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Wonder Woman 1984 | Dec 16 2020 OS | Dec 25 2020 US and on HBO MAX

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On 6/3/2018 at 11:10 AM, captainwondyful said:

The George Perez’s 1980s Wonder Woman run is my absolute favorite. So, I like the 1980s setting if that means they go back to those books and pull out Mindy, and Julie, and Vanessa as her supporting cast. 

I'd love to see them, but with Cheetah possibly playing Diana's friend as well as the villain (which will likely create a highly emotional core for the film as it pertains to female friendship and female dynamics), Julia and Vanessa might seem redundant. Believe me, I would love to see them in a WW film, but I want them done right. With Cheetah and possibly Circe in the pic, and who knows what Pedro Pascal plays, plus possibly Steve returning, maybe this is not the right movie to bring in additional characters that, in my opinion, deserve fully fleshed out characterization. Maybe for the third WW film the main supporting cast can be Julia and Vanessa (and if I got to choose, the villains can be Dr. Psycho, and a Dr.Psycho-controlled Vanessa as Silver Swan).

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3 minutes ago, Macleod said:

Pascal is Ares...back for another round of lightning booms. 


I hope not.

I enjoyed him in the first film, but no...no more Ares, please.

No matter what fanboys tell you, Wonder Woman has plenty of villains with potentially great stories to tell, and Ares already had his time.


I don't even want Pascal to play one of Ares's kids (Deimos, Phobos, Eris) hellbent on revenge.

I really want this sequel to stay as far away from being seen as a copy of the first film as possible.

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3 minutes ago, DMan7 said:

Isn't Cheetah a downgrade from Ares given both of their abilities?

I have seen these types of arguments before, but I totally disagree. I mean, does that mean that the next Avengers villains have to be an even more powerful cosmic being than Thanos (like Eternity or the Beyonder), because, power-wise, nobody can measure up to him? 


I initially hoped for Ares to be the villain for a potential third Wonder Woman film because I truly felt that he would be her ultimate villain (being an actual god and all), but really...the emotional stakes of a film (any film) don't hinge on how much actual physical power the villain may or may not have. I am sure that, with good writing and compelling characterization, even a "crappy" Wonder Woman villain like Egg-Fu or Mouse man could become a fantastic threat for any WW film.


Cheetah, as written in the recent Rucka WW run, has a great relationship to WW that could lead to a phenomenally compelling movie portrayal. Regardless of Cheetah being less of a physical threat to Diana than Ares was, if the film convinces me of the emotional stakes at play when these two women face off, I will be satisfied.

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26 minutes ago, Chewy said:

Pretty sure the video game fight against Ares is the thing most ppl like least about the first movie anyway

I gotta say that, as much as I loved both Wonder Woman and Black Panther (my two favorite comic book movies of all time), their final battles were such a letdown (and a lot of it had to do with wonky CGI...and pretty much too much CGI). 

I hope that WW and Cheetah's fights have more physical-practical effects choreography.

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Guess that’s the confirmation. They should do whatever works for the story they want to tell, which I guess includes bringing Steve Trevor back. I liked Chris Pine in the first movie and his believable chemistry with Gal Gadot was one of the high points, so it’s kinda nice to know he’ll be back. 

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Just now, Krissykins said:

It could also be imagined. That’s what I’m thinking anyways.


He looks amazing and so do the extras.


I’m guessing “Wonder Woman 1984” is the title then? 

Based on that title, maybe it's some dystopian robot clone of Steve...

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Like I said in previous posts taken from Patty's comments, each WW movie is going to be a stand alone story with no connection to what has gone before.


There is no continuity with the rest of the DCEU.

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