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Mockingjay Raphael

IT // $666M WW!!!!! // Breaking records everywhere!!!!

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5 hours ago, titanic2187 said:

Putting the “It” in Italy, this New Line/Warner Bros phenom has now become the highest grossing horror movie of all time there with $17.3M. The Stephen King adaptation had already been enjoying a record-breaking run in that market, and elsewhere, and has picked up another $2.8M overall this session from 37. The international cume is $356.8M and the worldwide total is now $683.4M. Driving that point home: this is without a China release.


Japan, the last market to go, is in its 2nd frame and added $2M on 254 screens to jump 27% over the already strong opening last weekend. The total there is $6.4M.

Top markets for Pennywise are the UK ($42.5M), Germany ($35.1M), Mexico ($27.6M), Brazil ($19.9M) and France ($19.4M).

Amazing for IT

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4 hours ago, seduh said:

Amazing hold in Japan. It's $16,6 away from $700 WW. Domestic it can make $1 more, so $15,6. Other countries $1,5 so $14,1. ¿Can Japan make $14,1 more? I don´t think so but who knows. 


When a movie increases 27% in normal 2nd weekend anything is possible in Japan

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15 minutes ago, seduh said:

It depends on Japan but i think it's a real posibility, as it need $10 from Japan to get there and Japan is a leggy market

It made $1.35M last weekend and dropped 24%, won't be easy to make another 10M

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I don't think it'll make 700.

Oct 15: $315.6m (+16.5; -51.9%)

Oct 22: $332.8m (+17.2; +4.2%) <-- Italy opened

Oct 29: $342.7m (+9.9; -42.4%)

Nov 5: $351.6m (+8.7; -12.1%) <-- Japan opened

Nov 12: $356.8m (+5.2; -40.2%)

Nov 19: $361.1m (+4.3; -17.3%)


I think being a little generous it barely crawls to 371m, but getting 329 domestic on top of that seems like even more of a stretch. Still, number 3 all time rated R is pretty phenomenal 

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OS haven´t update but It WW would be at $327,1 + $364 on sunday $391,1 so it needs another $8,9 to reach $700 WW. Dom it will add $0,4, some remaining markes some thousands so with $8 from Japan it will do it and i think it can make $8 after a $1,35 weekend (it's not a lock but probable)

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BOM didn´t update It's OS total but Japan actuals for this weekend are up. It made $1,3 (23% drop, 2nd lowest in the top 12) for a total of $13,6 (up $3,4 from last week). So OS total must be +$364,5 and WW total +$691,7. So, it need less than $8,3 to reach $700 WW. Domestic will help a little ($0,4) and some remaining markets but mostly must came from Japan, and I think it will happen.

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BOM update It's numbers.

Dom: $327,3

OS: $366,8 

WW: $694,1


It needs $5,9 to reach $700. Japan was down by nearly 30% so it did $0,9 on it's fifth weekend. Dom it could add $0,3 and other markets don't seem to be adding any money (maybe they aren´t reporting and later they adjust, but it will be little money), so it all relies on Japan. I think it can do it but it's looking more dificult every weekend as now it's having higher drops (not bad but higher and the first weekends). It will finish between $698-702 WW. An amazing number for a R-rated horror picture that wasn´t even released on China. 

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On 2018. 01. 12. at 8:18 AM, raulbalarezo said:
Total Lifetime Grosses
Domestic:  $327,481,748    46.8%
Foreign:  $372,700,000    53.2%

Worldwide:  $700,181,748

What an amazing BO run!

An Oscar nomination (possibly for makeup?) would have been the perfect end for a perfect run. But lets keep something for IT2, right?

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