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Phantom Thread | P.T. Anderson '50s Fashion Drama | Daniel Day-Lewis IS Reynolds Woodcock | Christmas 2017

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I was wondering if the trailer would show much in the way of subversion of that whole stiff-upper-lip prestige British costume drama, Great Man and his much younger muse and lover type of story that the premise is selling, and it looks even more fascinating because it doesn't really. It's always interesting when an idiosyncratic and sharp filmmaker goes for the type of film generally seen as uncool and boring, and I'm looking forward to seeing how PTA explores the people behind these archetypes (because it's nearly impossible to imagine that he doesn't). It looks gorgeous, anyway, and even in these small snippets DDL already reminds what a treasure he is. 

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2 hours ago, Jake Gittes said:


worth noting that the MPAA rating at the bottom mentions language only. which is disappointing because that surely means the film will not feature daniel dong-lewis, but otoh much like age of innocence it's a film entirely about fucking with no fucking.

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When did DDL turn into Christopher Lee?


Funny, I initially thought that it was about unrequisite love between a muse and a closeted old fashion designer set in upper class society. It doesn't even seem to even attempt that, it looks like a classic James Ivory bougie joint.

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It looks like it might go pretty dark when Vicky Krieps' character is no longer content just being DDL's pretty doll. I saw a comparison to Vertigo elsewhere, and while it didn't occur to me there potentially can be something to that. And if PTA plays up that emotional darkness and ugliness against the familiar visual language of stuffy period costume dramas that could be really potent, although I don't wanna get ahead of myself and the movie here. 

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