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CAYOM 3.0 - Behind the Camera

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So I've started writing Under since it's probably the one I'm most passionate about for Y2. But no matter when I actually finish it I'm only going to post the first act in the Part I thread until like... immediately before the deadline. I actually don't want people reading most of it in advance. I'd like reviews to all be done with fresh eyes.


That said if I finish Deep Into the Night early I might send that out for pre-read. Those are really my only two "serious" Y2 movies in terms of, like, putting in a lot of effort and hoping/expecting them to actually be any good :P

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Just now, Ethan Hunt said:

I'm not saying I had Poison and Wine in a couple categories for my Oscar ballot but I had Poison and Wine in a couple categories for my Oscar ballot 

You'll probably be alone on that.

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1 hour ago, spaghetti! said:

Fair warning....Cyber may be another ultra-long movie. I'm about 1k words in, and that should correspond to the first 20-25 minutes of two plus hour movie.


1 hour ago, Hiccup23 said:


Can you beat Poison and Wine?


1 hour ago, spaghetti! said:

Oh it won't be Spark Rising long, let alone PaW long, lol


23 minutes ago, cookie said:

I kinda want to go 15k on one of my movies but unlike Poison and Wine stuff will actually happen in it :P;)


I feel like there is a challenge in here.

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2 minutes ago, Hiccup23 said:


Tbh the main reason why I criticized the length is that while word count wise it's super long much of it is just dialogue or descriptions that in practice would only translate to a couple of seconds of screentime. Hence why I said it could've been a 90-minute film and you wouldn't have had to cut a thing.

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