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That One Girl

Breathe | Oct. 13, 2017 | Andy Serkis directs | Andrew Garfield, Claire Foy | Tele thinks it looks good, abandon all hope

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Jonathan Cavendish who now runs a production company with Serkis is their son - which explains the choice of project. 


It's a great true story even if the trailer looks a bit conventional.


On a completely petty note - Andrew Garfield's hair continues to look ridiculous - the man was a recently former army officer.  Get a haircut Andy.





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4 minutes ago, Squadron Leader Tele said:

Nothing inherently wrong with sappy. 

Haven't you heard emotion in movies is bad?  Not emotions that make you feel disgusted, horrified, scared, shocked, thrilled or make you laugh. No, those that make you feel inspired, that touch you or even make you choke up a bit - they're horrible and manipulative. 

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8 minutes ago, Squadron Leader Tele said:

The trailer's too long, but this is just the sort of movie that young'uns sneer at because it isn't cool or edgy. I doubt it's something truly innovative or a masterpiece, but nothing wrong with an inspiring story decently told. (Assuming it is decently told.)

I enjoy films based on true stories like this most of the time and am a big Andrew Garfield fan (and a major fan of Andy Serkis' mo-cap work that he deserves an honorary award for) but something about this seems...off...to me. Like something you would expect to eventually show up on the "This Had Oscar Buzz" Tumblr page.

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