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BLOODSHOT | March 13, 2020 | Sony | Coming to VOD March 24

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I did get to Bloodshot Saturday of Opening weekend amid the expanding Covid19 scare. It was showing in a 400 seater. By my guess there were about 25 or so of us +/-


I give the film a soft grade of: B


The overall origin of Ray/Bloodshot is fairly on point to the comic so points there. PRS(Project Rising Spirit) as the bad guy also works and follows true to form as it relates to Bloodshot. I would've preferred that the soldier goons they had be comic adapted characters from H.A.R.D. Corps but that doesn't make this choice poor. Just a preference.

The one big flaw from a visual standpoint is the lacking of true Bloodshot visuals. The pale skin and shirtless red dot chest appearance. 


I could go for another installment. Guess we shall see how this all shakes out. I noticed that the film has just managed to cross $10m US domestic amid all the theater closings. Double Digits, yeah!

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Yeah... this film is fine. 

It’s competently executed. You get from point A to point B without many problems. It’s short and I was entertained for the most part. The action is well done but not memorable. 
It should play well on television, whenever a channel needs to fill a time slot, for years to come.


The biggest thing holding this movie back is the fact that it’s 2020. If this came out between 2002-2005 I could see it being almost acclaimed, it would’ve certainly built a cult following. The film now just feels like another scrap from the mid budget sci-fi action pile. Aesthetically everything you can expect from one of these movies is there e.g we spend a lot of time in a CG ‘futuristic’ office building.


I wouldn’t watch it again but if you see this on TV at 11 PM and you've already missed the first 20 minutes I don’t think you’d be disappointed if you watch the rest.


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If you had more competent...well, just about everything, this could have introduced us to something interesting.


But I guess the interesting part is over bc



He's not controlled anymore.


The film exists. Whatever, that's about it.

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Sony were aiming SUPER high for directors for this thing



The strategy on BLOODSHOT has been the pursuit of the following directors one by one, in this order, representing my wish list:

-Michael Bay (passed)
-Edgar Wright (probable pass given BABY DRIVER but still owes me the read)
-Daniel Espinosa (meeting with Neil, potential interest)
-Joe Cornish (once clear of Edgar we should try)
-Justin Lin
-Sam Raimi
-Francis Lawrence
-Colin Trevvorow (new JURASSIC WORLD, hear great things)

Here is who’s reading per their reps:
Peter Berg Mike Cahill Keshales & Papushado Andy Muschietti Morten Tyldum Cedric Jimenez Neil Burger Jaume Collet-Serra Antoine Fuqua John Hillcoat Joe Kosinski Rupert Sanders Adam Wingard Will Gluck

Of the unsolicited reads, the John Wick guys loved and want to meet. While we are still aiming high I like that they like it, I do think they are viable.
Hook or by crook there will be a Valiant plan before Xmas on which film first and if Bloodshot there will be director in next three or four weeks.


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