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Victor Frankenstein | November 25, 2015

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If I had a horror movie,a family Holiday like Thanksgiving is the last weekend I would choose to open it on.

It's going to get eaten alive by The Good Dinosaur,then what is left will be beaten to a pulp by Creed, and the remains after that shot to pieces by Mockingjay. More and More I think the Fox hopes that the big news will be a huge sucess for Dinosaur, and a good counterprogramming performance by Creed, with people forgetting about Victor Frakenstein so it can die a quiet death without the negative publciity that FF got for Fox,although I think Fox knows it is going to get some "And Fox served up the Thanksgiving Turkey this year" jokes. Just a long as it does not dominate the movie news the way that FF did...which is the whole point of dumping this.

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Critics finally got to screen it tonight. Is it wrong I can't wait to read Landis' next meltdown. Twitter reactions-

"@jhoffman: I must report - with shock - that AMERICAN ULTRA is the better of the two Max Landis films this year."


"@letterboys: Man, Victor Frankenstein would be lifeless without James McAvoy in the role. (And let the punning commence)"


"@finalcrisis: VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN was staggeringly dreadful. James McAvoy seemed to have fun at least. The rest was spoon-fed, voiced-over drivel."


"@rilaws: If nothing else (and there's really nothing else) VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN is super duper homoerotic in a pretty fun way"




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On 11/4/2015, 11:05:16, dudalb said:

You are right, but to the G.A. it's a horror movie.

No it isn't, just like GA did not think Dracula Untold was a horror movie.


Audiences are not as dumb as you seem to think.

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30 minutes ago, AJG said:

Max Landis seems to be taking it well so far. 


He's asked people to judge him only on the work which he has primary control, and has uploaded the original draft of the script for us to download:


Read the first little bit. Not too bad so far, I wonder how much the film changed.

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