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The Sixth Sense

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Personal anecdote time. Sixth Sense came out when I was in high school and all we knew was that it was directed by an Indian. It released in India almost 4+ months later but no one in the media or in my friends circle had spoiled it for me. I finally bought tickets to watch it on day 1 due to hearing about its crazy run in America as well as the really good word of mouth from reviewers, I am standing in line to enter my show and literally a recreation of this happens




I didn't believe him, and the movie was still really good without the twist as well. My wife watched Sixth Sense just last year, she had never seen it and didn't know the twist, so it was fun seeing her reaction when it was revealed.


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Now this one surprised the hell out of me. I didn't see the success of this at all. I saw this before it was released everywhere. One of my first jobs I had always gave us those one showing only movie passes like a week or a few days before a movie came out everywhere. I believe I saw this a week and a half before it was released and I thought it was ok and the surprise ending got me a little bit. I then went on vacation to Orlando with my girlfriend (now wife) and I remember reading in USA Today how much the movie made opening weekend and I was like :winomg:. THAT MOVIE. Since then I've rewatched of course and love it.

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Just like Blair Witch, timing was key. it's word of mouth drove people into the multiplexes, and some may say that Haley Joel Osment/Bruce Willis were key to the success as well. And Hollywood Pictures was a studio that around the release of this was their only few hits, although they had success in the mid 90's but this was one that kicked them back until they had to unfortunately close their doors eight years later. 


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It should be known that this film is a part of the Shamaluniverse. We will see MR GLASS open in Jan, which combines characters from Split and Unbreakable into one film. (thus a shared universe). M Night mentioned that there are several other films in the works for that universe. Cole Sear is a part of that, and a book following his adult exploits is already in stores. Just saying... 

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