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Eric Wick

The Happytime Murders l STX l August 24, 2018 l Melissa McCarthy l Human/Puppet Hybrid l "May be the worst movie of the year"

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I had been interested in this when they announced it but after seeing that trailer ... yeah, it's a pass.  I'm down with toilet humor but it needs to be just a little clever to take in well over an hour of it and almost none of that was.  They seem to be leaning way too hard to on "They're puppets!  Sayin' and doin' dirty shit, HA!".  That can be a start but it would wear thin quick.

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Looking at twitter and YouTube this was getting really hysterical reactions before Deadpool 2. Someone was even worried that Deadpool 2 wouldn’t deliver as many laughs as this trailer. 


Could do well, considering I had absolutely no idea what it was or that it existed until the trailer. 

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Calling in the Big Birds, Sesame Street‘s parent company has taken STX Productions to court to stop being blatantly associated with marketing of the “explicit, profane, drug-using, misogynistic, violent” film The Happytime Murders, which stars Melissa McCarthy and is directed by one of Jim Henson’s family members.




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14 minutes ago, WrathOfHan said:




7 minutes ago, Barnack said:



No sesame all street did seem a clear enough reference to me.

Is that all? Idk, it just doesn't seem to be worth taking them to court

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5 minutes ago, Barnack said:

It is a for kid franchise..... I do not know they could have a valid point.

they could, but it's not like Big Bird is coming in and sleeping with McCarthy. It's just a pun really

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On 17/05/2018 at 5:07 PM, EmpireCity said:


It is like a movie that fucked Who Framed Roger Rabbit and then blew a load all over, snorted a line of coke and said fuck about 50 times.  


That would be more accurate description.  The red band footage was waaaayyyyy adult.  Hardest R rating you can get.  Think much more along the lines of Sausage Party as a comparison.  


This might be the greatest description of a movie I've ever read. 


This movie is so out there, so different than anything else that's playing this year, that it actually might do well.  

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Being sued by Sesame Street is the greatest marketing tool and something the makers of the film are probably very happy with.  In fact, this is all a marketing ploy.  :qotd:

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