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CINEMACON 2017 | Official Thread

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1 minute ago, franfar said:

I'm not a total opponent of early VOD/streaming. I think the industry should embrace it. It's convenient. But ofc, some movies are must-see in theaters.


I agree completely. So long as cinema is alive and kicking, I'm fine with VOD being in the mix. I just don't it to phase out cinema. Seriously, I don't know what I'd do. It would be one more thing that I'd have to sit on the couch at home to do.

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2 minutes ago, tribefan695 said:

Honestly, my big fear with VOD is with no reliable way to quantify money earned by individual films this forum would go kaput.

Depends on if studios still keep the #s secret


Plus, I don't think a bigger shift will come until later down the line, so maybe the forum would've evolved by then. Idk what the forums were like in 2011, were they totally focused on BO?

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15 hours ago, John Marston said:

yeah having same day theater/VOD releases is dumb. Theaters should definitely fight against it


Theater are obviously fighting against it, they are always fighting for the biggest windows of exclusivity possible.


But also according to some exec, movie studio should fight against it too (but they do not have necessarily much to say about it, all of them being own by giant media corporation that will do the VOD and have most of their revenue come from outside the movies usually)


Remove all the prestige of the theatrical release and all that jazz surrounding every release, it will be hard to give a new release (specially mediocre one) more value to people than streaming a movie from 1983 instead or a movie from 6 month ago.

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1 minute ago, filmlover said:

This forum is so disappointed.



Wretched CGI and an utterly derivative plot, this Gerard Butler disaster movie looks like “Sharknado” with a slightly bigger budget.


Nah it sounds wonderful

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