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Skyscraper | July 13 2018 | Legendary | Rawson Marshall Thurber directing. The Rock. China co-production, set in China.

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"$280 million worldwide is perfectly fine for a $125 million budget. It will make a profit once all is said and done."


The blockbuster business isnt about making an eventual profit "once all is said and done". Its a about making money TODAY 🤣. If The Rock's starring vehicles keep earning a small profit "once all is said and done", he'll be headlining the cable tv movie of the week very soon 🤣


"The Rock says is profitable so is profitable "


The Rock has shown that he's the LAST person you want to go to for accurate math 🤣. He claimed Baywatch made its budget back in one week, and Jumanji made more money for Sony than Skyfall 🤣



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