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Mockingjay Raphael

IT // $666M WW!!!!! // Breaking records everywhere!!!!

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Sept (8-10) – 66.3 million


Sept (11-14) – 26.1 million [92.4 million]


Sept (15-17) – 61.1 million

New Openers - [61.1-42.4] = 18.7 million

Holdovers = (100-36)% of 66.3 Million = 42.4 million


Sept (18-21) – 20.1 million [173.6 million]


Sept (22-24) – 38.4 million

New Openers – [6.53 (France)+5.14 (Argentina)] = 11.65 million

Holdovers in total 56 markets – [38.4-11.65] = 26.75 million [(61.1-38.4)/61.1] x 100 = [-37.15%]

[26.75-(4.25+1+0.28+0.26+0.25+0.14+0.09+0.05+1.7*+#)] = [26.75-(7.57+#)] = (19.18+#) million

19.18 million [-54.7%] – First 46 OS territories

7.57 million+ [-59.5%] - 10 OS territories from Sophomore Weekend


Sept (25-28) – 15.2 million [227.2 million]


(Sept 29 – Oct 1) – 37.6 million

New Openers – [11.8 (Germany)+0.8 (Greece)+*(0.2 x 3)] = [12.6+0.6] million *Unspecified Market

Holdovers (59 markets) – [37.6-13.2] = 24.4 million [(38.4-24.4)/38.4] x 100 = [-36.45%]

[24.4-(4.1+2.5)] = [24.4-6.6] = 17.8 million in 56 markets [(26.75-17.8)/26.75] x 100 = [-33.45%]


(Oct 2 - Oct 5) – 14.2 million [279 million]


(Oct 6 - Oct 8) – 20.1 million

5 Openers from Week 4 – (6.53+0.005) = 6.535 million

From the 59 OS markets [20.1 – 6.36] = 13.74 million [{(13.74/24.4) x 100} = 56.31] [-43.7%]


(Oct 9 - Oct 13) – 6.2 million [305.3 million] [(14.2-6.2)/14.2] x 100 = [-56.33%]


(Oct 14 – Oct 16) – 10.3 million

Drop in the 64* holdover markets - [(20.1 – 10.3)/20.1] = [-48.75%]


*1 New Market was added but I'm guessing the OW was rather insignificant*


Drop in 59 holdover markets from weekend 3 – [10.3 – (3.37+0.13*)] x 100 = 6.8 million [-50.5%]


(Oct 17 – Oct 21) – 3.8 million [(6.2-3.8)/6.2] x 100 = [-38.7%]


(Oct 22 – Oct 24) – 13.4 million

New Opener – 7.65 million

Holdover Percentage – [(10.3-5.75)/10.3] x 100 = [-44.17%]

65 Holdover Markets – {13.4-7.65} = 5.75 million


I tried making a comprehensive OS Box Office breakdown of 'IT'. I had to make a few assumptions here and there because some markets were unknown and BO figures from some markets were not on BOM or thenumbers.com


I am truly astonished by 'IT' performance at the BO. It has been such a monstrous hit everywhere. Apart from some Asians countries where the genre is not conducive for big numbers, this movie has broken OW and final total records almost everywhere. 'IT's BO performance has been ridiculously awesome. 'IT' BO run (both DBO & IBO) might as well be the most impressive one I have ever seen. I think 'IT' has done better than American Sniper & Deadpool. I am just stunned to see how great 'IT' has done relative to it's rumored production budget, the studio expectations, industry tracking, front-loading nature of movies in general. Plus also taking genre limitations ['R' rated Horror movie that also happens to be an adaptation of a widely known Stephen King Novel] into account, this has been such a behemoth. I have never tracked a movies' BO run this closely before and I hafta say that this has been so much fun.


Just wanted to add that I may have been wrong in more than one place with my calculations so if there are multiple mistakes in my analysis, I apologize. I am new to this. I hope that if anyone comes across an error or two, they'll let me know so I can rectify my calculation.

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Sep 10 -   66.3

Sep 17 - 153.5 (+87.2)

Sep 24 - 212.0 (+58.5)

Oct 1  -  264.8 (+52.8)

Oct 8  -  299.1 (+34.2)

Oct 15 - 315.6 (+16.5)

Oct 22 - 332.8 (+17.2)

Oct 29 - 342.9 (+10.1)


355-360 total?  

Plus a bit over 330 domestic = ~690

Enough for Japan to get it to 700 pretty easily.

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If the last 4 OS weekdays dropped 40% from the previous batch of OS weekdays, then the total OS gross between Oct (23-26) would be close to 2.3 million. Adding that amount to the total after 'IT's 7th weekend will yield [332.8+2.3] = 335.1 million.


So the 8th weekend gross will be around [342.9-335.1] = 7.8 million. So 'IT' dropped around 41.8% against 52% of Ragnarok's OS market share where it pretty much broke most of the October OW records. But 'IT' still managed to stay on top in 'Italy' ahead of Ragnarok.


Next weekend, the two biggest openers for Ragnarok is China and Japan. So that doesn't bother 'IT' at all. While Germany and Mexico's late legs will take a hit. But overall, the OS numbers should be fine next weekend.


I'm think at-least (1.5 x 8th weekend) from here on out. That gets 'IT' to [342.9+(7.8 x 1.5)] = 354.6 million.


While in an optimistic scenario, I can see (1.8 x 8th weekend). Then the final OS total becomes [342.9+(7.8 x 1.8)] = 356.94 million.

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From Screen Daily:


A $6.3m for It in 54 markets elevated the horror smash’s tally to $342.9m and the worldwide haul to $666.7m. Italy delivered $3.6m in its second weekend for $13.7m and the top three markets are the UK on $42.4m, Germany on $33.4m, and Mexico on $27.6m. Japan is the final key market and opens this week.


So the 'IT' dropped 53% this weekend. Hmmmm


The last 4 weekdays were flat from the previous batch of weekdays. 0_o


Oct (16-19) - [332.8-(315.6+13.4)] = 3.8 million

Oct (23-26) - [342.9-(332.8+6.3)] = 3.8 million


Am I missing something here?? How come the cumulative weekday figures stayed flat from the last week??

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From WOKJ:


It came in second place and achieved one of the biggest debuts for any horror film. I can recall one or two Sadako (Ring) films opening higher this decade, and there's probably a couple other horror films from last decade that it trailed, but it's mighty impressive. I'll do some research to see how it compares to other horror films; I'm thinking it's a Top 5 debut for the horror genre.


OW actuals from Japan were 1.62 million. Another big win for 'IT'. The performance of the movie in Asian countries has been been 0k to good for the most part and there's room for improvement for the sequel. I hope this one has done an excellent job to create a platform from where the sequel can potentially breakout in the Asian countries.

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I've recently checked at BOM. And here is the numbers for "It" that they updated.


Domestic:  $326,184,834    32.3%
Foreign:  $683,400,000    67.7%

Worldwide:  $1,009,584,834



I don't know if it's a typo or not....but these are the numbers that says in BOM. I either find it hard to believe or not. :jeb!:

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Good news from Olive over at the Japan BO thread.


So how much are we looking at?? 10x multiplier in Japan. So 16 million coming off of a 1.6 million OW?? That would be absolutely amazing. 'IT' is again coming outta nowhere and killing it at the BO. :D :D

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Putting the “It” in Italy, this New Line/Warner Bros phenom has now become the highest grossing horror movie of all time there with $17.3M. The Stephen King adaptation had already been enjoying a record-breaking run in that market, and elsewhere, and has picked up another $2.8M overall this session from 37. The international cume is $356.8M and the worldwide total is now $683.4M. Driving that point home: this is without a China release.


Japan, the last market to go, is in its 2nd frame and added $2M on 254 screens to jump 27% over the already strong opening last weekend. The total there is $6.4M.

Top markets for Pennywise are the UK ($42.5M), Germany ($35.1M), Mexico ($27.6M), Brazil ($19.9M) and France ($19.4M).

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