so maybe I should amend and say "you can still go high on original horror":)...


Before the controversy, I'd have had the dog movie at high $20s/low $30s, but it's selling so poorly where I am (not a seat sold for either Thursday night theater I track, but some for Friday and Saturday morning), I just don't know how much it can get from walk ups.  Guess Monster Trucks may have another unexpected not sucky hold...

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