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CAYOM - New Franchise Rights Thread

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1 hour ago, El Squibbonator said:

Zootopia is a currently-running franchise, with a TV series in the works. Is it eligible for CAYOM?


If there's a TV series running but not a film, it still counts. Zootopia would count because it's been five years since the release of the most recent Zootopia film.


As another example, @YourMother the Edgelord is still able to make films about the superhero Green Arrow even though the television show ended last year--simply because the character hadn't appeared in any DC movies between 2016 and now.

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Also, @cookie's two Ducktales films, The Adventures of Scrooge McDuck and The Number One Dime, both came out near the beginning of when the 2017 reboot was first airing. So films adaptations of currently airing shows, or ones that are in development, are acceptable. 

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12 hours ago, El Squibbonator said:

Walking With Dinosaurs, if it hasn't already been done. I want to give it a proper theatrical documentary, not the in-name-only 2013 movie. 



This is exciting! I'm eaver to see where you take that concept!

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24 minutes ago, El Squibbonator said:

Another Hanna-Barbera cartoon, I see? 


"No ReSPeCt!!" 😤🦈


(I don't think I'll write it until Y9 though lol)

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Posted (edited)

Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler

Parable of the Talents by Octavia Butler

Edited by SLAM!
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