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It's not that bad, but I agree the first half dealing with Julius Caesar (Harrison) is vastly better then the second half dealing with Anthony, though the battle of Actium is impressive.

I actually saw it in a theater, when it was restored for Blu Ray, and Fathom Events did one of two day special showings for it.

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BTW the Blu Ray has a very good 90 Minute documentary on the making of Cleopatra. Surpsingly, since it was done by Fox,it does not pull any punches about a total clusterfuck the filming of this was.

It explains why the real crisis with the film came a year before it was released:it was costing so much to film it created a cash flow problem that almost drove Fox into bankruptcy. As it was, Fox had to stop production on amost every other film except Cleo for about six months because of the crisis.

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