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US | 03.22.2019 | Universal | 13th Most Profitable Movie of 2019

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43 minutes ago, DAR said:

It’s hard to tell but it doesn’t look like it would have the social commentary of Get Out.  Not a good or bad thing. 

I think there’s a whole lot of social commentary that can come out of that concept.


How often in civil rights history has part of the opposition included the people be oppressed?  During Slavery, some of the drivers who were black slaves themselves?  Or in a modern context, black police officers who have been bystanders and enablers of the discrimination within the criminal justice system?


Idk if Peele is going that direction or not but I could see that being an angle he’d use if we was continuing the theme of horror with social context.

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14 hours ago, filmnerdjamie said:

I was kinda stunned to see the money-shot from Get Out (the lead frozen in fear with single tear-drops) repeated here.

Having seen the trailer now, that seems like a tenuous link to make. The character is upset, it makes sense for them to show her crying, so they show the reaction. Doesn’t mean they stole a “money shot” from Get Out as the context of the scene is completely different.


Anyway, loved the trailer, can’t wait for March 15th!

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3 minutes ago, Alpha said:

Looks pretty freaky, but I don't think it'll have the same awards success that Get Out had. 

Well very few horror films do, Get Out was a triumph.


Can this family defeat the real villain, the sophomore slump?

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2 hours ago, Cmasterclay said:

That is absolutely one of the best uses of a song in a trailer ever. Using the trend of slowed down, creepy covers for fucking I Got Five On It? Unbelievable. Low key genius.


True story. I had the intro of that song in my head in the past few days but couldn't remember who that was for the life of me. (Luniz, still don't know who that is even though that song was a staple back then 😂).


Then here it is, in full glory, turned into a nightmarish lullaby. Gotta thank Jordan Peele. Truly unnerving. He even managed to amp up the creepy imagery from Get Out, I like how he boldy directs horror scenery in broad daylight. The red herrings though:


Lupita being off-rythm in the car when she says "get in the rythm".

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