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The House l WB (NL) l Over/Under The Internship (17/45) or only other 2017 WB (NL) release Going In Style (12/45)

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The Internship
Fox $44,672,764 3,399 $17,325,307 3,366 6/7/2013  



I think it will be over, but I also want to defend my 110M prediction.  No, I do not think it will reach that anymore (especially with Baby Driver now stealing buzz), but I would like to say I think it is over The Internship.  The Internship came out at a time when people were tiring of that Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson buddy comedy brand.  However during these times 4 years ago, other comedies would still do great!  Now comes 2017 when brands are getting the cold shoulder left and right.  Will Ferrel returns to an R rated comedy being portrayed as 'the usual'.  Does 'the usual' even work anymore??????  I say over but i am not going to give a number until I see more.  Maybe 17.5/60 atm.


**also, it has been such a longgg time since 'the usual' mainstream comedy has come out.  Remember Unfinished Business in 2015.  R-rated with Vince Vaughn with a 5 OW, 10 total.  Get Hard scraped up 90M and was lucky.  They just never make these movies anymore.  I think it is because ticket prices are too expensive.  These type of movies do CRAZY on discount day.  Always packed with an energetic audience. 

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