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Ezen Baklattan

SURV(IV)OR: Episode 5 - Faters Gonna Fate

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Spaghetti: Every team will become a bonafide band of bank robbers. It’s time to make a raid on the C. Jonathan Bank, now open until 2am and featuring a daycare center. Be careful though, there’s magic in your getaway cars, and what you find may change you forever. Pimp your rides and make a move!


RandomJC: Come on, guys, we can’t lose again!

ChipMunky: *running past him, to the robots.* You will if I can help it.

RandomJC: *mildly flirtatious* Is that so? Believe me, if we were on the same team, you woudn’t be saying that.

ChipMunky: Uh....duh.

RandomJC: Heh, you act like you know everything.

ChipMunky: Well if the shoe fits... *runs off.*


CONFESSIONAL - ChipMunky: RandomJC is so annoying and such a smart-ass when he’s really full of shit.....why am I feeling weird?

CONFESSIONAL - RandomJC: Wait, could it be.....no. No no no.

CONFESSIONAL - ChipMunky: Absolutely not, could you really picture RandomJC and

CONFESSIONAL - RandomJC: ChipMunky? Leap will get released before there’s ANY chance of that.


AABATTERY: Uhhh...Random? You coming? *The other Toons are already in their car.*

CoolEric258: Get in loser, we’re going bank robbing. And to kill someone.

That One Guy: *in the backseat, still highly injured* HUH?

CoolEric258: Relax, he’s not on our team!

AABATTERY: Eric, we are not killing anyone. Unless of course it’s Ethan. Is that the case?

CoolEric258: Nope.

AABATTERY: Then it’s not happening. Come on, team. Let’s go!


Wrath: You heard them, let’s go!

WrathOfHan: You sure we shouldn’t keep an eye on CoolEric? After his boo was eliminated last week at the expense of Arlborn, he probably hates him more than any of us. And let’s not forget what Eric did to us last week.

Wrath; Oh come on, it’ll be fine. If anything, CoolEric doesn’t hate Arlborn as much as --

Alrborn: Eevin! How are you doing! Stick with me, we’ll get to the top 12 together!

Eevin: I’m OVERJOYED at the opportunity. OVERJOYED. I tell you.

Goffe: We have to move now! The toons may catch up with us, and I....um....may be eliminated this week.

Numbers: What, you scared?

Goffe: Not of robbing a bank.


*Cut to Goffe’s childhood. He had a birthday party and a few people dressed as smurfs came as entertainment. He was utterly horrified and started crying hysterically. *


CONFESSIONAL - Goffe: I’ve been afraid of smurfs ever since. And that live action movie. *shudders*

WrathOfHan: Wait a sec....where’s Eevin?


Chasmmi: What do they mean by a magical car?

DAJK: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?

Elcaballero: Lol, Bang.

DAJK: Famous car movie of the 60s? Weird ass fantasy? Child catchers?

Chasmmi: Are those the heroes? I HATE children.

Ethan Hunt: Way to play up the evil, partney.

Chasmmi: Come to think of it, I should send you to them.

Ethan Hunt: Oh, fuck off.

YourMother: *Driving to the others* Check out this ride! It looks awesome! I’m driving! DAJK navigates, everyone else get in the back!

DAJK: We’re gonna win again, I can feel it!

Ethan Hunt: *seeing other cars leave* We gotta hustle, now!


*They all drive to the bank, but the toons hit a flat tire.*

AABATTERY: Drat! Anyone know if there’s a pump in the back?

RandomJC: Uh...I can look!

CoolEric258: No it’s okay! I can do it! I insist!

RandomJC: Really? Even after everything?

CoolEric258: I INSIST. *Holding a gun to RandomJC’s head.*

RandomJC: Okay! Okay! Have at it mate!

CoolEric258: Thank you. ^_^ *He goes to the back of the car and opens the truck. Eevin is tied up and has his mouth taped shut.* Wakey wakey, traitor.

Eevin: *Muffled, until Eric takes the tape off* WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM?!

CoolEric258: We have a common enemy here. Arlborn. I need your help to take him down.

Eevin: Can it wait until the merge? We’re still on the same team, and he’s untouchable until then!

CoolEric258: I’ll think of something. You just stay put.

Eevin: Thanks, I guess.


CONFESSIONAL - Eevin: *still tied up* I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’d really rather be with Arlborn right now. Eric is absolutely psychotic. He may very well kill us.


*The robots make it to the bank, and they all wear baby masks. The bank is populated by crash-test dummy looking objects.*

Chasmmi: Everybody on the ground, now! This is a robbery! And....oh, hello, lady. *taking to the female clerk dummy,* maybe after we blow this joint I can get a little bit more blow.

Ethan Hunt: *pretending to vomit*

DAJK: *actually vomits*

YourMother:  I got the money! Stop with the charade, Chasmmi!

Chasmmi: Very well. We’ll meet again, madam. *As they leave, the dummy winks.*


CONFESSIONAL - Chasmmi: Of course I knew it was fake, but it may be time to apply a new strategy. It’s time to charm the players out of the game. Now, to find a few people who may be close to losing it for their team.


Goffe: *shivering* Uh....you guys go in. I’ll stay in the car.

Arlborn: *wearing a smurf mask* LA LA LA LA LA LA.

Goffe: STOP IT!

Numbers: Yeah, lay off ‘em, Arlborn. We’ve gotta focus here. Goffe can stay, just focus on driving on the way back.

ChipMunky: Let’s move! *ChipMunky, Numbers, Wrath, WrathOfHan, and Arlborn enter the bank, all wearing smurf masks.*

Wrath: On the ground now!

WrathOfHan: Got the money, let’s go!

ChipMunky: *noticing the toons have just arrived.* You heard them, let’s go! Just wait for me a sec.


*ChipMunky tries to see which one is Random. They are wearing fox masks. ChipMunky finds RandomJC and smiles beneath his mask. He soon runs off.*


That One Guy: He likes you, you know.

RandomJC: I know. But it ain’t gonna happen. I’ve seen how these relationships work. But man, those eyes, the way he uses strawberry crème shampoo, his swagger, his wit, his......annoyance! Ugh.

That One Guy: You’re not fooling anyone, you know.

AABATTERY: Got the cash! Come on team, we gotta hustle!


*Everyone is driving back to an ATM/prediction pavilion to enter their answers. *

DAJK: We’re almost there! Wait...what’s happening?! *The car starts flying.*

YourMother: Did they teach you this in driving school?

DAJK: Not even a little! Maybe they do in Colorado!! *They all scream*

Chasmmi: *to Ethan* perhaps this is karma for all the wrong we have done!

Ethan Hunt: We will be saints in our next life!

*They all eventually fall out and land right next to the pavilion, unharmed.*

Ethan Hunt: Nevemind. Back to being evil.

Elcaballero: Okay...that’s enough magic for one day.


Wrath: I gotta say, I was really impressed with you today.

WrathOfHan: Thanks, but you really carried us. I have a good feeling about the team today. And thanks for being there with me.

Wrath: But of course. Anything for....um....maybe now’s not the time.

WrathOfHan: What do you mean?

Wrath: Just forget I said anything. Anyways, Goffe is acting a bit strange. You okay there?

Goffe: *Covered in magical sparkles, sees everyone as smurfs. He screams*

Numbers: Calm down! I’m trying to get us there!

Arlborn: Oh no! I hope Gargamel doesn’t take us!

ChipMunky: Okay, are you just being an asshole because you know you won’t be voted off?

Arlborn: Yeah, pretty much. By the way, I could go on and on about how much I know about smurfs, and about the brilliant direction of Raja Gosnell in the creation of----

ChipMunky, Wrath, WrathOfHan, Goffe, and Numbers: SHUT UP, ARLBORN!


*They all make it to the pavilion.*


AABATTERY: *Driving* Hey....anybody hear a noise in the back?

CoolEric258: What? Noooo!!! It’s just my iPod playlist?

That One Guy: Well your music sounds a lot like muffled screaming.

CoolEric258: So you DON’T listen to it? It doesn’t make you feel alive?

That One Guy: Surprisingly not.

CoolEric258: You live a deprived life, mate.

That One Guy: You have so many issues.



*Everyone blankly stares at CoolEric258 as they arrive and crash into a brick wall.*

Eevin: *hopping out and rolling to the aliens* What’d I miss?

WrathOfHan: You look a little.....stressed. Let me help you. *He props Eevin up and Eevin tells him the predictions to enter into the pavilion.


Spaghetti: And everyone’s predicted! Head to the amphitheatre now and we’ll sort everything out. I’ve got a big surprise for all of you.



Spaghetti: Welcome, everyone. Here are the results for this week.



SMURFS: THE LOST VILLIAGE (3-day) - $13.21m

GOING IN STYLE (Sun) - $2.769m

GOING IN STYLE (3-day) - $11.932m

GIFTED (3-day) - $446k

THE CASE FOR CHRIST (3-day) - $3.968m

THE BOSS BABY (Fri) - $6.929m

THE BOSS BABY (3-day) - $26.363m

GHOST IN THE SHELL (3-day) - $7.306m

LIFE (3-day) - $2.371m

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (3-day) - $23.653m

KEDI (3-day) - $115k


Spaghetti: And the scores are all below:



@4815162342 - 82.66%

@Arlborn - 81.24%

@ChipMunky - 80.10%

@Eevin - 81.14%

@Goffe - 70.15%

**** @Wrath - 90.34% ****

@WrathOfHan - 83.37%

**** @chasmmi - 86.74% ****

**** @DAJK - 89.78% ****

@elcaballero - 80.18%

@Ethan Hunt - 84.07%

@YourMother - 85.78%

@aabattery - 84.46%

@CoolEric258 - 72.14%

@RandomJC - 74.37%

@That One Guy - 77.05%


WrathOfHan: Hey, what gives? Why aren’t the scores divided into teams?

DAJK: And why is my score surrounded by stars?

Wrath: Mine too?

Chasmmi: Me as well!


Spaghetti: Had this been a normal week of BOT Survivor, we’d see that the Robots win, the Toons lose, and the guardians are Wrath, DAJK, and Chasmmi. They will all at least receive coins as normal. However, that’s where the normality ends, and where PHASE TWO begins.


Elcaballero: Phase two?

ChipMunky: Wait, are we merging already? There’s only 15 players!

RandomJC: Don’t we merge at 10?

Numbers: Something strange is going on.


Spaghetti: Wrath, DAJK, and Chasmmi. Please step forward. The three of you all received the highest overall scores this week. As a result, the three of you will each be tasked with creating: BRAND. NEW. TEAMS.


ALL: What?!?! *Wrath and WrathOfHan look at each other, shocked. Everyone has their jaw halfway to the ground*


Spaghetti: As well as eliminating the next player.


*Everyone’s jaw drops to the rest of the ground.*


Spaghetti: You will all receive a secret message soon. You will alternate picking players for your brand new teams. Every new team will have five contestants. You may ask, but wait, there are 16 contestants. What happens to the 16th? I’ll let you figure out that one out on your own.

DAJK: Oof, that’s a cold way to go.

Wrath: I’ve got a lot of pressure on my hands.

Chasmmi: Hmm....who shall I pick.


CONFESSIONAL - YourMother: It’d suck so much to be eliminated this week. You’re basically rejected and unwanted by any team. Then again, it’s only three people, so....

CONFESSIONAL - Ethan Hunt: If I’m not chosen, heads will roll.

CONFESSIONAL - That One Guy: Can I cheat elimination again? God I hope so.

CONFESSIONAL - Goffe: I completely botched it this week. No one’s gonna want me. I guess I’ll pack my bags.


Spaghetti: Basically, aside from Wrath, DAJK, and AABATTERY, no one is safe this weekend. Also, there is NO Tribal Council this weekend and NO Flash Fight.

Arlborn: Oh, come on!

Spaghetti: How’s that for a killer twist? On Wednesday, discover your new teams as well as who goes home in 16th place on...BOT Survivor!




Every week, a subset of items will be on sale at the tuck shop. Buy a quick boost now, or wait for something better down the road! Here is everyone's current balance. If you are not listed, you have 0 coins.


The guardian of each team gets two coins.

Every member of the winning team gets three coins.


Current Balance

13: DAJK

11: Ethan Hunt

9: Elcaballero, Chasmmi

5: YourMother

5: Goffe, Eevin, Wrath

4: RandomJC

3: Numbers, Arlborn,  WrathOfHan, ChipMunky

2: BourneFan, CoolEric258, AABATTERY


STAIN REMOVER - 4 Coins (Removes the weakest score in your weekend prediction)

RECYCLED PAD - 5 Coins (Doubles your vote in the Tribal Council)

POISON APPLE - 5 Coins (Reduces 2% from the score of another player)

TIME MACHINE - 9 Coins (You have until 1PM EST on FRIDAY to submit predictions (i.e. you get to see preview numbers for Friday openers!!!)


PM me if you want anything by Thursday, April 13th at 11:59PM EST! Also, remember that you do not need to use it this week! Simply indicate in any weekend game or Tribal Council when you will be using it!




WRATH, CHASMMI, and DAJK: Check PMs Soon. You will decide new teams and the next person going home.



The Fate of the Furious (Friday)

The Fate of the Furious (Sunday)

The Fate of the Furious (3-day)

Spark: A Space Tail (3-day)

Tommy's Honour (3-day)

The Lost City of Z (3-day)

Smurfs: The Lost Village (3-day)

Gifted (3-day)

The Boss Baby (3-day)

Ghost in the Shell (3-day)

Beauty and the Beast (Saturday)

Beauty and the Beast (3-day)


Predictions due Thursday at 11:59PM EST!!!



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Just now, ChipMunky said:

I don't know what to which you're referring. Just a future potential teammate. 

Type A confirmed 

Harsh or Tsundere Type A (or Tsun): These Tsundere (ChipMunky) have tsuntsun as their default mood. It takes someone special to trigger their deredere (JC) side.

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