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Ezen Baklattan

SURV(IV)OR: Episode 14 - All Eyez on Chasmmi

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Spaghetti: For this challenge, we have recreated the Paris catacombs underneath this island. You’ll find this week’s clue’s there.

WrathOfHan: Another scavenger hunt. Nice.

Spaghetti: Well I need SOMETHING to write you guys into! Now come on, let’s hustle!


Elcaballero: Wait...we should probably stay together. I saw the way Chasmmi was watching me last night. I don’t think that’s a good thing.

WrathOfHan: I don’t know. When he was working with YourMother, he seemed pretty guilty for his actions. Maybe we just have to ride out his wave of patheticness together. Or, well, their.

Elcaballero: But, but what about your dad’s secret? And the other agent?

WrathOfHan: They said competed. Past tense. It’s gotta be someone who was eliminated before last week. But who?

Elcaballero: Ethan, probably. He was in cahoots with Chasmmi for a while.

WrathOfHan: Either way, we can’t find out now, we’ve got a challenge to win. We need to defeat Chasmmi while we still can.

Elcaballero: Sure thing.


*WrathOfHan and Elcaballero run into the catacombs. Elcaballero is blown down one hallway by a mysterious force*

WrathOfHan: Elcaballero? Where’d you go? Elcaballero? *He keeps calling his name, but eventually bumps into Wrath*

Wrath: WrathOfHan! Glad I found you! Okay.....I think I’m ready to tell you why I’m here.

WrathOfHan: *pretending to be surprised and anxious* Okay...what is it?

Wrath: Here goes. *whispers* I’ve been sent here on a secret mission to stop Chasmmi. He’s not just trying to get the prize. It contains the last piece of information he needs to set off a plan to enslave the entire planet in his control.

WrathOfHan: Damn...that’s intense.

Wrath: And apparently he’s working with a contestant that had been eliminated. And possibly YourMother.

WrathOfHan: I know......that it couldn’t have been anyone on our team.

Wrath: You can’t be too sure. I still have a lot to show you, so come on.


*They race forward*

CONFESSIONAL - Wrath: WrathOfHan didn’t seem too surprised. But I guess that’s good. One step closer to joining the family business.

CONFESSIONAL - WrathOfHan: I just hope he doesn’t find out that he told me nothing I already found out.


*Eevin and Arlborn glare at each other, deciding to go a different way.*

Arlborn: See you in the bottom two.

Eevin: *pausing* very well. *They run off in separate directions.*

Eevin: Now I just gotta find some clues. This is super freaky, but I know that if I keep looking hard enough, then.....*he hears wailing* wait. What was that? Gotta grab my swiss army knife. *He walks toward the noise, finding that YourMother is wailing on the ground*

YourMother: *hysterical* I’m a horrible person! Chasmmi used me! What I’ve done cannot be forgiven.

Eevin: Okay, YourMother, that’s not entirely true. You did some messed up things, but it didn’t make you a bad person. You are on the process of setting things right. Can’t you see that?

YourMother: I don’t see it! I don’t deserve to see it!

Eevin: Look....I just wanted to help you. I made a big mistake too. I saw someone who would do anything for me, and I took him for granted. I took advantage of him.

YourMother: At least you’re not trying to kill him now.

Eevin: But DAJK still saw good in you. I just have to show Arlborn there’s good in me.

YourMother: I’ll help you. But first...I have an idea. How many volumes of those journals did you have?

Eevin: There’s a reason I had a relatively big amount of luggage.


*Arlborn sulks through the catacombs, eventually coming across Chasmmi.*

Arlborn: Hey, Chas. What do you want?

Chasmmi: The things Eevin said were pretty nasty, don’t you think?

Arlborn: From you of all people, that’s saying something.......No offense.

Chasmmi: What do you say we get some revenge?

Arlborn: I know what you’re thinking. But there’s one thing I won’t do. I can’t do.

Chasmmi: Arlborn, I believe in you. You are much stronger than you think you are. And certainly more than Eevin thinks you are. Burn them. *Arlborn tenses up.* But I don’t know. It’s just a thought.


*Chasmmi walks away, Arlborn is unsure of what to do. Suddenly, an angel and devil appear on his shoulder*

Arlborn: Hey guys, I didn’t know you still existed.

Angelborn: But of course! We want to guide you to victory! Without sacrificing your morals!

Devilborn: Ehh....agree with half of that part.

Angelborn: Oh, hush! Now, Arlborn. You know that destroying those journals is the wrong thing to do.

Devilborn: Oh wait, yeah. Totally agree.

Angelborn and Arlborn: WHAT?!

Devilborn: Hey, even I have standards. Those journals mean the world to Eevin.

Arlborn: You’re right...maybe I shouldn’t do it.


*Arlborn seems to be talking to himself, and WrathOfHan notices him, being sufficiently weirded out.*

WrathOfHan: Arlborn? You okay mate?

Arlborn: What do you mean? Of course I am!!!

WrathOfHan: You should know. You’re talking to yourself.

Arlborn: Come on, future teamie! I know you have shoulder angels and devils too!

WrathOfHan: Eevin’s reveal still got you down? Look mate, I’ve talked to him. He really does love you. He takes back everything he wrote in his journal.

Arlborn: You think so? Or is he only saying that because he got caught?

WrathOfHan: Usually I’m good at keeping secrets...but Eevin told me it was one of the worst mistakes he made in his life, treating you the way he did.

Arlborn: He...he does love me.

WrathOfHan: I know he does. Now we just have to *a major wind blows * AUGH! *WrathOfHan and Arlborn are swept away.


*Wrath walks around, looking for clues. He finds plenty.*

Wrath: Well, winning this week should be a relative breeze. *He hears cries for help from above* Wait a sec...that sounds familiar. Elcaballero? I need to find the others.

Eevin: Wrath? Whoa! Glad I found you! I’ve been looking for ages!

YourMother: I think some of the others have disappeared!

Eevin: We need to find them! I think Arlborn’s with them!

Wrath: We can’t spend another minute down here. The cries are coming from above. We need to hustle if we’re going to save them.

YourMother: But we barely found any clues pertaining to the weekend challenge!

Eevin: Our friends are in trouble. Besides, if we save them, they won’t vote us out!

YourMother: Good point. Let’s run!


*They rush to the surface*

Spaghetti: Found your clues already? Impressive. Pavilions are down that way.

Eevin: Yeah....I guess you could say that. We have to get to them. I think the cries came from...

Chasmmi: Here?

*Chasmmi is at the pavilion. Elcaballero is loosely tied up to a chair, while Arlborn is checking a fire in the middle of the area with a backpack of Eevin’s journals on his back. WrathOfHan is held down by two cameramen.*


Chasmmi: Cool, huh? They’re on my personal payroll.

Wrath: Let them go, now!

Eevin: Arlborn! Give me back my journals! What are you doing!

Arlborn: I’m sorry....Chasmmi isn’t playing around anymore.

Chasmmi: I just want to make sure we’re all honest with one another. Turns out, I found out this nifty trick regarding Elcaballero. I can turn him into an ultra-competitive freak, destructive only to himself, with a little bit of false confidence easily. Moreover, I can convince him to rip Arlborn’s backpack away and take Eevin’s journal, burning them easily.

Eevin: No!!! Arlborn, don’t let him control you!

Arlborn: He’s trying to mess with my mind! I don’t know who to believe.

Eevin: There’s gotta be something we can do! Please, everything! I’m nothing without those journals! Arlborn, I’m sorry about what I said. I am beyond sorry. I love you with all my heart. I will do anything to make this right! Please!

Chasmmi: Actually, I do have a method for you to save your precious journals.

Eevin: Tell me! I’ll do anything!


Chasmmi: Actually, you won’t have to do a thing. WrathOfHan, on the other hand. Wrath has been giving mysterious vibes this entire competition. For you to keep your journals, he must reveal everything he knows.

Eevin, Wrath, and WrathOfHan: What?!?!

Elcaballero: Don’t tell them! It’s too dangerous!

Wrath: Wait, Elcaballero knows?!

WrathOfHan: Just him and Arlborn. *gasps upon what he just said*

Wrath: Arlborn?

Arlborn: Uuuhhhh....angels?! How do I proceed?!?!

Wrath: WrathOfHan, how could you?!

WrathOfHan: I’m sorry. I’m gonna come clean. I stole your phone. I found out everything. It was the only way I could know.

Chasmmi: Know what! Tell me! Or better yet, I’ll have Elcaballero or Arlborn tell me!


Wrath: No!

Chasmmi: I need to know the truth. Elcaballero. I’ll set you free if you tell the truth about Wrath.

Elcaballero: .....Wrath....is.....

WrathOfHan: Don’t you dare!!

Elcaballero: .....Wrath.....

Wrath: He said stop! *He takes a grenade out, causing everyone to gasp. WrathOfHan looks sheepishly at Wrath, who looks stone faced at Elcaballero and chasmmi*


*Suddenly, silence occurs. Arlborn looks on nervously, Chasmmi gives a sinister smile as Elcaballero strugges, WrathOfHan sweats intensely, and Wrath becomes increasingly tense and hostile. YourMother looks to Eevin, who then says to himself quietly.*


Eevin: No. This is not how the night ends.



0:11 *Arlborn finally gives back the journals.*

0:21 *A pause*

0:38 *Eevin sheds a single tear*

0:43 *Eevin throws the journals in the fire, which creates a massive blast of steam and smoke, blasting everyone away. The other 6 look on in complete shock. Eevin silently walks away. Crying as he does so. He turns to Arlborn and says*

1:18: Eevin: You’re safe now. *He’s gone.*


WrathOfHan: Wrath, I can explain. I just wanted to know why -

Wrath: Well, now you do. And what you did nearly got everyone of us killed. I guess this makes us even for all those years. But I was trying to keep you safe. What were you trying to do? *Wrath walks away. He is truly disappointed in his son.*

WrathOfHan: Please.....don’t leave. We need to finish this, together. Please, let me set this right. Chasmmi still doesn’t know the truth yet. I can help you. *referencing Episode 1* There can be more than one Wrath saving the world.

Wrath: .....You are going to exactly what I say, when I say. We can’t afford any mistakes like that again.

WrathOfHan: You got it.


CONFESSIONAL - Arlborn: I can’t believe it....those journals. Those years of his life. He threw them away....to save us.

CONFESSIONAL - Chasmmi: Blankments, if you’re watching, we are SO close to victory. And so close to finding out Wrath’s secret. Come to think of it....I have another of my own.

CONFESSIONAL - YourMother: DAJK was the glue that held this show together. Now that he’s gone, everything has gone to insanity. I miss you so much!!!




Spaghetti: After the MOST intense week of BOT Survivor History, we have our final seven ready to hear the final results. And I bet you all wish you could vote off multiple people at this point. I definitely don’t blame you. Without further ado....











Elcaballero: Wait...it's just scores! Who won invincibility?

Spaghetti: Oh, I forgot to mention. This week, we're bringing back our Mystery Elimination game. No second immunity. No second chances. Pray that you were the one who achieved victory this weekend. 

Eevin: Oh jeez, that's so rough! How can this weekend get any worse!!

Spaghetti: Oh....that's an easy one.





Image result for jaw drop gif


Arlborn: No way!

Spaghetti: Yes, way. But because of the stress of this week, there will NOT be a weekend challenge. Especially to accomodate a more unusual challenge next week for whomever is in the final five.

YourMother: Oh man......I hope i'm in it.

Spaghetti: Contestants can find out more about this week's information in the spoilers below. Pray that you make it to the finale of....BOT SURVIVOR.






  1. You must vote for two different people.



  • The Week Long Stamina Challenge.
    • New challenges every day from Monday to Friday.
      • Challenge 1: June 19th.
      • Challenge 2: June 20th.
      • Challenge 3: June 21st.
      • Challenge 4: June 22nd.
      • Challenge 5: June 23rd.
    • Winning a day gives you an advantage in the next.
    • Challenge details will be posted on Thursday.



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Remaining Players

Arlborn (17)

Eevin (18)

Wrath (11)

WrathOfHan (14)

Elcaballero (16)

YourMother (12)

Chasmmi (32)


RECYCLED PAD - 8 Coins (Doubles your vote in the Tribal Council)

MAGIC MIRROR - 8 Coins (Force another contestant to reveal their vote(s) in the Tribal Council)

MARIONETTE - 12 Coins (Allows you to replace someone else's vote in Tribal Council - you may use this even if you are not a candidate for elimination)

GOLDEN HALO - 25 Coins (Guaranteed immunity - Will expire once five contestants remain)



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@WrathOfHan....good question.


Only the latest person to purchase a marionette will have the effect on that player. If you are the second to last person to use a marionette on someone, the effect will carry over into next week. (I.e. You get to decide their vote for next week) If that person is eliminated....well that's too bad!


So think carefully if you want to purchase a marionette this week.


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3 hours ago, Spaghetti of 1000 Planets said:

@WrathOfHan....good question.


Only the latest person to purchase a marionette will have the effect on that player. If you are the second to last person to use a marionette on someone, the effect will carry over into next week. (I.e. You get to decide their vote for next week) If that person is eliminated....well that's too bad!


So think carefully if you want to purchase a marionette this week.



So my Marionette purchases mean I may still have influence on the game after death... interesting. :ph34r:

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13 minutes ago, chasmmi said:


So my Marionette purchases mean I may still have influence on the game after death... interesting. :ph34r:

Wait, sorry, if you're eliminated and you're the marionette runner-up, it's null and void. :P

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1 minute ago, Spaghetti of 1000 Planets said:

Wait, sorry, if you're eliminated and you're the marionette runner-up, it's null and void. :P


So you are saying to me that I essentially just threw my coins into the river? :( 



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