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Phantom Thread | P.T. Anderson '50s Fashion Drama | Daniel Day-Lewis IS Reynolds Woodcock | Christmas 2017

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I legit couldn't find this *ahem* "Phantom Thread" when I was looking for it earlier to post my thoughts on the movie, so I ended up posting in the Oscar nom thread. Now that I've found it, surprised to see it seems hardly anyone has discussed having seen it in here. Here's what I posted there:


Saw Phantom Thread today. Even happier now that PTA got the nom, and frankly shocked he wasn't always considered a lock for the category. The level of film-making craftsmanship on display is truly impressive. There's a fastidious artistic touch in every frame. Hell, as much as I loved GDT's work with SoW, I'm almost tempted to say PTA is deserving of the win (even though I know it will never happen). 


Thrilled about the BP nom too. Found it to be a darkly eccentric "love story" with fantastic performances and entangling tension tinged dialouge with a snide dose of humor to wonderfully cut it. As is typical for any of his films, it's definitely not going to be a movie for everyone, but I loved it. A real return to form for him after both The Master and Inherent Vice underwhelmed me, and what I've been waiting for from him ever since There Will Be Blood blew me away as one of the best films of last decade. 

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10 minutes ago, Jeriosnal said:

It's fantastic this is flopping.  Predictably, audiences aren't falling for PT's empty showmanship.  If he ever writes a strong story again, he'll stop losing money.  


It's about to stop flopping very soon, perhaps as soon as this weekend, because of its six Oscar nominations.

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