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AND I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU! The Hitman's Bodyguard over 90M DOM club - The club's doors have closed

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Dammit, I need a fucking club of mine to succeed, and I don't wanna wait until November (Thor: Ragnarok over 100M OW) to see if I can. :ph34r:


Now, as you may have seen, this year has been... pretty dysmal for comedies. Right now, Baywatch is the highest grossing comedy of the year at 57M, w/Snatched following at 45M. Not exactly... great numbers, compared to some the ones posted by some of 2016's comedies, like Central Intelligence's near 130M, Bad Moms at over 110M, and even Ghostbusters at 120M+ too. If you count Baby Driver as a comedy, it'll easily outweigh both of these, but that's the thing: it's not even centrally a comedy anyway, it's more of an action movie. So, basically, comedy has been a dead weight throughout this year. Rough Night, The House, Fist Fight... all of them expected to do well at some point, and then they just embarassed themselves. Granted, Girls Trip could be a breakout, but I think this has a bigger shot.


The Hitman's Bodyguard has been my stan of choice ever since I saw the trailer (besides War For The Planet Of The Apes). And I'm calling it for a 90M+ DOM total. You may be asking, "why not 100M?", well, because I wanna shoot fireworks and not feel disappointed that it didn't reach a higher mark. If it does make 100M, you can tell me to kick myself in the balls all you want, but I'll see it as a great topping already.




- While... if you wanna play the YouTube trailer views game, the trailers for this don't have a lot of them, they do carry great word of mouth. Comedy is completely subjective, but I - and, as anedoctal as it may sound, anybody that I've shown this to - think it looks Goddamn hilarious. Now, to be fair, it could be another Let's Be Cops where they show all the great bits, but given the smart concept and the huge amount of shenanigan potential, I think that they may be able to hold off on showing all they got. Great marketing goes a great way, basically.


-  Ryan Reynolds and Sam Jackson is a duo that sells itself. Reynolds doesn't have Bruce Willis' popularity (if we wanna compared this to, say, Die Hard 3), but considering that he basically looks like he's playing Deadpool in the movie through the trailers, he's pretty much playing to his top strenght and appeal. And any movie designed to make Sam Jackson say "motherfucker" 100 times is basically one of those "throw money at the screen" type things.


- Again, Girls Trip aside, comedy has been an f'n waste throughout 2017, and I think people might be due a big comedy breakout. And we haven't seen a big R-rated comedy since Bad Moms, a big buddy action comedy since Central Intelligence, and a big combo of both since... 22 Jump Street? That's the the last one that springs to mind. If word of mouth explodes, this can definitely take advantage of a barren market.


- Speaking of barren markets, August looks dead in the water. Annabelle: Creation, Detroit and The Dark Tower aside, there's nothing in there that'll go over 40M DOM (unless Logan Lucky breaks out much bigger than expected, and even there, 50-55M tops). And w/absolute zero comedy competition (Girls Trip being the only big one playing, but that would have been playing by an entire month, and it appeals to a different audience than Hitman's Bodyguard), its got nobody to stand up to it. September is a little more crowded this year, but once again, having no direct comedy competition gives it a big advantage. So, I think that this point will be more than on its side for great legs. Plus, it wouldn't be the 1st time that an uncompetitive August paved the way for a comedy w/great legs (just look at The Help, i.e., even if they're not quite the same type of comedy).


- Last year, Don't Breathe made 89M DOM through a good marketing campaign, great wom (thereby, great legs) and no competition. And that was an R-rated horror movie without major starpower in it. An R-rated comedy always can have more mileage out of it than something like DB. Also, this year's John Wick 2 accomplished just over 90M DOM, without it being a comedy and having two big movies that took away bits of the audience that may have been interested in JW2 open and perform right next to it (Fifty Shades Darker and Lego Batman, which both combine to around 280-290M).



So, who's w/me here?














Captain H

Jay Beezy



the beast







Mr Impossible






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1 minute ago, Nova said:

How well.....

That I don't know, but I think it is gonna get a big push here and there is no competition in late August here. August also happens to be the 2nd biggest moviegoing month of the year in our country. There are always a ton of breakout hits in August here. This is how Lucy became our biggest OW and biggest movie of 2014 at the time, for example.

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24 minutes ago, Kingp0va said:

It has Ryan Reynolds so out. I know I use these words too much, but now HE IS box office poison (outside deadpool where u cant even see his face)


Te encanta eso de "veneno de taquilla", ¿no es cierto? 



I am IN, by the way.

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