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Skyscraper | July 13 2018 | Legendary | Rawson Marshall Thurber directing. The Rock. China co-production, set in China.

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2 minutes ago, Jay Hollywood said:


I understand how these things work. I know why and how he got the job. 


Anyways. These 3 films show 0% growth in style. Doubt he's capable of creating an 'A' blockbuster movie. We'll see


Although I do like Dodgeball way to much and We're the Millers was fun


Is anyone expecting anything other than a goofy pop blast? A-grade blockbusters are few and far between.

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4 minutes ago, Jay Hollywood said:


Not talking about tone or actually grade of the film. Talking about just filmmaking ability.  


I guess I feel outside of a handful of people, this is a nebulous and subjective area to define. :) 


edit: to clarify, it gets tougher (at least for me) when you start comparing various genre aesthetics. Thurber is a solid comedic director, I think. He doesn't have the visual panache of some action directors, but it's two different talent sets. (And, like you mentioned, some of that can be compensated for by pairing filmmakers up with other collaborators).

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16 minutes ago, Jay Hollywood said:

No hype for me. LOVE THE IDEA. But the director. mehhhh, guy did one half assed comedy film that looked like a TV movie and they give him this? 


Robert Elswit is shooting this though so who knows. But I expect very stock tv framing/editing in conversations. 


That is true, but filmmaking wise it is a really different project than the first 3, were the very flat lighting, very flat everything is often used on purpose to give all the place to the comedy.


I do not see what could be exciting about the prospect of a Rawson Marshall Thurber movie you are right, but I guess he could surprise.

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Just now, Krissykins said:

I really hope Neve Campbell isn’t playing “the worried wife stuck at home watching the news and serving the kids breakfast while getting the occasional phone call” role. 




But we’ll see. 

Based on the plot description, she is stuck in the skyscraper which is on fire.

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