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CAYOM 3.0 - Behind the Camera

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I've seen many of you curious about it, so....


Here's the Gyllenhaal version of Homeward.


Note that the casting was very different this time around.

  • Jake Gyllenhaal was Cornelius Venchell. (Gavin's his first name in the release version)
  • Helena Bonham Carter was Perthena.
  • Oona Laurence and Julian Dennison were Hannah and Tarek. (Tarek went from tween reporter to....backstabbing, lizard/mother killing coward. So yeah.

Here's cookie's no holds barred review:


Read at your own risk.



2001. We open with flashing lights, soon revealed to be camera flashes. As the press takes pictures, we see the setting as the graduation for an unnamed prestigious college near Chicago. The valedictorian of the class, introduced as Cornelius Venchell, prepares his speech. There is some scattered clapping, but some students mutter about how weird he is, and how his parents probably paid to let him speak.


Venchell congratulates his fellow graduates, particularly on the great things they will accomplish with the tools they now have to create the best selves they can be. His speech noticeably tends more towards self-improvement than in improving the world, but he speaks in a confident, optimistic, and precise tone that masks the more insidious aspects of his beliefs. As his speech ends, we see the audience applaud him. It's mildly awkward out of sheer youth, but he's nervously eyeing his parents in the crowd, as if looking for his approval.


Walking through Chicago, trying to fend off an interviewer asking about his expected future role in his father’s company, Venchell walks past two parents and their infant child. The man is white, while the woman is African American. Their child, roughly 4 years old, sneezes on the ground, accidentally creating a small energy blast, leaving a small toy on the ground. Venchell notices almost immediately, but the interviewer doesn’t. The world seems to stop as words echo in Venchell's mind from earlier - "You must be willing to do whatever you can to find your rightful place." Looking at the toy still on the ground, he smiles.


As the two walk past, Venchell tries to return the dropped toy, as the two parents thank him. They shake hands, but not before meeting the daughter. “I’m Alex!” she says excitedly. Venchell plays sweet, saying goodbye to them and leaving them on their way. Venchell turns to the interviewer, promising a full interview tomorrow and providing a seemingly fake phone number effortlessly. They part ways as Venchell walks toward the camera, having managed to get some of the father’s DNA from an arm hair.


OPENING CREDITS: We then see a montage of Venchell (makeup used to slowly transition him from Montgomery to Gyllenhaal) traveling across and exploring galactic space, not showing his face and identity to anyone. He sets up his base on an island called Gabori.


  Reveal hidden contents


We then cut to Celestial Haven, where Alex, now 19 years old, and Kozar, a wolf-like alien and her kinda-sorta boyfriend, are in bed together at a large, lofty apartment. Alex, checking the time, panics. She must meet with Baklattan at the capitol building, while Kozar can stay home and clean things up a bit. Kozar asks why she needs to meet so early. Alex, saying that it’s 11am (Kozar admits that it’s early by nothing-to-do-today standards), it’s basically a lunch date. She swaps clothes quickly, using her powers of telekinesis, controlling the energy around, to bring outfits over. She bolts out of the door.


As Alex walks through the city, Celestial Haven (The capitol of Galactic society) she says hello to several aliens, deciding to take a scenic route by using her powers on her shoes to climb buildings easily and run along skyscrapers. She even stops to photobomb a picture with one alien family. She passes a major advertisement:



Exhibitions and Innovations in Every Stretch of the Galaxy



Eventually she arrives, as Katherine, the human coordinator of defense in the Summit of Unity (The new, progressive government after the fall of the Celestial Alliance), excitedly greets her daughter at her office.


Katherine: It’s so good to see you, Alex. I heard about the incident on....well, pretty much every mission you’ve worked on. You sure are putting your powers to good use.

Alex: It’s so much fun. It’s basically like being a superhero. Statistically speaking, I’m saving a couple thousand people a week on average, so it adds up.

Katherine: Overthinking it a little, don’t you think?

Alex: As long as the job gets done, and I don’t be an ass, I figure it’s fine to have some fun.

Katherine: You sure are something else.

Alex: What can I say? It’s all in the genes. *They hug*

Katherine: Speaking of...Baklattan will be here any minute now.

Alex: Any idea on what he wanted to meet up with us regarding?


Ezen Baklattan, the lizard-like Leader of the Summit of Unity, appears in Katherine’s office. He reveals that he wanted to share a surprise with Alex and Katherine – Ezen was invited to a gala celebration at a luxury hotel in Lachino - a planet geared around leisure, entertainment, and fun – and the event coordinators wanted to see if Alex could make an appearance. Leading the summit had been stressful for Alex, and he admits that it could be a chance for a... family vacation.


Alex: Wait...this isn’t going to be a public speaking gig, is it?

Ezen: So, you can save the galaxy, but a public speech is too hard?

Alex: Oh, hush.

Ezen: And you did a great job with that rallying speech.

Alex: It’s easier when the entire galaxy is on the line, and it felt right in the moment. That, and it was well over a year ago.

Ezen: Okay....how can I convince you?

Katherine: Don’t listen to him, you don’t have to say a word.

Ezen: Katherine, you ruined the punchline! Anyways....yep. Just feel free to mingle and enjoy the hour d’ourves. That’s what the Spanish call it, no?

Alex: French, but....close enough. Thanks, Ezen.

Ezen: Oh, and your friends are welcome to come as well. In one case, I could say more-than-friend...

Alex: Heh....guilty as charged.

Ezen: The event’s in a week – plenty of time to find some good attire.


Ezen suddenly sees a long line of politicians wishing to speak with him. He sighs, saying that they can talk later. Katherine heads back to work too, saying that she’ll pack bags tonight. Alex smiles, but can’t say goodbye as they run off. She feels mildly disappointed. However, one alien politician (with several eyes) asks if she can sign a tablet for his niece. Alex shrugs and uses her powers of manipulating energy to burn her signature into the poster base. 


A week passes, and we see the glitz, excitement, and glamour of Lachino in person – the city is alive with neon lights, vivid LED displays, and entertainment on every corner. We see a shot panning through the city as we eventually arrive at the hotel of the gala, held at the top floor with a glass window surrounding. The camera proceeds moving through aliens in suits as they murmur about Alex Spark being present, as well as how humans are integrating into galactic society. One remarks: “Every civilization so far was a bit shaky when first discovering they’re not alone – give ‘em some time.” Another: “Well at least Alex gets her genes from her mother and not her wretched father. Unless I’m wrong and Ezen’s her dad. Huh.” We eventually cut to the arrival of Kozar and Alex, wearing a black suit and dress (with blue and green crystals) respectively.


We see Aera, the wheel/insect like alien, already there. She drunkenly calls for Alex and Kozar, happy that her friends have made it.


Kozar: How....how much did you drink already?

Aera: A.....lot.

Kozar: Okay....you gotta learn to pace yourself.

Aera: I pace just fine, thank you very much! *She rolls around the room, immediately bumping into someone and falling on her side. *


Alex is excited to see galactic high society in action, but not before noticing two young people trying to get in and see Alex. We see a teenage human, Hannah Beauman, as well as her companion, a large, hulking alien vaguely resembling a rhinoceros, Tarek, as they try to get into the party to no avail. A drunken Aera rolls past them as Hannah calls her to their attention. Clearly intoxicated, with the camera rolling, Aera says things that are bleeped out automatically by the camera. Tarek points out the value of this feature but admits that it was a somewhat disappointing encounter.


Tarek then pulls the camera towards Hannah as she narrates: “Welp, this attempt to meet Alex failed...maybe next time.” As she continues to speak and promote her show, the camera captures (albeit in the background) one of the gangsters from earlier sneaking into an elevator.


Alex is called back into the party before she can address the two uninvited guests, as a bunch of aliens ask her questions about her recent escapades or simply to sign something for their daughter. Alex happily obliges, but admittedly feels overwhelmed. Ezen (noticeably surrounded by service agents) clears the people away, asking Alex if she would like some food. “The main thing I want right now is to just sit down and relax for a bit. But if that involves having some miniature qucihes, I can be okay with that.”


We see the array of food, including alien delicacies and odd dishes, as well as a new, unique human food: pizza. As Ezen is amazed at the taste of Pizza, he brings a slice to Alex, and they sit down and laugh. Kozar, Katherine, and Aera (who is still mildly intoxicated, but somehow is sobering up) all enjoy the moments of calmness, as Ezen begins to gossip about the quirks of being head of a galactic congress, but just as they are about to relax, the host announces the time for the Lachinian Waltz. Alex sighs, as Kozar escorts her to the dance floor, while Katherine and Ezen go up together. Aera simply “stands” by the table awkwardly: “Guess I’m the third wheel.”


The waltz begins, the camera focusing on Kozar and Alex. Kozar is a terrible dancer, quietly asking Alex to just use her powers on his feet – she laughs, agreeing to do so. As they get close to Ezen and Katherine, Kozar whispers to Ezen for advice on making...romantic moves towards her daughter.


Ezen: I wouldn’t know – I never really needed to be a parent until just this year. She's also 19 or something - she's an adult. Not much else I need to do. Don’t you live together? 

Kozar: We literally just moved in – I only knew her for not even a year...too soon?

Ezen: Well I know her enough to know that she likes you.

Kozar: But what if I say something wrong or embarrassing or stupid or? *Alex turns his head, revealing herself to have been listening*

Alex: So? I do stuff like that all the time. Now look out. Just relax.


The dance ends, and Alex believes that they can finally rest. The chef brings out a massive cake, calling for a grand desert, much to the cheers of everyone. However, the chef hears a small ticking noise inside, acting confused. Alex, in a moment of split hesitation, runs towards the cake and hurls something out of it towards the window, but the ticking stops, and an explosion occurs, shattering the glass and setting a fire. People are running towards the exit screaming, as Ezen’s security guards send Katherine and Ezen away to safety. Alex calls for them: “Get everyone to the ground floor – We’ll stay behind and fight.” Aera quickly shouts: “We?!”


We then see various airships surround the building, opening fire at the remaining civilians – Alex uses the tables as barriers to defend the party-goers as they run into the kitchen for safety. Kozar pulls out a gun and tries to fire at the ships. “You brought a gun to this?!” Alex asks, shocked. “At things you’re involved in, things have a tendency to get crazy.” Kozar says. “Touche.” Alex uses the glass panels to create a stairway to get into one of the airships, as Kozar follows behind. Aera stays behind to get everyone to safety on the ground floor, but her abilities aren't as strong due to her intoxication. Alex comes face to face with several alien gangsters and terrorists as she begins to blast them with energy. (They were the gangsters seen in the opening credits) In a slow-motion shot, they manage to resist her powers with...powers of their own, much to Alex’s hilarious confusion and subsequent expression of horror. Perthena, their leader, asks if she's excited to finally enjoy a fight with someone of her own caliber.


As the gangsters fight Alex, Kozar utilizes the commotion to seize the ship’s gun, firing at the other ships. Alex is eventually able to defeat the gangsters, but one ship is getting away. Alex, desperate to pursue the remaining ship, chases after them in the city. Kozar tells her to hold off and get to safety, but Alex realizes that the gangster leader is on that ship, and they could do so much more damage if she escapes. A frantic ship chase through the downtown city begins, with Kozar frantically telling her to slow down and avoid sharp turns.


We see the leader of the ship calling for backup: “Master, this is Perthena Tavvock, we are retreating back to the base now. The powerful bitch and her cosmic comrades found us.” Perthena looks resounding like a member of Ezen’s species. She fires a pistol at the LED displays in the city to try and create sparks to distract the main trio.


Alex tells Kozar to take over as she tries to get onto the ship’s roof and use her powers to fire at Perthena’s ship, as well as block the sparks. Perthena had the exact same idea, as they eventually use their powers to grab hold of each other’s ships, reaching a stalemate as they then try to restrain each other using their powers, each on the top of their own ships about fifty feet apart above a lake outside the city.


Perthena: Well....this is awkward. Please let us go, love. We have places to be.

Alex: I don’t know how, but you wanted to seize this power and use it to terrorize others....I can’t let you get away. I’m detaining you here and now.

Perthena: And I can’t let you take us. One of us is going to have to give. Can you even detain us...?

Alex: My...dad is...president of the galaxy! I have to stop you....I have to protect this galaxy.

Perthena: And yet chaos follows you everywhere you go. Ironic, isn’t it?


Alex begins to look concerned, pausing. Eventually, we see Perthena bolt off as Alex and Kozar’s ship collapses below, landing in the lake. Alex tries to save Kozar, who is trapped under the ship, but being in the deep water suppresses her abilities and movement. She is legitimately helpless.


They are eventually saved by an airship of the Lachino Safety Department, as a blinding light causes the scene to fade out. We cut to a news report that nearly 30 were dead, and over a hundred people were injured at the night’s events in Lachino. Alex is watching the news unfold in a hallway outside the Summit of Unity’s main congressional hall. She looks devastated and guilty, as Kozar and Aera try to comfort her. Alex is summoned in, hearing that Ezen wanted to show her something. Aera hopes that it’s another vacation. Hopefully to a tropical beach planet.


Ezen, leading the room (along with Katherine, the Coordinator of Galactic Defense) tells her that they received a holographic message from a ‘Cornelius Venchell’ that Alex may need to see. Ezen solemnly opens the message, revealing a holographic, live size version of Venchell inside the room. He begins to speak, facing Alex:


“Hello there, Summit of Unity. So.....not the best speaking terms, I understand. Lots of people just died in Lachino. Very sad. As a member of the newest species to enter galactic society, I feel sworn to tell nothing but the truth, so I must admit that I had been aware of the attacks. *Alex shivers, the music grows tense* I should have said something, but I was so scared. But I want to make things right, and I want to alert you about what happened, so here’s the deal. I can make sure these horrible people are stopped, but I’ll tell you what they truly hate, or should I say, who. Yes, Alexandra Nadine Spark must return to earth within 72 hours of first opening this message to appease these wretched people. Not ideal, I know, but we must prioritize the safety of this world. If she remains in galactic space, I can’t promise anything. If you try to find me or reveal how I tried to warn you, I sure as hell can’t promise anything. Rest assured, if she is on Earth, no harm will come to her at all. If this is the case, I will turn myself into The Summit of Unity. So let this be my small bit of redemption now, and my promise of keeping you safe. I wish you the best.”


We then hear arguments inside the main hall, as certain aliens argue that Alex – and humanity – has brought nothing but trouble since the Infinite war, suspecting that human extremists have planned these attacks. Much of the ire is directed at the representative of humanity – and Alex’s former foster mother – Beatrice Powell. She tries to hold back the complaints, condemning these actions. She makes a point to have Venchell found and arrested, but some believe he is bluffing. Fighting breaks out in the hall.


Alex, with the stress of the chaos, tells everyone, in a booming voice, to quiet down. She tells Ezen to speak, knowing he will have an ideal solution. She looks to him and smiles. Ezen, feeling guilty after a pause, tries to convince Alex to go home. Alex insists on staying and helping, but Ezen explains his reasoning: “I know we shouldn’t give in to people who rule by fear. And we won’t. We will stop him, Alex. But look at yourself. You have been fighting so many battles and keeping this galaxy safe. You can’t expect yourself to fight every time; you seem so burnt out. We will find a way, and we can’t risk making any assumptions of falsehood. We can’t put more lives at risk. And we can’t risk your life.” Alex, after a pause, and people eyeing her (including Kozar, Beatrice, and Katherine), she agrees to return to Earth.


We see Alex loading up bags onto Beatrice’s (who still lives on Earth) personal starship, as Kozar and Aera reveal that they will come to Earth too. Beatrice remarks that there’s plenty of room in the new apartment, and that the two had barely seen Earth when not trying to desperately save her, so this could be a fun vacation. As Alex goes to Katherine and Ezen, she makes them promise that they will do everything in their power to stop Venchell and his accomplices. “We’ll have to be secretive as possible – but you have our word.” They share one last hug, as Alex bids farewell and gets on the ship. Katherine tells Ezen that she is unsure about sending Alex back to Earth, but Ezen proceeds to order a small squadron of troops to keep watch of Alex on Earth, making sure she’s truly safe.


The ship departs, as we see several aliens holding up signs saying, “We’ll miss you, Alex!” and “Come Home Soon!” Alex eyes this sign, specifically how it says ‘home’. She begins to quietly cry. The ship travels through space, then returning to Chicago, which largely looks identical to how we had seen it in the first movie – Beatrice now lives at a very nice apartment right in the loop, parking her ship on the roof of the high-rise. Kozar and Aera, mimicking Alex in the first movie, soon crash on the couch shortly after they arrive. Beatrice comforts Alex, telling her to do something to take her mind off this craziness – Ezen will have things under control soon. In the meanwhile, she throws $200 in cash down on the table. “Kozar and Aera haven’t had a week in the windy city yet, have they? Give ‘em some fun on the town tomorrow.”


Alex gets a terrible night of sleep; she has a nightmare about her father, remembering her time within the scientific base destroyed as her father tries to utilize her power, eventually running away from her as the destruction occurs. She then has visions of Naryani as she rebuilds the facility and continues the work, imagining Everett at her side. He glares at the camera, making Alex wake up.


She runs out of bed, only to see that Kozar, Aera, and Beatrice are fully dressed and in the kitchen. Beatrice is showing them embarrassing videos of Alex playing the title character in a kids’ production of Annie. Alex uses her powers to turn the Television off, joking that they should have seen her in Xanadu. The joke falls flat as Kozar and Aera have no idea what that is. “Right....well get some coffee. I’m gonna show you around my city today.” Aera then asks....” what’s coffee?” Cut to the three of them at a coffee shop table. Kozar’s world is completely changed, as is Aera’s. “Oh my god. This is the source of energy for humans. It’s insane!!!!”, he says. Kozar jumps around wildly, having never had coffee before, as Alex, now feeling awake, decides it’s a perfect time to hit the city.


The trio hit all kinds of Chicago attractions throughout the week (again, Kozar and Aera acting just like Alex did in the first movie first discovering Celestial Haven – excited and amazed, while the music even is a more jazzy version of the same music that played in that scene in SR) – They visit the bean in millennium park, marvel at the dinosaur at Field Museum, ride the Navy Pier Ferris Wheel, and top it off with a game at Wrigley Field – several fans note Alex, and even the ball player want a picture with her. (The audience is mostly humans, but there are a few scattered alien tourists in the city) Kozar asks if she's been there all her life, while she admits that she was born in Milwaukee, spent a few formative years in Iowa, moved here after....the big thing in her youth went down. She shrugs it off and laughs.


Finishing the day, they decide to go to a small pizza shop, but are shocked when the owner refuses to serve aliens. Alex argues with him, but he won’t budge, claiming that she never asked any human if they wanted this big change. Alex and her friends storm off, but Alex flips him the finger outside the window, making a power that pulls the slice of pizza into her other hand. They walk away amd begin to talk.


Kozar: Huh? What did you just do?

Alex:  I've got a lot to teach you about human obscenities. More importantly, you okay?

Kozar: I guess...I’ve just never been turned away for who I looked like before.

Alex: *looking at her skin* Honestly, I do know the feeling. It sucks, I get it.

Kozar: I mean, I figured not everyone would adjust, it’s only been less than a year, but it still feels weird. And kinda sad.

Alex: That’s definitely....not one of the things humanity is best at. Let’s just get home, it’s been a long day.


Alex soon begins to hear some voices in her head, saying nothing as they travel back. They get louder as they approach home, and Kozar notices Alex seemingly in plain. They soon arrive at the apartment, walking down the hall, the voices now louder than ever. The camera is placed directly behind Alex as she opens the door and first sees Beatrice talking to someone, feeling shocked and nervous. However, the voices have gone completely silent. Beatrice turns towards Alex, telling her not to panic as she fully opens the door.


Alex opens the door fully. She sees her estranged human father, Everett Spark, dressed is somewhat casual attire. “Alexandra....” Alex stands frozen in fear, as Aera rolls over to see who it is. Upon a first glance, she falls on her side. “Wh....what....what are you doing here? How did you find me?! Did you know about the attack?!” Everett calmly tells her to relax, giving her a hug. Alex is still frozen in shock to do anything.


Everett:  Alex...the attack is why I’m here.

Alex: Stop....you caused it, didn’t you? I...I can turn you in. I need to tell Katherine right now?! *She picks up her phone, but Everett hurls it across the room with powers of his own* No...no way.

Kozar: What do you want?!

Everett:  Please...let me explain. I did something horrible to the galaxy. I want to do everything in my power to make things right. I know who caused these attacks, and I can help you find them.

Alex: How can I trust you?

Everett:  I have proof.


Everett goes towards a Television set and uses a smartphone-esque device to project files on Cornelius Venchell on the screen, including coordinates to his planetary base, video footage of him interacting with the gangsters she had fought earlier, and even the coordinates for his base of operations. “He is a very secretive man – he gives information to the world but makes it impossible to follow any leads on where his information comes from. He has information brokers and paid criminals across the galaxy hellbent on doing his dirty work – long story short, he is a grade-A threat. And your dad (i.e. me) may have dug up a lot on him through many convoluted methods."


Alex: I knew he was behind the attack, but I don’t understand...humans have been in galactic space for less than a year. How did he build this empire so quickly?

Everett:  I don’t know, but we’ll have to find out. Know your enemy, and all that.

Alex: This seems legit...but I need to stay on Earth, and...

Everett:  Alex, I’m not exactly popular in galactic society, and I know you shouldn’t be out and about either. Don’t worry – I’ll keep things discreet.


Alex turns to Beatrice, who had seen the information before she arrived. “Alex, I only promised him to let him speak with you. Nothing more, I had a gun pointed at him before you met. Whatever you decide, I will not say a word. The Summit of Unity hasn’t been able to find a drop of information today on this guy, and believe me, they were looking. The question remains if you can and stay hidden. This is insane and maybe idiotic, but I can promise you, you will be in contact with me 24/7. I’ll even find a double, so everyone thinks you’re still on Earth. I wouldn’t let you jump into this alone. It’s your call.”


Alex thinks briefly about the memories of her father, still unsure about helping him after his betrayal. Looking to Kozar and Aera, nods. She goes up to Everett: “I’ll give you a second chance. But we need to stay hidden and make it a one way stop to this guy’s base. I see what you do and who you interact with 24/7. Cross me, and I won’t be forgiving. Are we clear?” Everett turns to Beatrice, saying that she raised her well. We see Alex, Kozar, and Aera get onto Everett’s ship – much bigger (albeit rundown) than Beatrice’s, taking off into the sky. We then return to Beatrice, as she investigates some of the footage with Venchell further.


The footage transitions us to actually being with Venchell. We find out that he has a secret wiretap in the Summit of Unity, seemingly planted by an unknown accomplice. He catches a conversation on Ezen’s frustration in trying find out about this smug bastard but coming up short in spite of the resources they have. People have been asking him questions all day. Katherine tells her that barely any time had passed, but that they will find something soon. Perthena appears behind Venchell.


Venchell: Well, they went back on their promise. I could destroy them now if I wanted to.

Perthena: Very well, I’ll get the ships ready. It’ll be fun to come out on top this time.

Venchell: Wait wait wait. I could, I said. Not ‘will’. This isn’t the right moment for it. Like....did you think they wouldn't? I absolutely counted on it.

Perthena: So....you wanted them to do what you told them not to do.

Venchell: Reverse psychology.  Get their hopes up and make them seem like they can win. The moment right before, take it ALL away. Baklattan, your brother -

Perthena: We're not all related, you know.

Venchell: You get the idea. But he's standing in our way. That idealistic moron has no business running a galaxy. Push him far enough, he'll most likely hand over the keys to the galaxy.

Perthena: Intriguing. And what then?

Venchell: .....*he seems to legitimately not have a good answer* we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. But back to the central conversation. Remember the bigger condition I made. The powerful bitch, nice phrasing by the way, saved the galaxy by not following the rules – she sure as hell won’t do it again this time.


We see the ship enter the hemisphere, while Alex, Kozar, and Aera are inside with Everett. Alex, after a pause, says: “Wait god this is a mistake. I need to get back home now.” Kozar snarks about how she just now is feeling weird, only to be chastised by Alex for barely saying anything. As they continue to bicker, much to Everett’s annoyance, they land on a storage closet, hearing a whimper from inside. Everyone stops and takes notice. Everett, pulling out a space pistol from a drawer, tells her to open the door. In a tense moment, she does so. Out come Tarek and Hannah, the two youths at Lachino, tumbling out of the cabinets and sheepishly smiling at them.


We then cut to a clip of Hannah’s web show: Galactic Heroes Unite! She interviews and records footage of people doing good deeds and using their “superpowers” to make the galaxy a better place – Hannah nervously explains that in starting the show, her dream would be to meet and interview Alex Spark, but things got hectic when they found the man who allegedly was Alex’s biological father and tried to hide in their ship and – Alex can tell she’s nervously rambling at this point, she relaxes her.


Alex: Look....we’re on a pretty top secret mission right now. No one can know. No one.

Hannah: Yes, sure thing!

Alex: But, I don’t hold anything against people sneaking into spaces they shouldn't be, It’s how me and my...boyfriend met.

Kozar: Is Chicago really a secret space?

Alex: Not helping, babe! So how about we take you home, and I promise to do an interview with you once I’m back.

Tarek: Yeah....we can do that?! Oh my gosh! we’re gonna interview Alex Spark!! *Tarek and Hannah hug and jump up and down excitedly*

Everett:  Whoa, hold on. Why don’t you tag along with us!

Alex, Tarek, and Hannah: WHAT?!

Aera: ....did you just call Kozar 'babe'?


Alex tries to convince Everett that this is a bad idea, and that they could get themselves hurt or blow their cover. Everett says that it’s his ship, and his rules. He says that Alex will definitely keep them safe, and Alex nervously promises that she will. Alex, trying to stay calm, remarks to Hannah that she’s normally not this irritable – “this is another potentially lethal mission, and did I mention it needs to be TOP secret? I'll give you the full version soon enough.” Hannah assures her that they won’t say anything until they inevitably beat the bad guy, (they humorously don't know his name) expressing more confidence than Alex has. She laughs, also telling her that she’ll even get Aera to apologize for being a brat to the two kids at the party. Aera is confused as to why she knows, and Alex reminds her that she bragged about it while they were in the hospital. Aera admits that this was true, rolling over and giving a profane (if bleeped out) apology.


The ship continues to travel the stars as Alex tries to ask Everett what he had done in the time since.... everything went down. Everett explains that he had been living as a secret mercenary, building the funds to develop an arsenal and a ship so that he could find Alex again and make things right. Venchell’s name had been floating around several circles in the criminal underground of the galaxy for quite some time. He shows her a video of Venchell at a bar in a crime-ridden planet, having a few bodyguards beat up someone. (We don’t see the worst of it) “Once we get into a fight with some of these jerks – and I know we will – it’ll be a choice opportunity to show you a few of the tricks I learned.” Alex, for the first time, smiles, giving a bit of a chuckle.


Everett then brings the ship down to a run-down planet filled with vaguely steampunk-esque cities with a mildly futuristic flair. Alex remarks that this excursion better be brief – Everett promises that he just needs to pick up some reinforcements and will give her and explicit play by play of what was going on. Going in to fight Venchell with what they have would be a death wish. Everett orders Alex to stay in the ship but tells Aera to come out with him. Kozar would be a bit more recognizable. “Oh, so I’m just some sweet little nobody? No... no. I’m working on anger management. I’ll come with you. Let’s go on our way!” She sounds happy, but she turns her eyes around to Alex and Kozar, using her antennae to make a “finger slit throat” impression.


As soon as Alex and Kozar turn around, Hannah stands excitedly with a microphone as Tarek grabs his camera. Alex remarks that she supposes answering a few questions wouldn’t hurt if they didn’t go live right away. Everett and Aera navigate the city, as Aera is shocked at how many people Everett knows. She’s even more concerned that a few hide when he comes. He eventually knocks on a tavern door, filled with some of the nastiest and most terrifying aliens we’ve seen so far. Aera trembles, her pupils shrinking as she vibrates in terror to the point of immobility. Everett fires a pistol into the air, as everyone stops.


He asks to see a “Mister Z”, who is apparently in the back. As he goes back, eventually resorting to carrying Aera, he sees a large line-up of guns. At first, Everett drops a pile of cash, and the loot can be his. However, Mr. Z stops at the last minute. “Wait a sec..... this wasn’t in our deal. This isn’t close to what we agreed on.” Everett assures him that it’s all he has, and what he had heard. As they continue to bicker, Aera notices a few guards coming in. Aera’s eyes turn to face Everett as she flatly says: “Run.”


Suddenly, we see Aera and Everett running out of the tavern, as a street car comes from out of the alley and chases them. Everett screams into his device for Alex to start the ship and do laps around the town. Alex obliges, but not before finishing an answer about her Meyers-Briggs type: “So I always saw myself as an INFJ, but...” She runs to the controls and gets the ship off of the air but finds out that its controls are very wonky. She comically struggles to get the ship easily controlled, while Kozar only does a worse job of it. This reminds Tarek of a video game he played, and he somehow manages to drive it perfectly.


They do laps around the town, as Alex tries many times to grab Everett and Aera. After enough failures, Aera tells Everett to grab her antenna, and she rapidly rolls up a construction ramp onto their ship. As they dive into the lower depths of the city and try to get a clearing to escape the planet, Everett reveals that they still managed to get the goods, carried in a pouch on Everett’s back.  They eventually escape, but Alex, out of hopes of them not chasing her anymore, throws a stack of money at Mr. Z’s face. It hits him and knocks him out. He gets up after a moment and returns to the tavern, where Perthena is waiting for him. "Nice job stopping them, you bloody moron." She fires a bullet into his head. (We don't see it, but it immediately cuts away)


Alex feels excited and energetic with their escape, while Aera is amazed with what they had found on the planet. Realizing they may have a shot of defeating Venchell easily, Alex celebrates the success of her new squad, as she admits that it’s really good to see her father again. Not just anyone would be able to risk their life for that for a lie. She’ll have to be careful, but they may be on the right track. 


In the next montage, we see Everett bonding with Alex and her friends, all while Tarek films them making new memories and Hannah learns more about the secret lives of these heroes. Meanwhile, back on Celestial Haven, we see that Ezen is tirelessly looking for a lead on Venchell, missing Alex dearly and feeling guilty for sending her away. Katherine comforts him, but he feels stressed and burnt out, and his eyes begin to water out of fear and disappointment. While desperation and fear plague the celestial alliance, Alex’s crew rides on hope and optimism. The montage is set in the context of Alex being interviewed by Hannah, explaining her hopes in this mission.


As they travel along, with the crew asleep except for a half-awake Alex and Everett (who is driving the ship) she receives a video call on her phone. Alex panics when she realizes that it is from Katherine. Alex, in a moment of panic, accepts the call, only to regret it a moment later. Katherine is in her office.


Katherine: Hey Alex! How’s life on Earth?

Alex: *checking the wall behind her* It’s...uh....great! Man, I just enjoyed some good Earth food!

Katherine: It’s okay, you can breathe. Especially now that we managed to find information about Venchell.

Alex: Really?!

Katherine: We can send a squad to take him down – you won’t even have to lift a finger.

Alex: But Venchell in the video call said –

Katherine: This is a secure channel. The best encryption this side of our universe. So you don’t have to move a bit. In fact, Venchell was far more hellbent about you staying on Earth. I know, we shouldn’t negotiate with terrorists, but we don’t want to risk dealing with -  

Alex: Yeah, I know. Thanks mom, I really appreciate it. Truth be told I’m feeling really tired so can we –

Everett:  *off camera* Did you say ‘mom’?


A pause occurs, as Alex looks horrified. Katherine becomes confused, recognizing the voice. Everett runs to the camera screen and sees the woman she loved. Katherine is absolutely shocked, not to mention mildly furious, as Alex looks extremely nervous for what’s about to happen.


Katherine: Alexandra Nadine Spark....how did you meet this man?

Alex: Look....we’re on Earth now. We’re happy you have things under control. He is staying on the planet for good. Right? *looking to Everett*

Everett:  Katherine, I....


Katherine, realizing they are not on Earth, is furious with Everett. For him to return to their life after committing these atrocities, and to rope her daughter into their latest scheme without her knowledge – (She is very discreet in her words so, if by any will the encryption fails, Venchell can’t pick up, but none the less angry). Alex tries to make peace as the two fight, while Katherine is furious at Alex for lying to her and potentially putting lives at risk, but not nearly as much as Everett. Her anger turns to sorrow as he begs for forgiveness, saying that he only did this to try and make things right. She soon has nothing to say – she will say nothing about the call, but warns Alex that going to the base could be a huge mistake.


Alex says that she was terrified about it too, but that they may need all the dirt possible to get a chance to defeat this man, and he felt compelled to go after him. She unwittingly implies that she does not think that Katherine and Ezen can catch him without their help. They will stay safe and hidden. She asks that they don’t say a word. She says that she loves her parents and hangs up. We cut to Katherine’s office, who sits down in despair and shock. Ezen goes to find her, but she says that everything is okay. Ezen coaxes the truth out of Katherine, and realizing the danger at stake, he hastily makes a decision to send SoU soldiers to the base. Katherine is hesitant, but Ezen tells her that Alex isn't just their daughter, but a beacon of hope for the galaxy. She must be protected at all costs.


As she turns off the communication device, she is mad that Everett interjected the call. He was too shocked by Katherine that she just needed to say something. Alex sighs, admitting that Everett that maybe going to the base is a mistake – someone will take care of it. Everett tries to convince her to continue, knowing that they are so far along and subtly insulting her for wanting to stop now, also noting her own doubt in the summits’ abilities. We see that Kozar was secretly listening in on the conversation, and he steps in to Alex’s defense. Everett hits him, as Alex begins to power up in rage. She reluctantly agrees to keep going but begins to doubt that he has really changed. Everett quickly apologizes to her, admitting that he needs to do something right for once, but acknowledges that he shouldn’t lose his humanity in the process.


We then secretly see that the heroes’ ship was being tracked by Perthena on Gabori, slyly telling her squadron that they will start slow and let them think that they have a winning chance. They’ll try to save things for the big finale. “By my estimates, they’ll be here in 18 hours. Get some sleep and get ready for a bang.” Venchell appears behind her, secretly making her nervous. He thanks her for her hard work in a calm, sincere manner, and he promises that tomorrow, some of the fruits of their labor will be revealed, and she can destress in the fact that he hopes to crush Alex himself. She likely won’t have to lift a finger.


As several SoU soldiers begin to get ready for something, armed with weaponry and advanced armor, they take a ship from a nearby outpost to Venchell’s supposed base on Gabori. Venchell had refused to act on people in the SoU knowing about his location, but he did have quite a bit more time to prepare. The camera pans out to Venchell looking over a hangar filled with an army of android warriors, all with the ability to create blasts of power eerily similar to Alex’s powers. The camera zooms (with a few editing tricks) from the hanger and a surrounding lake on the center of the island to much further away, as we cut to both the SoU soldiers getting ready, as they leave the outpost.


We see that as they leave, Team Spark arrives secretly at the outpost, near a small village of friendly locals. Alex tells Hannah and Tarek to get off the ship, knowing that they will be in serious danger if they go further. Everett tells them to hurry, but Alex insists that they will come back for them. That, or someone will tell them the news that they died. Hannah is disappointed, but Tarek humorously convinces her to pass time by watching pirated Earth movies, “Including one about these two guys in college who – “ Hannah’s eyes get big as the scene abruptly ends.


Alex, Kozar, Everett, and Aera soon begin to arrive on the planet, but the SoU soldiers have already touched down. A battle between the powered bandits and the soldiers erupt on the island surface, and it looks pretty evenly matched. Perthena is pleased at how her men are holding up but is concerned about the strength of the SoU soldiers. Venchell tells her not to worry, beginning to activate the androids. The hangar door opens, making a vibration that startles both the criminals and the SoU. The androids come out and begin attacking.


The scene is utter chaos, as the androids kill SoU but manage to seemingly kill several of Petherna’s men by mistake. She warns Venchell to turn the androids off, losing her more lightly sinister demeanor for more directness, but he refuses. We then see the four arrive, hiding behind a tree amidst the chaos. She tells Kozar and Aera to prioritize the androids, which Everett slowly agrees to. His reluctance is somewhat surprising,  as he is more willing to attack the criminals. They begin their attack. Alex’s strategy relies on using her powers to offset the androids, while Everett uses his to destroy them.


However, Alex tries to save SoU soldiers in peril, but even manages to rescue one of the criminals, terrorized by one of the androids. He is confused as Alex saves her, but all she can do is give a wink, running off to fight more. Venchell, now being slowly more furious, orders them to send out the drone ships.


Large ships with turrets begin to roll out on the island, as they begin firing at the trio. Aera tells Kozar to grab on to her Antennae, as they roll around to the point of being invisible by the turret. Alex tries using her powers on the ships, but they are too strong. Everett hands her his gun, telling her to try a chain reaction. In one shot, we see Alex and Everett running from the bullets, Alex turn around, and channel her energy into a bullet. It fires, and the ship explodes. A moment of shock occurs as Aera and Kozar stop running. Kozar throws a gun to Everett, as they both manage to take out the ships easily. Aera rallies the remaining troops and brings them to safety, all while the remaining criminals run away.


Perthena, furious at their progress, decides to face Alex one on one. She uses her powers to trap Kozar, Aera, and Everett inside a sphere, which even Everett’s powers cannot penetrate. Alex and Perthena have an intense fight, and Perthena uses her acute sense to slow Alex down. Alex tries to run from her, getting to a cliff at the island’s edge. They manage to get to a stalemate, but Alex manages to slow her down with a specially timed distraction – she throws one arm full of power out, only to use her middle finger from behind to hurl a rock at her. She is wounded, but still alive.


Alex asks her: “What do you want? And why are you working with him?” Perthena laughs, asking Alex if she knows what it’s like to live on the run with the only people you can call friends, asking further if she knows what it’s like to be forced under the payroll of someone who doesn’t give a damn about you. She tells Perthena that she doesn’t have to work for Venchell, and that if Everett could change, so could she. “You....you really don’t know, do you?” Perthena snaps her fingers, as Everett, Aera, and Kozar are freed. They run to Alex and Perthena at the top of the ship, only to find an airship surround them. The window opens, and Venchell stands there with a few robotic guards. He uses his powers to freeze the four heroes in place, Everett even reaching for his pistol.


“Wow, you were defeated far too easily. And I know Alex, you probably tried to convince her to join the light side.” Perthena then says, angrily: “You let my men die.... tell them why you did it. What are you trying to gain here?” Venchell obliges, but that’s that she won’t be around to hear it. Using his powers, and without so much of second thought....


...he flicks his wrist, and the bones in Perthena's body are nearly snapped. She completely collapses, falling to the ground to die a slow, agonizing death. Alex is shocked and horrified, but Venchell assures her that none of them will get the same treatment, although he is mad that they went back on his one little demand. “I asked for one little thing. One little thing. And you couldn’t even do that. I am a man of my word, and I promised that you’d regret this choice. Allow me to show you my secret invention.”


He creates a ball of energy around a wounded, but still living, criminal, as Kozar begins to panic. He throws a large capsule into the ball, emitting a ball of dark, golden gas. Kozar is horrified, and the criminal suffocates inside of the ball, begging for freedom. He then collapses, dead on the ground. Alex is shocked, but the four are frozen again. Aera quips that a lot of information is probably about to get spilled.


“David’s Breath, I call it. A tiny little canister may look small and weak but get enough of them at once and you can wipe out the life of an entire planet. My prized creation, probably. Think about it, Alexandra. You’ve had to fight evil and terror so much – wouldn’t it be so much easier to wipe it all out in the blink of an eye? To leave the world to those worthy of it?” (His hands glow with a sinister light)


Venchell: But I digress. David’s Breath is being delivered to Celestial Haven at light speed from our base. This is what happens when you go against your word, Alex.

Alex: No way. We’ll stop you right here. Right Everett?

Everett:  I’m sorry Alex. I can’t disobey my protocol.

Alex: Wait...what?

Venchell: Oh yes, I forgot to mention one little thing.

*Venchell grabs a pistol and fires at Everett. She screams a 'NO!', but soon uncovers wires inside.*

Alex: .... no. No no no. God no.


Venchell then reveals the best part. Everett Spark had never been with them. He knew Alex wouldn’t resist the chance to make things right with Everett, and he knew exactly how to recreate a man feared by the galaxy but longing for redemption. “Making an AI act like a human is tough, but making one act like a particular human? One who wouldn’t give me all of the information I needed to tackle this brave new world with just a wee bit of interrogation? That’s a bit easier.” Alex goes into shock, feeling completely traumatized. Kozar tries to convince her to stay calm, but Venchell delivers one last kicker: “And it’s funny. All it took was threatening your, or should I say HIS, safety for him to betray his ideals and his people. Don’t worry, I did have him pay the price. Shot him dead that same afternoon.”


Alex, in a moment of utter despair, shock, and then anger, breaks free from the controls of Venchell and jumps to attack him. The two engage, with Venchell shockingly strong in his powers. Alex is quickly overpowered and badly beaten, eventually thrown into the lake below. The androids jump out and point their weapons at Kozar and Aera. As Alex is flailing in the water, things descend into chaos and fear. She cannot use her powers at all, and moreover, Venchell is using his powers to restrain her.


“Your father taught me a lot about these powers, Alex, whether he meant to or not.” Alex, trying to keep her head above water, tells him that he’s a monster, beginning him not to carry the gas. She would do anything, which gets Venchell’s attention. “Anything? How about I show you a trick Ezen and Katherine never could have wanted you to know?” He begins to move his hands, creating an energy that moves towards Alex in the water, pushing her downwards, stunning her, and making her scream under the waves. She is in an indescribable state of pain and terror, as all of her memories begin to collapse.


  • She sees Katherine and Everett smiling at her.
  • She carries Ezen’s body through the ship, running from Narynani’s men (first movie)
  • She is fighting Qatav (first movie)


Fade to black.


We cut to Venchell looking down at the lake, as he delays the attack by about a week, notifying an AI. They can let Alex see what happened next. He returns to his base as if nothing had happened, ordering preparation of even more androids for "the main event."


Kozar and Aera are freed, as they run to the lake to help Alex. She managed to get up on the water’s edge, as Kozar tries to pull her up. Alex thanks her, as Kozar tells her that they need to get home and warn the others. Alex tries to dry off, trying to use her powers to grab something to dry off. She then realizes the truth: Venchell had taken away his powers. Alex is in denial, as Kozar tries to calm her down.


She runs to the slammed hangar door, picking up a pistol and shooting at it, nothing happens. She is in complete denial, feeling that she is nothing without her powers. Alex suddenly falls to the ground and breaks down crying. Kozar and Aera, knowing nothing better, simply stay and try to comfort her. They then realize they do need to go home and warn the others. Alex then realizes that she needs to break the news about Everett to Katherine, feeling even more faint than ever before. The ship moves past as we see the dead criminals of SoU soldiers lying on the ground. Before they leave, Kozar and Perthena share a last scene, where she calls him to her attention.


Perthena: In the future.....ask the bad guy to kill you right away. This....sucks.

Kozar: Don't stress. Save your energy.

Perthena: He's....a madman. He just wants power.....he doesn't know what he wants....to do with it. I had....no choice but to help........you need....to End him.

Kozar: *placing finger on her mouth.* We will. You rest easy now.


Perthena smiles, succumbing to her wounds. He returns to the others, but not before placing his hand on her heart. "You deserved so much better." They pick up Hannah and Tarek, as Kozar tells them not to ask about Alex. She (along with the two interviewers and Aera) sleeps most of the way as Kozar drives. He begins a communication channel to Katherine:


“Hi Miss Spark....did you and Ezen marry yet? Is it Mrs.? Whatever. We....made a mistake. I can explain everything to you, but Alex....lost her powers. Please, please don’t be mad at her. We tried to make things right. I don’t even care about what happened with Everett anymore. Please just...we’re sorry. We’ll make this right. I just.... I don’t know how.” He hangs up, driving away as he feels utterly lost and hopeless. Tears are in his eyes. They soon arrive back on Celestial Haven, finding Katherine and Ezen’s home. Alex tries to bring Hannah and Tarek home, but Kozar tells them to stay. Alex knocks on the door, fearing the worst. Katherine gets the door, with Ezen close behind.


Katherine: Alex, thank god you’re okay!

Ezen: I was so worried about you.

*They hug*

Alex: I don’t understand. I made this mistake. We fought in our last call.

Ezen: Alex, you can’t blame yourself for doing the same thing I did, sending troops to attack his base. I secretly knew you would go there. Had to keep my mouth shut, of course.

Katherine: We sent our men to keep you safe...I didn’t want you to go, but I’m not sure I can blame you. Regardless, we badly underestimated what we were up against.

Alex: But everything that happened....Everett is gone, my powers are gone. What can we do?

Katherine: You can’t worry about Everett again. Venchell wants us to stay in the past, to believe we can’t progress.

Kozar: So....should I tell them? *Hannah nudges him* Or, should we tell them?

Alex: Wait....what?


Kozar then reveals that he had known about Galactic Heroes Tonight! And Hannah’ interest in Alex. “I was going to wait and have it screened at the Celestial Galaxy Expo, but.... we figured you could use it now. Ezen, where’s your TV room?”


We find out that Kozar had assisted in making an appreciation video for Alex Spark, filled with interviews by people inspired by Alex to become their own heroes, as well as Ezen, Kozar, Katherine, and Beatrice, among several others. Kozar had interviewed them and sent the footage to Hannah. Moreover, they seldom mention her powers, but rather her leadership, her empathy, and her true kindness. Alex begins to tear up watching this but feels like they’re overselling her. (She says it in a more jokey manner than solemn) After watching it, Alex gives Hannah a hug. She smiles in joy, as Tarek comes in. (He gives a very big hug, almost suffocating the two)


Ezen suspects that Venchell will attack at the expo, and that they must do everything they can to stop him. Alex, thinking for a moment, realizes that stopping him may be a group effort. “We need as much help as we can get. Let’s send a message to the galactic community.” Cut to a montage of Ezen giving a speech warning about a potential attack, Beatrice relaying the warning to several people within humanity, and fans of Hannah’s show getting ready to come to the Expo, wanting to help the fight. She had secretly sent a message to people on the show. Alex then begins developing a plan to defeat him: “He didn’t take what I valued most...he awakened something even stronger in me.”


We then see Venchell in a lab in Gabori. He enters a highly secure safe and sees several cannisters of “David’s Breath”, lighting up with gold lights, and in the center of the room, five serums. He places four of them into a briefcase, but he injects the last one into his arm. He winces in pain but gets up after a moment. He uses his powers again, now even stronger (his eyes glow with a cyan blue), and he lifts all of the canisters of David’s Breath. He then asks Franceisca to make one last robot with particular instructions.


The Expo arrives, and the city streets are crowded with bright lights, wonderful costumes and activities, joyous entertainment, and exhibitions of new technology and innovations, from ultra-fast roller blades to laser vision glasses. It’s truly a sight to behold. Ezen is being ordered to give a speech, but Alex tells him that the pieces are in place to make a move whenever things go south. She seems confident and excited, even going up and mingling with everyone, including Katherine. She might have accidentally heard that Ezen may officially propose to her tonight. Alex walks past a large metallic truck by the stage.


The event goes without as hitch, as Alex continues to gain information from everyone at the expo. She is ready for whatever happens. Hannah and Tarek notice that Alex seems way more relaxed than normal. Hannah pauses, but says that she is happy about it. Ezen begins her speech, and we see a fully enraptured audience. We see a woman in the crowd watching the speech, but still investigating the festival. Meanwhile, Alex looks at Ezen backstage, smiling at her friends and family. Her smile slowly begins to turn sinister as a beacon appears from inside her finger.


We then see a large ship appear directly above the stage, as Alex begins to blast people away. Venchell comes down from the ship onto the stage, using his powers to catch his fall as he lands on the stage, sardonically saying that he hopes everyone is enjoying the expo. “The true entertainment is about to begin,” he says as he carries his briefcase of the serum. A woman in the crowd reveals herself to be the real Alex Spark, ready to stand up and face down Venchell once and for all.


Realizing that he’d easily win, he mocks and shames her with a nasty tone, calling her out on her all-loving attitude and her naivete. “It’s a miracle you made it this far, but it’s time to show you how real power functions.” As several androids come down from ships in the sky, targeting festival goers and planting spikes in the ground containing David’s Breath canisters, they begin to attack Alex. Using stealthy and quick roller blades found at a festival expo, she is able to avoid the power blasts from Venchell and run away.


Venchell: What, but....how?

Alex: You’re gonna have to be faster than that.

Venchell: Very well.


Alex begins to lead Venchell out of the area and guide him across the city, using her blades to get around quickly and rapidly.


Kozar sees the canisters, using a grappling hook to try and distract and disarm the androids. He tries to warn the others that the gas will be lethal if people don’t get to safety – Ezen remarks that there is an underground facility in this very case.  Aera guides everyone to an underground facility where the gas wouldn’t affect them. Moreover, she calls several people in her family to help out in corralling people. And man, does Aera have a lot of family members. As they corral people to safety, Aera meets up with her parents once again.


Aera’s Mom: Aww...my baby’s saving the galaxy again! I just wish you’d let us work with you more often!

Aera’s Dad: And come to think of it, why didn’t you bring back a boy yet?!

Aera: I told you dad, I’m not into boys!

Aera’s Mom: It’s okay honey, we knew you liked girls.

Aera: No I’m – bah. Any way we can talk about this later?

Aera’s Dad: You’re in charge of keeping up our bloodline young lady – okay not really, we just want grandchildren!

Aera: You have a couple hundred already!

Aera’s Mom: We want more!

Aera: This is a VERY poor time to have this conversation!


As people continue to get to safety, Venchell sends out androids (mind you, he’s still chasing Alex) to round out the populace along with the Alex-droid. Alex-droid does attack people and suppress their movement. Meanwhile, more droids deploy from the ship, all carrying the golden capsules. However, we see a group of people stand off against the droids. The droids set the capsules to detonate, potentially spreading across the city and killing billions of life forms and major politicians (considering the tiny aliens living throughout the city, and the countless people at the expo, and even the Summit of Unity). The clocks go off in 20 minutes, and the capsules are very well spread out.


While they are setting off the detonators, they are attacked using technology from the convention, all by a squad of makeshift heroes led by Kozar, Hannah, and Tarek. Better yet, helicopters from the Human embassy arrive right above, all armed with guns. As a few of the androids are destroyed, RoboAlex keeps attacking. She is ordered by Venchell to attack Alex, who had been burnt out by the chase. Venchell returns to the main fairgrounds. The detonators are 16 minutes away from exploding, and the water had generally not affected them.


As several people are hiding in the underground bunker, including Ezen and Aera, Katherine goes to look for people still in danger, while Kozar escorts Hannah and Tarek to the chamber as well. Ezen refuses to stay inside while several aliens remain in danger, but Katherine can't put his life at risk again. Shee orders some guardians not to let him leave the bunker. Hannah notices the massive steel truck by the stage, also managing to see that there are still keys by the truck.


Meanwhile, Alex begins to get into a fight with RoboAlex. They fight across the city skyline, as RoboAlex is stronger than Alex ever was with her powers. Alex relies only on her gadgets and tech to buy time and distract her. Trying to find the laser vision glasses, she tries to run down a building and get to the ground in a close quarters chase. The detonators are 13 minutes from launching.


She makes it, but it seems like RoboAlex blasted her away just before she could grab the glasses. Alex is laying on the ground, seemingly looking weak and shaken. RoboAlex begins charging a powerful blast to kill Alex once and for all, but Alex turns around, wearing the glasses. She effortlessly nods her head, and with the laser, RoboAlex is split in half. Vertically. (She’s a robot, so no gore) Katherine and Hannah return to the bunker but notice a hole in the bunker. And 10 minutes remain. Hannah, however looks at the truck, and manages to see more in the distance. She makes a big announcement, standing up on Tarek's shoulders. "Whoever can break into a car and drive it, we need your help, big time.”


Alex, wearing the googles and blades, finally decides to face Venchell, with Kozar at her side to help. Alex, noticing the briefcase, makes a run for it. After a major fight occurs, simultaneously shot alongside people in the bunker panicking and trying to find a cover for the hole. However, several aliens and humans use technology from the fair to fight back, somehow outnumbering and overpowering the rest of the android. Eventually, with enough distraction from Kozar, Alex finds the briefcase and realizes that she could get her powers back.


Venchell: Take a bit, make this fight more fair.

Alex: Wait....this will really work?

Venchell: I tried it on a bunch of ragtag gansters. It should do the same for you.

Alex: I....I don’t know.

Venchell: Well....let me see if this helps make your decision.


He fires a massive blast of energy at Kozar, who falls to the floor. The scene happens in slow motion. Alex, in a state of horror, runs to him. Taking advantage of the commotion, Venchell takes back the serum briefcase, injecting himself with even more power as Alex fails to find a pulse for Kozar. Before she can properly mourn, with 7 minutes left on the canisters, Venchell lifts her in the air, trying to suffocate her. “You have a gift Alexandra; why are you not using it to make yourself the best version of yourself? I had done everything in my power on Earth to keep our planet safe, but we need to do so much more from this galaxy.” In his voice and dialect, he is clearly driven mad by the power going through his system, more insane than ever before.


Alex, trying to get her glasses from her pocket, manages to shoot a laser into his hand, making her let him go. Alex makes a run for the serum again, seeing three left, but Venchell beats her to it. Again. Alex begins to lose hope, but notices that Venchell had inadvertently become much more slow and weak with this injection. He speaks with a bit of a slur, and his powers are far more out of control. In his mess of power, where he is slowly losing his mind, Alex lures him away from the detonators, knowing the containers could explode early. He chases her into the city square, where she tries to stop him. The fight soon becomes endangered as they accidentally approach a fireworks display, setting them off during the fight. Alex mutters, “Great, just what we needed.”


Meanwhile, in quick shots, we see a few trucks traveling around the fair as Tarek tries to grab canisters as quickly as possible. Hannah even tries to use a grappling hook to grab them. As the fight continues next to the fireworks, creating some truly intense and exciting visuals, Alex manages to steal back the serum from Venchell, he begins to move away towards the bunker. He threatens Alex that he'll kill everyone inside if she doesn't hand over the vaccine. The conversation is heard from the inside, and Ezen agrees to sacrifice himself for the good of the galaxy, as he moves toward the door, Alex decides, getting an idea, to hand it over. He injects it.


He begins to smile as power continues to ciruclate through his system like never before, but it begins to literally tear his body apart, burning him form the inside. He collapses to the ground, dying a slow, painful death, as he literally turns to dust from the inside out. Alex, trying to look away, humorously checks her phone to distract herself. She takes a selfie as nothing but a pile of dust remains. Ezen, hearing the commotion from the other side of the door, awkwardly steps away.


90 seconds remain. Alex sees the cannisters by the stage still, and it would be enough to kill everyone. She manages to get them out of the ground but can’t find anywhere safe to put them. Suddenly, she sees a large truck coming through, driven by Katherine. Tarek runs out of the truck and grabs the canisters, throwing them inside. Hannah hops out, checking the map scouted by Aera. “That’s...all of them!” She turns to Hannah and tells Tarek to get the camera running. “HOLY [[BLEEP]] WE DID IT YOU KIDS ARE [[BLEEP]] AWESOME!!! YEAAAHHH!!!!”


Alex smiles in joy, and with the timer going off, the trucks successfully contain all of the gas. “That was far too lucky. But It was good to find luck somewhere.” Alex says, realizing to herself that Kozar is dead. Everyone else notices it as well, and they become quietly devastated. As people leave the bunker, they notice this as well. Alex begins to cry over Kozar’s body, while Hannah goes up to find the briefcase with one serum still left in it. Alex begins to look at the serum, considering ejecting it into herself. After a pause and worrying about what may happen, she closes her eyes, ejecting the serum into his heart. “I hope this works.” As she injects it *shot in a fairly artistic manner* the camera fades to black.


Cut to the news report of the actions of several brave people saving the Celestial Galaxy Expo and defeating Cornelius Venchell, whose laboratory and research has been rightfully destroyed. As people celebrate Alex Spark leading the charge, we zoom out to see a holographic TV at a hospital. Alex, Ezen, Katherine, Aera, Hannah, and Tarek are all waiting for Kozar. A doctor comes out, and after a pause, he reveals that Kozar...is going to be okay. Alex, whose eyes are lighting up, is motioned to be the first person to walk into his treatment room. He is laying on the bed, so happy to see his girlfriend. Alex, smiles, and they kiss. Kozar asks exactly how Alex saved her, and she simply admits: The power of love. He smiles.


We see galactic society return to normal, and Beatrice is able to uplift humanity in the eyes of the federation, as she uses funds seized be Venchell to fund centers for immigration, travel, and galactic aid. Meanwhile, Ezen and Katherine wanted to speak with Alex.


Ezen: Some people are born with power all around them, and they can never have enough. You...you’re truly special Alex, anyone can become strong on their own terms, but few can use that strength in the way you do.

Alex: I just was so scared of letting people down, I wanted to be the hero they knew I could be.

Katherine: You’re not the only hero in this galaxy, Alex. So many people are in your corner, and you won’t have to fight alone. Don’t put the weight of this galaxy on your shoulders.

Alex: You’re right, I just can’t stop thinking...da...Everett is gone.

Katherine: He disappeared one night, I thought he left us for good.

Alex: Did you really think he gave Venchell the information on his own? As bad as it sounds...I kind of wish he did. I want a reason to hate him and just shut the door on him already.


Katherine admits that she somewhat feels the same way. Alex admits that maybe she should feel guiltier, but...she already knows that she has a loving family either way, and she knows she doesn’t have to answer for what Everett had done – there is little they can do. Deciding to bury the past and keep moving forward, they hug.


Ezen then secretly reveals that he actually is going to propose to Katherine tonight, and that he should plan a night for her and Kozar. She smiles, agreeing to do so. Alex goes to pick up Kozar at their apartment, agreeing to go on a date at a fancy restaurant. She is in a nice dress, and he is wearing a suit. As they begin to take off in their spaceship, Kozar excitedly throws his hands in the air, accidentally powering the roof off. Alex looks to him as he stares in shock, his hands glowing with a faint blue glow. Kozar looks at Alex with utter shock. “That’s the power of love for you.” The camera begins to zoom out as they begin to kiss passionately, showing the city begin to light up at night.




Credits Song: 'Guiding Star' by Alessia Cara and Conor Maynard


Post Credits Scene: We see a prison cell deep underneath Celestial Haven. Someone is reading that Ezen Baklattan and Katherine Spark are officially engaged, and they check on the cell of Agorava Naryani. She is drawing a very large-scale figure on several pieces of paper. She keeps muttering to herself as a warden asks what she is doing. Naryani, now somewhat hysterical, insists that the creators are coming back soon. The people who gave her divine inspiration. “I will be redeemed.”

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Gonna need suggestions for a Japanese-American actress, age 30 to 40.

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9 minutes ago, cookie said:

Gonna need suggestions for a Japanese-American actress, age 30 to 40.

was gonna make an emma stone joke but apparently her Aloha character was Chinese not Japanese 

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25 minutes ago, cookie said:

Gonna need suggestions for a Japanese-American actress, age 30 to 40.

Hayley Kiyoko kinda works? But she is 28 and half Japanese. Same for Kimiko Glenn


Also Rinko Kikuchi but she's not American.

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Posted (edited)
10 minutes ago, Spaghetti said:

Hayley Kiyoko kinda works? But she is 28 and half Japanese. Same for Kimiko Glenn


Also Rinko Kikuchi but she's not American.

Okay, I’m thinking closer to 40 in this case, at least 35.

Edited by cookie

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Posted (edited)
41 minutes ago, cookie said:

Gonna need suggestions for a Japanese-American actress, age 30 to 40.

Use the gigantic film UP THE BUTT Actress Asa Akira 




Edited by YourMother the Edgelord
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50 minutes ago, cookie said:

Gonna need suggestions for a Japanese-American actress, age 30 to 40.


Ellen Wong. Granted, she's Canadian, but she's 33-34 and played Knives Chau in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.


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7 hours ago, Slambros said:


Ellen Wong. Granted, she's Canadian, but she's 33-34 and played Knives Chau in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.


Ellen Wong has Cambodian ancestry, not Japanese

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4 hours ago, cookie said:

Ellen Wong has Cambodian ancestry, not Japanese


How about Mizuo Peck? She played Sacagawea in the Night at the Museum franchise. She is 41.

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In the latest edition of scene conceptions inspired by music




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Posted (edited)
On 6/21/2019 at 4:12 PM, 4815162342 said:

In the latest edition of scene conceptions inspired by music




Speaking of taking inspiration from music for writing



Edited by Alpha

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Just now, YourMother the Edgelord said:

So I’m reading Spark: Ignition @Spaghetti HATED TS4 and Kozar was a bad guy?

Yep. A completely different character from 3.0. I just liked the name lol.

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2 minutes ago, Spaghetti HATED TS4 said:

Yep. A completely different character from 3.0. I just liked the name lol.

Welen was also a wolf man like Kozar 3.0

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Updated my studio plans:



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LUMBERJANES is adapting the first 8 issues. I'm 1.3k words in and not even through the first.


(To be fair, I also added a bit of a prologue, as the comic itself kinda jumps right into the action, and I am cutting some stuff in the comic down.) My current goal for the word count is about 6-7k words.



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