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Weekend Thread 7/7-7/9 | ABSOLUTELY NO SPOILERS ALLOWED | SMH 117M, DM3 34M, BD 12.5M, WW 10.1M, TF5 6.3M, Biggus Dickus 3.65

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1 hour ago, YourMother said:

I'll do a big theater report sometime around 1 to 2 with North Shore, AMC Mayfair, Menomonee, Greendale, and either some combo of South Shore, Majestic or the one in Waukesha.

Never mind its too much counting but the 7:00 USCR3D at North Shore is about 64% full. Almost every thing but the front is filled.

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40 minutes ago, Cmasterclay said:

I'm not talking crowd experience here. I'm thinking something bigger, more intangible. These movies are now essentially a patchwork of quips and Easter Eggs stiched together so you better have an opening crowd going wild. That's pretty much the purpose of how these movies are now constructed.


This reasoning makes sense only if the majority of movie goers are major comic book geeks.


In reality, most people don't read comics. 


A movie doesn't make 600 and 350 m by only appealing to hardcore geeks with easter eggs.


Avengers and Deadpool are so infectious because they take what makes the comics work and amplify it times 100.

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PRO.BO projections:


Title Distributor Weekend Domestic Total through Sunday, July 9 % Change
Spider-Man: Homecoming Sony / Columbia $122,000,000 $122,000,000             NEW
Despicable Me 3 Universal $30,000,000 $142,510,000 -59%
Baby Driver Sony / TriStar $15,000,000 $59,350,000 -29%
Wonder Woman Warner Bros. $9,000,000 $367,440,000 -43%
Transformers: The Last Knight Paramount $6,300,000 $118,860,000 -63%
The House Warner Bros. (New Line) $5,000,000 $18,530,000 -43%
Cars 3 Disney $4,840,000 $132,740,000 -50%



- would be a great OW for SPID6. 300 would be certain.

- in line with expectations for DM3. had a strong Wed (8m). wonder if it can do 32 (-56%).

- would be awesome for BD. on track for 100+.

- 9 for WW would pretty much assure going above gotg2. keeps 400 alive.

- why would TF5 drop this much? loosing screens? such a big drop makes 130-135 dom likely opposed to 140.

- ...

- leaves CARS3 on track for 145 dom (2.7x).




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reviews saying breezy, fun, light, lots of comedy ... looks like SPID6 could kill it in repeat viewings.

tracking it's legs gonna be fun.


lack of lightness was a problem CW had and might have affected repeat viewings.


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