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Ezen Baklattan

SURV(IV)OR: Episode 5 - Faters Gonna Fate

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4 minutes ago, Eevin said:

Any chance we find out today what the teams are? This thing's got me stressed like tenor.gif


I've now discovered the silver lining to being this stressed at work. I am not at all stressed about this.


Though I do share the sentiment.

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1 hour ago, chasmmi said:


I'm pretty confident I am surviving the week :) 


See, that's just what Spaghetti WANTS you to think. That way you'll let your guard down and BAM. Out you go!


Edit - We're pretty close to the reveal, so I think I can reveal something myself. I sent Spaghetti a preliminary list of who I wanted on my team. I didn't entirely know how the process would work at that point, so I did end up having to revise it. But based on a careful analysis of the data I had available (including the astrological forecasts and the feng shui of everyone's home), I put together what I felt was a very solid initial list.


The first three names on that list were:



C'mon, it wouldn't be under THIS one.


Or this one.


It could be here! But its not.


Ok, fine, I'm getting tired of this. The names were:


Nope. Hah!



Ok, enough. In all seriousness, the first three names were:


C'mon, that one was TOO obvious.


This time I'm serious. The names were:


1. David Hasselhoff

2. Chuck Norris

3. Abraham Lincoln's zombie


Yes, really.


What? Do you think Norris should have been #1?


I did say I had to revise the list.










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9 minutes ago, DAJK said:

I've literally been tossing and turning about my choices all week :( I really didn't want to be responsible for anyone going home.

Own it, man! You'll never be a grownup until you can crush someone's skull under your boot and laugh in their face as they die. Or so a psychopath once told me.


I like to pass on the lessons my parents gave to me.


Edit - I will say in all seriousness that I'm rather pleased with how my team is working out. I think... some might consider it amusing.

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5 minutes ago, That One Guy said:

@DAJK Mind telling me  how many notifications you have? :) 

46 :lol:


youve be officially become the forums "professional liker" in my books, surpassing blanks. If only I had more than 25 a day..

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Tribal Council: Week 5 - Chasmmi's Choice


Spaghetti: You all know why you’re here.


*Wrath, DAJK, and Chasmmi all step forward. They are wearing crimson, sage, and cobalt blue robes respectively. Three spotlights shine onto them*


DAJK: I look utterly ridiculous.

Chasmmi: Shut up. This is a major event.

DAJK: I’m just happy to be off your team.

Chasmmi: Why? So I can work against you now?

DAJK: ........Shit.

Wrath: Hold on, I think it’s starting.


Spaghetti: Hush, the three of you. The time has come. None of you are safe tonight, well, except for Arlborn. These three, forming the Council of Doom, have made their decisions and will call a member to their team one by one. If you are the last person standing without a team, you have been eliminated.


CONFESSIONAL - RandomJC: This is it. I’ve botched the last two challenges big time. I know I’m headed home.

CONFESSIONAL - Ethan Hunt: OBVIOUSLY, I’m a hot commodity. Bring it on.

CONFESSIONAL - CoolEric258: If not Arlborn.....CHIP. MUST. DIE. There can be only ONE power couple in this game!

CONFESSIONAL - Eevin: Man, he’s creepy. I hope he’s out.

CONFESSIONAL - Numbers: We can make it. I hope. Getting chosen first would especially be a great honor.

CONFESISONAL - WrathOfHan: Like that’ll happen to me. Dream on, brain.

CONFESSIONAL - Elcaballero: *breathing in and out of paper bag*

CONFESSIONAL - AABATTERY: By the power of Odin and Maui, please keep me safe. Take That One Guy Instead.

CONFESSIONAL - That One Guy: This is the end. I know it.

CONFESSIONAL - YourMother: Surely SOMEONE will want me. Right?

CONFESSIONAL - ChipMunky: Please let me stay. Better yet, let Random stay.  WAIT. NO. Pull yourself together, Chip!

CONFESSIONAL - Goffe: I’m not letting any smurfs get the best of me.

CONFESSIONAL - Arlborn: Actually, playing Gargamel was fun! Hope I get to do it again!


Spaghetti: And with that, the decisions have been made will be announced.



Wrath: For my team....I have chosen.....to start things off...





*He smiles, being the first one chosen.*



DAJK: I have chosen....





*YourMother grins and high fives DAJK.*



Chasmmi: My first champion is....





*He salutes to Goffe, going towards Chasmmi.*


Wrath: My next choice is....




*Numbers looks disappointed. Goffe seems unfazed.*


DAJK: My second player is....


Ethan Hunt.


*He gives an evil smile to YourMother, who glares back.*



Chasmmi: Next up, I want....





*He gives a massive sigh of relief.*


Wrath: Lucky number three will be....




*He crosses his fingers that Arlborn won’t be on the same team.*


DAJK: Next up, we have....




*He looks to most of his former teammates, smiling*



Chasmmi: With me being the sole robot alone, I feel vaguely disheartened, but I digress. My third choice is...




*He goes up, relieved, but is worried about ChipMunky.*





Spaghetti: Only four contestants haven’t been chosen.









, and


That One Guy.


Arlborn needs to be in there somewhere, however. Councillors, please announce which of you has chosen Arlborn.




Wrath: That would be me.


Arlborn: Boo yah! Ready to rock the house with you!

Wrath: I’m not.

Eevin: Please vote me off ASAP.



Spaghetti: The second to last placement is for DAJK’s team. Who will it be?

DAJK: Well, I have chosen....


That One Guy.


*relieved, he walks over to DAJK to high five him. His arm is still midly injured, however, even if he is healing.*



Spaghetti: The final choice had come. CoolEric and ChipMunky. One of you has spent your last night on Survivor Island.


*All eyes on Chasmmi. RandomJC looks incredibly nervous. ChipMunky and CoolEric258 glare at each other. Meanwhile, Chasmmi looks at Ethan. They give each other a sinister smile, as if some major plans had just been laid.*


Chasmmi: It was an incredibly tough decision, but I have chosen to keep........






*Everyone gaps.*

RandomJC: NO!

ChipMunky: Wait, no one wanted me?

RandomJC: I.....I would have chosen you first! RandomJC, I know being in love means an early farewell, but I just can’t hide it. Chip....I love you. I had just been too proud to admit it.

ChipMunky: I believe you. And let me tell you something, I feel the same way. And I want you to keep the fight going. For both of us.

RandomJC: But these last few challenges, you did so much better than me.

ChipMunky: But you’ve rocked so many yourself. You can still win this. No matter where I go, I’ll always be there at your side.

RandomJC: It’s just....I’ve never felt like this before. And so soon. I can’t leave you yet. I can’t!

ChipMunky: Hey, It’s going to be okay. Trust me.

RandomJC: Okay. I do. *They kiss, and everyone cheers. They all wave good bye to ChipMunky*







Spaghetti: *Through his tears* That was....so beautiful. This has been *sniffles* this week’s survivor. *sniffles* Goodbye



You didn't deserve this cruel fate!!! *begins straight up sobbing* Look at....the team information below.....goodnight! Spaghetti....signing off!










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