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What new casting/character would you have loved to see in future Fast & Furious-sequels?

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Now, this is a topic that i have wanted to make when it comes to the Fast and the Furious-franchise. And here is something i would love to ask.


What new casting/character would you have wanted to see in future "The Fast and the Furious"-sequels? Me, personally.....i would have loved to see Jennifer Lawrence play a new character in the series. And even someone like Mackenzie Foy. She is delightful as well. What characters would they play? Well, i would imagine Lawrence as either someone who works for the Police Force....or just be another street-racer. As for Mackenzie......i bet she would be that young character who would meet Dom & his gang. Maybe she is fascinated about what they're doing.


Then again, it's just my thoughts of celebrities, that i would love to see. Which actors/actresses would you have loved to see in these films? Comment below and share your thoughts.

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